The devil amongst human

kindred Heart
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Jongdae was broken. He felt a void in his heart, he felt bitter, the middle of his tongue hurt him as if he had been hit by a train.


His sister can't be dead. He had waited for many years to find his sister and reunite her with his broken family, maybe that would make them accept him back as one big happy family, but he was wrong.


He had thought that his parents were going through mental stress or having a breakdown, maybe that was why they acted irrationally and disowned him because Aera was missing, but he was wrong.


Jongdae had thought that his parents would be whole again and stopped their evil way of living when he found Aera, but then again he was wrong. All the excuses Jongdae had thought about his family turned out to be wrong. Maybe he was the one that was too blind to see the hideous monster he has as parents.


All these years he had wished for a day he would hug his little sister and kiss her forehead, tell her how much he loves her, but his parents blew up the only chance because they were too greedy to give up their so-called wealth, fame, and power.


"I should have known better not to build castles in the sky. No wonder they were seriously against me reopening the case and they even killed Sam." Jongdae slowly pulled himself away from Jongin's embrace.


"I'm hurting so much, I feel like dying right now. My so-called parents killed little Aera, they crushed her dreams. I can still remember her cute smile, her beautiful big eyes that looked at me when I gave her the necklace I bought from the diamond company with her name written on it on the day of her naming ceremony. I had so many plans for her, she was my pride, my sister, my life, but the very people that brought her into this world killed her before she could even learn how to walk." 


Jongdae sobbed. He was hurt, he felt empty and his parents were to blame for everything.

Jongin was consoling him, but it meant nothing to him at the moment. He overheard his parents telling Dong to kill him back in the living room. 


He'd be a fool to still believe that his parents would accept him back because they won't. In their sight, he has no value whatsoever. They had already declared him dead years ago for exposing their dirty secret to Baekhyun. 


He knew his worth to his family, and he gladly accepted his fate. However, he had his plans for the people he once called a family. Up until now, Jongdae has been nothing but sweet and caring despite the sorrow he holds in her heart, but not anymore.


Even the devil we all know today was once an angel. Everyone has his or her monster and so does he. He had deliberately locked out his monster and embraced purity, but not anymore.


Jongdae looked at Jongin who looked sad, and he wiped his tears away. "Thank you for bringing me here to know the truth about my sister, I'm grateful. You may go back to Baekhyun, I will be home shortly."


"Okay bro, please get a hold of yourself, I have a little sister and I know how much you're suffering at the moment." Jongin patted his back in encouragement, and Jongdae nodded.


"I can't deny it. I'm in pain, the sorrow is too much to handle, but I will be fine. Go back to Baekhyun, I will be home shortly." 


"Alright." Jongin walked away and Jongdae watched him till he was out of sight. He folded his fist and walked back into the place he once called home, but now hates so much.


"What the hell are you doing here?" Yangmin asked the moment he saw Jongdae and Miran frowned.


"Wasn't our warning to you enough?" Miran asked, but Jongdae glared at his parents for a while before speaking up.


"Why did you kill Aera?" His question shook his parents. Miran was furious and she advanced towards Jongdae to slap him, but the wounded lion held her hand and pushed her back.


"I asked a question and I demand an answer right now." Jongdae wasn't in the mood for . His blood was boiling, he was furious and he was losing it.


"Why would we kill our daughter? Are you insane or high?" Miran asked, she could tell that Jongdae wasn't himself.


"I'm madly insane because I'm in sorrow and I'm high in pain and grief. You killed Aera the day you chose to keep your wealth and gave her up to Dong. You're monsters, the devil in human form. To think I was still dreaming of a day I'd hug you both and call you my parents again." Jongdae punched the wall beside him and his blood stained the wall.


"You made a deal with the devil, you gave up my little sister just so you could have wealth intact, and you forgot that a leopard can never change its spots and that led to the death of Aera, my sister!" Jongdae screamed and punched the wall again causing more deep injury to his hand and more blood staining the white wall.


"You're saying nonsense. Aera is still alive and Dong will bring her back to us the day before her 25th birthday. Now get the hell out of here before I kill you with my bare hands." Yangmin was pissed, but Jongdae only chuckled. He walked closer to his father and stood in front of him.


"You can't kill a dead man, Yangmin. Dong isn't with Aera because he had already killed her. You gave her up to the cold hands of death because of wealth, fame, and power, now watch and see how I'm going to destroy you two and everything you've ever loved. This isn't Baekhyun or anyone's fight, but mine alone. You took the one I love away from me, now watch and see how I take away everything you've ever loved and cherish. I will ruin you and then join my little sister where she is, this is a promise I make with me blood." Jongdae turned around to walk away, but a loud gunshot went off.


The doctor stood still on the spot when he felt a familiar pain in his upper shoulder. He knew he was shot by his parents. He turned around and looked at them and he saw his father pointing the gun at him as well as his mother.


"You shot me?"


"And I will do it again, no matter how you move your body, I won't miss. We value our wealth, and whosoever gets in the way will be killed, be you who." Yangmin shot at Jongdae again, but Jongin swiftly pushed him away from the bullet and threw teargas in the room.


Jongin managed to help Jongdae out just in time before he could get killed by his parents. He took him to the hospital to be treated before more damage could be caused by the bullet in his body.




Aera was busy in the kitchen making large batches of cookies for the boys when she suddenly felt uneasy. She glanced at the wall clock, it was already past noon and she hadn't seen Jongdae all morning.


She walked out of the kitchen to ask Mark about Jongdae's whereabouts, but Jongin walked in, his lemon color shirt was badly covered in blood.


"Is the boss home?" Jongin asked. He looked tense and just then Baekhyun made an appearance, but when he saw Jongin covered in blood, his heart skipped in fear, he rushed down the staircase and went straight to Jongin.


"What happened to you?" He asked, but Jongin shook his head. 


"I'm fine, boss. This blood isn't my, but Jongdae's. His father shot him, he had wanted to kill him, but I was there to save him just in time."


"Oh no, Jongdae. Is he alright?" Aera asked, she was already in tears, and Jongin nodded.


"He's out of danger now, but he lost so much blood, luckily our blood matches so I donated my blood," Jongin explained, but in his eyes was sadness and Baekhyun saw it.


"Oh Jongin, thank you so much." Baekhyun hugged him, before looking him in the eyes.


"Why do I see this sadness in your

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