The regret

kindred Heart
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Hi guys.Thank you so much for your beautiful birthday wishes and gifts, it means a lot to me. Thank you so much❤ I decided to post this chapter today because I won't be available by next week and it will be too long to wait. Don't worry, my eyes are getting better. Thank you all so much for your encouragement and sweet words, I'm so grateful 🙏🏻 This story will be left public only if I get lot's of feedbacks. Enjoy reading.



Baekhyun couldn't believe his ears. He didn't want to believe that Aera was the sister to the woman that almost ruined his life. He shook his head and pushed Kyungsoo away.


"You can't be serious, right?" He didn't want to believe what his cousin was saying, he refused to believe it. 


"I speak the truth, Baekhyun. Aera and Mina are blood sisters. They have an ulterior motive, that's why Aera was sent to cross paths with you again for the very same reason, your company." Kyungsoo explained, but Baekhyun refused to believe it. He shook his head and walked away, but he bumped into Aera who seemed to be busy running down the stairs with some fresh apples in her hand.


"I'm sorry Baekhyun, I didn't see you coming." She apologized and bent over to pick the apples, but Baekhyun stayed mute. He stared at Aera and the girl didn't notice it. She picked up her apples and stood up, but Baekhyun held her by her right arm, preventing her from moving.


"Come with me." His voice broke as he muttered out his words. He pulled her along with him to his storeroom without letting go of her hand when he arrived at his destination.


"You're hurting my hand," Aera muttered. She might be naive, but she could tell that the mafia was in a terrible mood. 


Baekhyun looked her deep in the eyes for a few seconds before he let go of her. He turned away from her and unlocked the door. 


"Come with me," Baekhyun said and Aera did as she was told. She followed him into the room but halted her movement when she saw many pictures of Baekhyun and her sister everywhere in the room.

She was lost, it was difficult for her to understand what was going on. 


"Why are there so many pictures of you and my sister everywhere? Do you two know each other?" Aera asked, and her question took Baekhyun off guard. He wasn't expecting her to ask such an honest question, he expected her to lie about everything or something. He was extremely confused and in conflict with his heart. He wanted to trust her, but he couldn't. He was scared of the past repeating itself.


"Who are you, Aera?" The word slipped out of Baekhyun's month with much difficulty. He could see the look of confusion in Aera's eyes, but he couldn't hold back himself. He wasn't even sure about what he was doing.


"I am Aera." The clueless girl walked closer to Baekhyun, but the mafia drifted away from her as if she was some kind of virus, a disease.


"Why are you acting strange and why are the pictures of you and my sister everywhere in this room?" Aera asked again, and this time she needed answers. However, what Baekhyun had in mind for her wasn't a reply to her question, but a shocking revelation.


"So in the end you're Mina's sister." Baekhyun staggered backward and ended up relaxing his weak body against a table while he looked in a different direction.


"You know when Kyungsoo told me that you were Mina's sister, I didn't want to believe it, but now that you have confirmed it in front of me, I don't know what to do." Baekhyun looked Aera in the eyes, his heart was filled with pain, but Aera walked closer to him and gently touched his hand.


"Baekhyun, why are you like this? You were doing well when we got back, what happened suddenly?" Aera asked, she was scared, but Baekhyun caressed her hand on his hand gently and a heavy sigh left his lips.


"I just found out that the woman that betrayed and almost killed me five years ago is your elder sister, Camila." Baekhyun broke the painful news to Aera, and the girl gasped in shock. 


She began to put things together, and in a matter of seconds, she understood what was going on. It was all clear to her why Baekhyun suddenly became sad. She slowly drifted away from Baekhyun, tears began to stream down her eyes as she realized that her sister was the evil woman that almost killed Baekhyun, and now she's also living in Baekhyun's house.


"I'm very sorry, Baekhyun." Aera apologized before running out of the room. She felt so guilty, she was ashamed of herself for being a sister of a monster. She was lost in thought and regret, and she bumped into Kyungsoo who seemed to be very pissed.


"I'm so sorry." She apologized, but Kyungsoo glared at her. 


"You evil creature. I hope you haven't hurt Baekhyun the same way your demon of a sister did five years ago?" Kyungsoo's eyes were bloodshot red, his tone very high, and Aera flinched in fear.


"I didn't hurt Baekhyun, and I never will. Baekhyun has been very good to me, I can never hurt him." Aera was in tears and Jongdae was losing it.


It was clear that Aera had nothing to do with her sister's behavior, but Kyungsoo was not ready to listen to her. His mind was fixed and nothing can change it.


"You appear to be innocent and naive just like your sister, but deep down you're all monsters. You better leave this villa immediately and return to whoever sent you. I'm a dangerous poison, I won't let you live in peace here and I will become your biggest nightmare. You better get out of here before I lose it." Kyungsoo glared dangerously at her, but Baekhyun walked past them, he left the living room without saying a word to anyone, and he drove out without saying a word to anyone.


"That's it, woman, you better leave this villa now. Baekhyun can't kick you out, so he had to leave his own home. You better get the hell out of here and let my cousin return to his home. Don't make me end up hurting you." Kyungsoo was highly mad, and Jongdae cut in. He was not happy about everything, but Kyungsoo accusing Aera is wrong and he knows that.


"Kyungsoo you have to calm down. Aera isn't like that, she's innocent and not like her sister. Stop making things difficult for her, Baekhyun won't be happy when he returns and finds out that Aera is no longer with us." Jongdae tried to make Kyungsoo see reasons, but the angry man wasn't ready to listen.


"That's if Baekhyun returns to this villa. You and I know that Baekhyun is a very sensitive person, he would rather isolate himself like he did last time and I'm sure you don't want that over a stranger." Kyungsoo walked away, leaving Jongdae to ponder over his words.


Jongdae looked at Aera, and the girl was in tears. She knew that Baekhyun was hurting seriously because of her that he had to leave his home just so he could avoid her. Because of herself and her sister, Baekhyun went through hell. She hated herself for being a sister to Camila, she hated herself for making Baekhyun relive his painful and ugly past. She ran to her room and shut the door before falling face flat on the bed and crying bitterly.




Jimin couldn't even concentrate on his assignment. He kept flipping the pages of his book over and over without reading a single line. His exams were fast approaching, but after the truth about Aera being Mina's sister came to light, he barely focused on anything.


"How long are you going to do that? If you can't read a thing, then just toss the book aside let's think of something to do." Taehyung who has been observing his twin brother said. It was torture to witness such behavior. He couldn't read as well so he didn't bother to try, but watching Jimin flipping his pages over and over was not funny.


"Do you also believe that Aera is a spy sent by her sister?" Jimin asked. He wasn't looking at Taehyung because he already knew the answer his brother would give him.


"Honestly speaking, I don't know what to believe anymore. Mina is pure evil, she almost killed Baekhyun, and now Aera turned out to be her sister. The whole thing is so complicated." 


"It's indeed complicated, but we should all try to understand Baekhyun. He was badly hurt by Mina, it will only be fair if he throws Aera out of the house, but I know he won't." Their elder brother, Jin joined the conversation. He sat beside Jimin who looked depressed and he ruffled his hair. 


"I know you like Aera a lot, we all do, but at the moment nothing is certain, we can't trust anyone. Make sure you take care of yourself, mom needs Taehyung's help back home, I will be back tomorrow evening."


"Is mom okay?"


"Yes, she's fine. Make sure you take care of yourself, okay?"


"I will, bye," Jimin muttered. He lay on the bed once his brothers were out of sight. He had a lot on his mind, he wanted to see Aera badly, but she had refused to open up to anyone.


He sighed yet again before he finally blinked his eyes shut. He was having a terrible day with the current situation and it was giving him headaches. 




Two days went by in a blink, and Baekhyun wasn't yet back home. He wasn't picking up anyone's calls nor was he replying to their text messages. It was almost as if he never existed in the first place and that was what Kyungsoo feared the most.


The villa was dull and lifeless. All Baekhyun's men were back to the villa, ignoring lots of things they had to do. All that mattered to them was the man that gave his all to make sure none of their lives was lost during the great betrayal done to them by those they trusted the most.


They all worship Baekhyun, he was their god, their saving grace. They vowed to always be with him through thick and thin. His men were ready to sacrifice their life anytime for their boss without thinking twice.


They were loyal to the call, and at the moment, most of them doubted Aera's intentions. They couldn't forget the pool of blood they met Baekhyun in five years ago, his pool of blood. It was only wise for them to be alert, and by being alert, they had to monitor Aera's move, but unfortunately, the girl never left her room for the past two days.


"I don't know what you

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