The Unforseen

kindred Heart
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"I'm here to pass a message to your boss regarding the woman he's holding. I don't joke with what's mine, I believe this will sound like a lesson to him." Ki-Jung acted fast after giving his speech, he pulled out a dagger from Dust's pant pocket and it deep into Jongdae's stomach with a wicked smirk playing on his lips.


Ki-Jung expected a cry of pain, but that didn't happen. The man he thought he had just stabbed, drifted away from Ki-Jung with a shocked expression. He wasn't hurt, he was fine, but Jongin stood in front of Jongdae with his hand wrapped around the blade of the dagger and he held it so tight that his hands began to bleed.


"Long time no see, Ki-Jung." Jongin had a smirk of his playing on his lips. He was bleeding, but there was no sign of pain on his face. He harshly punched Ki-Jung in the face and sent a hard kick to his ribs. He quickly flipped the dagger he was holding onto and held it at the base. 


Jongdae had already advanced towards Dust at a fast and aggressive pace. He had no weapons with him, but damn he was excellent with his fist. Dust wasn't easy though, he was good at fighting and he fought back angrily.


Mark had just arrived at the scene. He was worried sick about Jongdae, but when he saw Jongin handling Ki-Jung from afar, he was impressed. He gladly joined the fight, but Ki-Jung backed away. He ran back to his car along with Dust, and they drove off at a high speed.


Jongin didn't like it. He wanted to finish Ki-Jung up once and for all. All these years he thought the man had real skills, but he never knew he was all mouth with no skill.


"Jongin, you're injured." Jongdae quickly took the new member to his office and began to treat the hand.


"Thank you for saving me back there." Jongdae was grateful, but Jongin simply nodded his head. He was still in deep thought and everyone noticed it.


"Who exactly is this Mina?" Jongin's question was out of the blue. He heard about Baekhyun's past painful love experience from Jongdae, but he never really knew what Mina looked like.


"What's up with the sudden question?" Mark asked. He was confused and needed a clear answer.


"I'm not sure, but when I was coming here, I saw Camila in Ki-Jung's car wearing a facial mask that only revealed her eyes and nose. It seemed as if she was trying to hide her face from being recognized. I find that very strange, that's why I asked." Jongin was curious, and Mark found it strange.


"But why would she hide her face? Also, her details are not online and it's very strange." Mark began to wonder if Camila was indeed Mina, but the door to Jongdae's office was pushed open and a man with a stone-cold face walked into the office. 


"Can a criminal update their details and pictures online or on any social platform after a failed mission?" The man asked, his tone deep and a bit disappointed.


Jongdae's jaw dropped on seeing the man, before his lips formed into a smile. He trashed over to the man and hugged him. The man simply patted his back before smiling.


"Kyungsoo! When did you return from the US?" Jongdae asked while Mark hugged him immediately Jongdae pulled away. 


"Two days ago, but that's not important. You haven't answered my question, it's still pending." Kyungsoo's face went back to normal, and Mark sighed.


"I guess some people can never change. Well, the answer to your question is no. Only a foolish criminal would go about creating social media accounts and uploading their pictures knowing well that they're wanted and could be caught." 


"Very good, Mark. Camila is Mina. She has been in this city and back into her illegal business." Kyungsoo broke the disturbing news, and Jongdae frowned.


The doctor felt his blood boiling, he felt his whole body shaking in anger. Mina was the devil herself, she was vicious and deadly. Oh, he hated that woman with his whole being.


"Are you sure about this?" Jongdae muttered, his voice breaking due to anger.


"Should I be insulted by your question?" Kyungsoo asked. He wasn't in a good mood as well.


"Not at all, but I just want to be sure."


"Camila is Mina, I confirmed it two days ago before coming back to Korea. By the way, where is Baekhyun? I'm just coming from the villa, and my Baekhyun is not home and he's not in the company as well."


"He's on a vacation with Aera. I guess he's trying to get to know her better." Mark informed, but Kyungsoo got very mad and punched the wall, making Jongin shocked at his sudden outburst.


"Don't tell me that Baekhyun is with Mina's sister all alone?" 


"He's with Aera and I see no reason why you're overreacting." Jongdae frowned. He knew where Kyungsoo was going and he wanted to prevent it.


"Overreacting you say! Jongdae, it seems you've forgotten how Baekhyun almost lost his life. For two good years, Baekhyun was struggling to walk again all because of Mina's wicked deeds, her betrayal. Now her sister shows up out of nowhere and she's now with Baekhyun." Kyungsoo folded his fist in anger. "Can't you see that the two sisters are still after Baekhyun's diamond company? It's obvious." 


"I don't agree with what you've just said. Aera is pure, she's innocent and nothing like what you're assuming." Jongdae defended Aera. He knew she was nothing like her sister, she was innocent, but it only aggravated Kyungsoo's anger.


"I was like you five years ago, Jongdae. I trusted Mina, I always protected her and made sure she was always happy. We gave her our all, but she betrayed us, she almost killed Baekhyun for no reason. Can't you see that this is their plan? I just hope that your so-called innocent Aera hasn't hurt Baekhyun already." Kyungsoo walked out of the room while Mark remained silent.


He looked at Jongdae who seemed to be pissed. He understands Jongdae's point of view as well as Kyungsoo. He patted the doctor on the shoulder, but Jongdae simply drifted away from Mark's touch.


"Kyungsoo is wrong about Aera. She's n

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