kindred Heart
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Baekhyun and Aera were both sleeping like babies. The mafia had her wrapped around his arms with her head resting on his chest. They were like a perfect couple, it was cute to behold. 


Kyungsoo carefully walked into the room without making any noise. He stood next to them on the bed with a smile gracing his face.


"Aren't you two just so perfect together." He observed how relaxed his cousin was, it made him glad. However, he recalled the dirty trick Camila had planned, and that was the same reason that brought him to the room. 


"Well, it's time for me to give that the shock of her life." He brought out his phone and took some pictures of the sleeping friends, when he was done, he went back to his room and grabbed his laptop.


"A greedy and desperate huh? Well, let's see how you digest these beautiful pictures, or should I say gifts." Kyungsoo chuckled and uploaded the pictures. He let out a happy sigh before laying back on his bed to call it a night.




The villa was quiet, everyone was asleep, but Jongdae wasn't. His sister's birthday was approaching, another sad birthday without the celebrant. It was killing him deep down, it always had. His thoughts were everywhere, he couldn't think straight, he was confused about everything. 


He covered his face with his palms, he was lost and tired. He wanted to look for his sister, but it was as if she was no longer alive.


"May I come in?" Jongin asked from the door and Jongdae sighed.




"Thanks." Jongin walked into the room and stood in front of Jongdae. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but the detective in charge of your missing sister's case has been killed. The news is everywhere, he was killed in his apartment this evening. I just saw the news now, so I came to check on you."


"What?" Jongdae jumped off the bed. He his television, and that was the latest news. He was a famous detective who had promised to find Aera, but now he's no more.


"How can this be? We just spoke in the afternoon and now this?" Jongdae was furious. He grabbed his phone to call some policemen, but a message popped up on his screen.


"Be warned. Forget about the case or Baekhyun and the girl you're all protecting will be the next." That was the message he got from his parents.


"The . Are they ing kidding me right now?" Jongdae angrily threw his phone on the bed, he was mad and Jongin was confused.


"What's wrong bro?"


"My evil parents killed detective Sam. What am I going to tell his family? Sam was killed because of the case of my missing sister, and now they're threatening to kill Baekhyun and Aera if I continue with the case."


"That's strange. Why would your parents ask you to do that? She's your sister, their daughter, it would be great if you could find her, so why are they against it?" Jongin was confused, but he smelled a dirty game.


"That I'm not sure of. I know my parents are evil, they're among the corrupt people in this country, their business is illegal and they're heartless people. All that I'm aware of, that was the reason they disowned me years ago, but asking me not to look for my missing sister, that I can't comprehend."


"Then I guess they're hiding something from you. Something concerning Aera they never want you to find out, that's why they went as far as murdering detective Sam. What do you think?" Jongin asked, he was sure of what he said, and it began to ring a bell.


Jongdae nodded his head, he began to see reasons for what Jongin had said. "You might be right. There must be a hidden agenda why they're restricting me from searching for my sister. Tomorrow I will get to the bottom of this, and for killing Sam, I swear to God, they must pay." Jongdae patted Jongin on the shoulder, "Thanks for looking out for me, I'm grateful."


"Anytime bro. Let's do this together, and get your missing sister back. In the meantime, I will keep an eye on your parents from tomorrow, and let you know if anything strange happens."


"Thanks, bro, I'm seriously grateful." 


"Don't sweat it. Good night." Jongin walked out of the room and headed to the living room to get some water, he met Jimin eating some fruits, but he looked lost.


"Hey, dude, what's up with the long face? Are you okay?" Jongin sat down next to the younger boy, but Jimin sighed.


"I don't think Camila is Aera's blood sister."


"And why is it so?" Jongin asked while pouring himself a glass of water, and drinking it in one go.


"Because their surnames are different. Aera is Kim Aera while Camila is Lee. Also which sister would wish evil for their blood? It doesn't make any sense." Jimin said and Jongin began to ponder about it.


"You're right. Their surnames are indeed different and that's strange. Well, go back to bed, I will have it checked out, okay?"


"Okay." Jimin took the last bite from the apple and they both went back to their rooms.




Baekhyun woke up the next morning feeling much better. He recalled all that happened the previous night, how Aera took good care of him and how she kissed him. 


The mafia smiled, he turned to the sleeping girl next to him and he gently caressed her hair. He observed her, and he found himself admiring her again. He was lost in her beauty, a sleeping beauty indeed.


The mafia knew that he had already fallen in love with her, but he was scared to admit it. He was scared of getting hurt or Aera getting hurt. He was scared of embracing his feelings for Aera, so he shut them out.


Five years ago he vowed never to fall in love again, he promised himself he'd die a single man. He already had his life planned out, but Aera walked into his life and knocked him off that path, now he's having a serious war of heart.


"Good morning." Aera's soft sweet voice brought him back to reality. The mafia looked at her for a while before smiling.


"Good morning. Slept well?"


"Yes, you?" She sat up and felt Baekhyun's forehead with the back of her hand and smiled. "You're no longer burning. That's good." Aera was smiling and Baekhyun found himself falling into her smile.


"I slept well, all thanks to you. My head was hurting, but the head massage did magic." Baekhyun was already caressing her face unknowingly, it was when Aera shyly lowered her head he realized what he was doing.


"I need to shower, I have a video call meeting today, so you can go back to sleep." Baekhyun got up and rushed into the bathroom.


When he was out of sight, Aera got off the bed. She saw some white papers on Baekhyun's study table along with some pencils and erasers. He seemed to be drawing some new designs of jewelry, and Aera picked interest in it.


She sat on his chair and began to draw out beautiful designs from her imagination. She was having fun drawing different beautiful designs, and elegant dresses designs. She failed to notice that Baekhyun was done and standing next to her watching her draw while drying his wet hair with a towel. He was already wearing black sweatpants and

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