Lack of trust

kindred Heart
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Aera sat up the moment she heard the sound of the door closing. She stared at the closed door for a few seconds before she stood up from the bed. She walked around the room, feeding her eyes with the beautiful equipment in the room. 


Her eyes fell on Baekhyun's laptop lying on the silver table and the pictures on the screen caught her attention. She sat on the chair closer to the table and looked at the pictures closely. It looked so familiar, very familiar, it was something she had seen and held before.


She bit her bottom lip, trying to recall where she had seen the beautiful shining stone. She was clearly into the picture that she didn't realize that the mafia was out of the room.


Baekhyun stood beside her, he noticed her unwavering dedication towards the diamond on his screen and he frowned. Mina was also after his diamond company, and so was everyone that had approached him in the past. It was no surprise to him when he saw how focused Aera was while staring at the screen. It has always been about his diamond company and his wealth.


"Are you also after my diamonds and my diamond company?" He asked, his tone was different from earlier, it was filled with disappointment, but luckily Aera didn't notice it. She was too busy thinking about the beautiful shining stones on the screen.


"What's that?" She asked without looking away from the screen.


"My diamond company. It's a company that deals and sells diamond-related accessories." Baekhyun stopped and listened to himself, before looking at Aera. The girl looked like she was in deep thought, but he just couldn't trust her. "Are you here for my company as well?" He kept pushing just to be sure.


"Yes!" She smiled brightly before looking at Baekhyun who seemed to be shocked at her sudden behavior. 


"Yes? Do you mean that you're also here for my company?" 


"Company? What's that?" Her eyes were so innocent, and Baekhyun felt stupid for doubting her. He sighed and sat on his bed, he collected his laptop and looked back at Aera who had already gotten up from the chair she had sat on and she sat next to Baekhyun on the bed.


"You screamed yes, what does that mean?" He was still curious and wanted answers.


"I said yes before I finally remembered where I saw these beautiful shining stones." She looked very excited, but the mafia wasn't. He found himself doubting her again.


"I see." He closed his laptop and set it aside. "So where could that be?"


"At the forest. I found it in a dark place, and I took them back to my cave house." Aera explained, but Baekhyun found it funny. He wanted to kick it off his mind, but he couldn't. He wanted to be sure that Aera wasn't a spy sent to destroy him. 


"What's the name of the forest or island, your sister must have told you, right?"


"Yes, she told me the name of the island, she called it Jeju Island, but that wasn't where I got the shining stones."


"I see. So where did you get it?"


"It's not close to my cave. Back in the forest, I wasn't the boring type, so I never stayed back at my cave all the time. I love exploring the whole area on the island, that's who I am. One morning I went far away from my cave deep into the rocky path, but I fell into a very deep pit with rocks everywhere, and that was how I saw the beautiful shining stones everywhere. It was so beautiful that I picked up many of the shining stones." Aera explained, and Baekhyun nodded after a while.


"So where are the shining stones now?" 


"They're in my cave back in the forest. When my elder sister, Camila came, I forgot to tell her about it because I also forgot about it. It's still at the cave till now, I can take you there if you know the direction to the island." Aera sounded sincere, but Baekhyun wasn't convinced. He decided to have a short trip to Jeju Island the next day with Aera so that he can be sure she wasn't lying. He was already suspicious of her actions when he saw her in his room.


"It's fine. We'll both go to the island tomorrow, and you will take me to your cave." Baekhyun sat up, his face became all serious and Aera drifted a little bit away from him.


"So why were you in my room?" He asked while looking her straight in the eyes, and she lowered her face.


"Brother Jimin brought me here. He said you wanted to see me in your room, that's why he brought me here." She replied innocently and fear was heard in her voice.


The mafia once again regretted his cold behavior towards her. He reached his hand to her hair and gently caressed it.


"I'm sorry if I made you scared. I did ask you to come to my room because there's something I want to tell you." Baekhyun changed the channel of the television, and he showed her Ki-Jung's recent news and lies. When Aera was watching the news she immediately shook her head before looking at Baekhyun.


"That's not true. You didn't kidnap me, you only brought me back home that day. Ki-Jung is lying." She began to panic but Baekhyun gently caressed her hand to get her to calm down and he did.


"I just want you to know what's going on, that's why I showed you the news. The new Commissioner General, Zhang will be here very soon to question you, so please tell him the whole truth, okay?"


"As long as you're there with me, then yes. I will tell him the whole truth, all that happened." She assured Baekhyun. Although there was fear in Aera's voice as she spoke, she was still having a hard time trusting people that are not Baekhyun and his men, and the mafia noticed. 


A knock on the door distracted both of them. Baekhyun knew that the Commissioner, Zhang, had arrived.


"Come in," Baekhyun said and the right-hand man, Mark, walked into the room, but his eyes doubled in size when he saw Aera sitting on Baekhyun's bed next to him. However, he behaved himself and acted cool.


"The Commissioner-General, Zhang is here." He delivered the message and glanced at Aera, and she waved at him to which he responded with a smile.


"Alright. We'll be down in two minutes." 


"Yes, boss." Mark bowed and left the room.


"Mr. Zhang is here, right?" Aera asked softly. She was already getting up and Baekhyun nodded.


"He is. Don't be scared, okay?"


"Okay." She sighed deeply and they both headed straight to the living room.


Yixing was already seated and well attended to. The man kept a plain face while he fed his eyes with the expensive amazing decorations in the living room.


"Hello, Mr. Zhang. Welcome to my humble home." Baekhyun greeted with a calm smile on his face and his hand reached out for a handshake.


The Commissioner stood up with a smile and he gladly accepted the handshake while Aera hid behind Baekhyun. 


"Hello Mr. Byun, it's an honor to stand in your presence. My uncle, who's also an Army officer, Jung Yunho, told me a lot about your bravery and that of your men. However, it's sad that my visit today is about the recent accusation spreading around like wildfire about a lady named Aera. I'm the new Commissioner, it's my job to protect the citizens. My sincere apologies." 


"Of course it is. As you said, it's your job and that's what you're doing, I won't obstruct you in any way." Baekhyun moved aside and looked at Aera with a small smile.


"Don't be scared, he's a good guy, he won't hurt you," Baekhyun assured her and she nodded before sitting closer to Yixing.


"Hello, Mr. Zhang," Aera said while looking at him. Yixing said nothing, but he stared at her for

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