The big blow

kindred Heart
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Hi guys, hope you're all well? I deeply apologize for the delay in update. I have been very down, and at the moment I can't walk, but I have hope that it will be possible for me to walk again very soon. Thanks for waiting, I'm grateful.



"They're not going to die, Yangmin. It's game over." Baekhyun said firmly, his eyes were red as blood and his looks were extremely scary.


Yangmin stared at Baekhyun in shock, he was short of words and so was his wife. The billionaire was furious, he heard all Yangmin and his wife say, so did Yixing, Aera, and Chanyeol.


Aera looked at Miran, she walked up to the woman and delivered a hot slap to her face, and when Miran wanted to retaliate, Aera slapped the woman again and pushed her down.


"That's for slapping my mother, you worthless low-life animal." Aera's tone was low but filled with anger. She turned around and looked at Yixing. 


"I got all she said recorded as evidence. Will that be enough?"


"Aera dear, nothing can save these monsters now. As Baekhyun said, it's game over." Yixing made a phone call, in less than twenty minutes, his men were around the area. 

Yangmin and Miran were handcuffed and taken to jail, while Yixing stayed back, he still had some questions to ask Aera's parents and Chanyeol's mother.


Aera looked at her mother, she had tears in her eyes and she didn't know where to start. She walked closer to the woman and embraced her while Baekhyun untied her father.


The woman hugged her daughter warmly to herself, it felt like a dream, but it was all real. She was holding one of her missing children and it felt so good.


"My baby, you're so beautiful just like your mother." Her father and Aera smiled before hugging her father.


"Thank you, dad." She had tears of joy in her eyes. She sat in the middle of her parents, and her eyes landed on her lover who was still very angry and distracted. He was talking to Yixing, and the commissioner was trying to calm him down, but it wasn't working.


"Excuse me, mom, I will be back shortly." Aera smiled before getting up. She walked closer to Baekhyun and gently held his hand.


"Please calm down my love, my parents are safe and so am I. Please calm down so that you won't fall sick." Aera said calmly and the billionaire stared at his lover for a while and he gently caressed her face.


"I'm sorry for making you worried. Stay with your parents a little longer, I will be back shortly." Baekhyun kissed her forehead, he bowed to her parents before walking over to Chanyeol's mother who was already smiling brightly at him.


"Aunt, I missed you." Baekhyun hugged her warmly. He has been trying to accommodate his emotions, but at that moment he couldn't. He sobbed in her embrace. The woman took good care of him, she loved him as her very own son, and she was like a second mother to Baekhyun. 


After a moment of heartfelt reunion, Baekhyun decided to have a chat with Aera's parents. He told them everything they needed to know about their son, meanwhile, Chanyeol had already called Jongdae and Jongin to inform them about their parents.


Baekhyun's chat with Aera's parents lasted for a while, after laughing and having and chatting about all that happened in the past, Baekhyun decided to take the couple out of the wood apartment. He explained to them why he advised them to stay at his villa for the time being and Yixing saw great reasons for it.


For all they know, Dong knows everything about Aera's parents, and so do Ki-Jung and his men. They might want to kidnap Aera's parents just so they could get to Aera to do whatever they wanted.


"Aera," Jongdae called the moment he stepped into the apartment with his brother behind him.

Aera smiled when she saw her brothers. She ran straight to them and before hugging them.


"We've found mom and dad, although they would have been long dead if Baekhyun didn't act fast."


"Oh my god, so Chanyeol wasn't kidding?" Jongin asked and Chanyeol shook his head and made an angry pout.


"What do you take me for Jongin? Why would I joke about something so serious and sensitive." The happy virus was upset, and Jongin smiled at him before caressing his back.


"I'm sorry ma, I shouldn't have said that." 


"It's fine. Your parents are with Baekhyun over there." Chanyeol pointed toward the couple, and Jongin felt his heart racing in his chest. He looked at Jongdae, and the doctor sighed deeply.


"Let's go meet them, brother." He said calmly, and Jongin smiled. He followed the doctor behind and when they got to where their parents were, Baekhyun saw them and he quietly stood up while smiling.


He was deeply glad that Jongdae's family is now complete. "Excuse me." He bowed to the couple and walked away. He was about to approach Chanyeol when his phone rang out, it was an unknown number, and it felt strange. Baekhyun was reluctant to pick up the call, but he eventually did out of curiosity, and he soon regretted it.


"My world." That was the first thing the billionaire heard from the other end of the phone. He halted his movement when he heard the familiar voice, the voice of the woman he once loved so deeply. He pulled the phone away from his ear and stared at the screen with a shaking hand before placing it back. Aera noticed how uncomfortable Baekhyun was, she had been watching him all along, and she knew something was up.


"M-Mina?" Baekhyun muttered, and the lady from the other end chuckled softly.


"Yes my love, it's me. I've missed you so much, but I couldn't call you because I've wronged you deeply. You didn't deserve what I did to you, but Ki-Jung made me do it, I had no choice, my love." Her voice was breaking, she was probably crying and Baekhyun heard it. He folded his fist and sighed deeply.


Hearing the voice of the woman he once loved so dearly who in turn betrayed him and almost killed him was difficult for the billionaire. He may look tough and ruthless, but in the end, he's only a human with feelings. He went through hell because of Mina, he was even severely traumatized for years, and now that he's trying to embrace a new life, she's trying to ruin him.


Aera walked up to him, she had no idea what was going on, but she could tell that whatever it was, it wasn't good. She collected the phone from him to verify if Baekhyun's parents were sick or something, but then she saw a different number, and when placing the phone in her ear, she heard Camila's voice very clearly.


Aera felt strange, she felt extremely angry for the first time in her life. She knew exactly what Baekhyun went through because of Camila, and now this.


"I still love you very much, please forgive me," Camila said while sobbing, and Aera folded her fist.


"Camila." Aera's voice was firm and filled with anger. 


"Who's this?" The crying voice quickly changed, and Aera shook her head in disgust.


"Kim Aera, Baekhyun's girlfriend. I know you and what you're trying to do, but mark my words, I will destroy you completely for hurting my boyfriend, I will make your worthless life a living hell and you will regret your very existence. Just wait and see." Aera ended the call angrily, she looked at Baekhyun and hugged him.


"I'm sorry you had to hear the voice of that monster." She said while caressing his back, and the billionaire hugged her tightly.


"I love you." He said and Aera smiled. She gently pulled away from the hug and kissed him on the lips.


"I love you more, my darling." She kissed him again, and Baekhyun happily reciprocated the kiss, unknown to them that all eyes were on them.


After a moment of bliss, Baekhyun pulled away from the kiss, he kissed Aera's forehead and then her nose.


"I've never seen my baby so angry before, you even threatened to make her suffer." Baekhyun was smiling and Aera smiled.


"I wasn't threatening her. I will make her pay, she will regret ever crossing paths with you, so you leave that to me." Aera was angry again, but Baekhyun poked her cheeks and she smiled.


"Are you okay? You were shaking a while ago." She asked, and the billionaire smiled.


"I'm fine now, all thanks to you." He hugged her again and Aera smiled.


"I will sleep in your room tonight, it's a promise," Aera said and Baekhyun smiled so brightly but shook his head.


"That would be lovely, but your parents need you the most, I am fine, so don't worry too much." He said cutely, but Jongin cleared his throat to get Baekhyun and Aera's attention, and it worked.


The moment Baekhyun looked at Jongin, he saw all eyes on himself and Aera. The billionaire smiled and bowed to Aera's parents again before sitting down with

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