Sweet Revenge

kindred Heart
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Baekhyun angrily kicked the door to the room made for torture open. He gave the men that were tied up a scary glare before he walked further into the room.


"What's their mission in my mansion this time around?" Baekhyun asked the head guard, Jin.


"They want the document of ownership to your diamond company," Jin informed and Baekhyun made a dark smirk. He glared at Penny, but the man had a smirk playing on his face. He looked fearless and that annoyed Baekhyun.


"What audacity." The mafia was seriously pissed. The diamond company in question belongs to his dad. It was given to him specially by his late grandparents out of six companies he had. The other five companies were given to Dong, yet he still wanted the diamond company to belong to his family.   


Baekhyun recalled how his dad escaped death on multiple occasions because of the company. They never asked for it, but since it was a gift from his grandparents, his dad cherished the company, and he handled it with seriousness till it became very successful before he transferred it to his son.


Baekhyun looked at the three men on the floor, and his eyes met with that of Penny again, and he felt a familiar pain in his chest.


The moment their eyes met again, he began to recall memories he had been trying to forget for over five years. He recalled how Penny and the lady he claimed to be his sister stabbed him in the back. He recalled how they destroyed his happiness, how they broke his heart into a million pieces and left a big scar below his chest that took months to heal.


"You dare show your face in my mansion after what you and Mina did to me?" Baekhyun's voice was husky, but the man smirked.


"Didn't you miss me? You used to like me a lot to the extent of making me your right-hand man. You were so crazy in love that's why you didn't see the dangerous storm that was coming your way." Penny smirked.


"My boss needs that document because the company and the diamond goods in that company rightfully belong to him, and I'm here to take it." Penny was not scared. He was confident that Baekhyun's not going to kill him because of the love the mafia once had for him. What he didn't know was that love was a thing of the past.


Penny had already planned his moves, he knew how Baekhyun cherished him, and he was going to use Baekhyun's love for him against the mafia.


"You're here to take it, you say?" Baekhyun chuckled. He found what Penny said funny and annoying at the same time. He walked closer to the table in the middle of the room. He looked through the ammunition set on the table and he picked a sharp knife and he walked back to the intruders.


"You once had all my love in abundance, but you took it for granted and stabbed me in the back. I became a mafia to protect those I love and what I cherish. I became what I am today, a heartless and ruthless mafia boss, and I don't hesitate to kill those that cross the line." Baekhyun leaned closer to Penny, this time around he was the one smirking, but his eyes were dark as death.


"You came into my territory to steal from me, and now your time ends here." He muttered to his hearing and Penny began to panic. His hand started trembling in fear. He looked Baekhyun in the eyes, but all he could see was coldness.


The mafia brought the knife to his neck, and he swiftly slit his throat. A smile of satisfaction graced his lips when he blood-stained his body.


"Finish the rest and send their corpses to Ki-Jung," Baekhyun commanded as he walked out of the room, and Mark took the invitation gladly.




Aera blinked her eyes open with much difficulty. She looked around the room, trying to recognize where she was, but everything was unfamiliar. She tried to sit up, but she felt pains all over her body. Staying still was the only choice she had left.


She tried to relax her mind, stay positive and convince herself that everything was fine. However, the thought of her sister selling her to Ki-Jung still terrified her. She was still scared of her surroundings and refused to shut her eyes despite feeling weak and dizzy.


The door to the room was suddenly pushed open gently, and the doctor in charge made his way into the room with Mark behind him.


On seeing the man, Aera began to struggle to lift her body. She was in pain and weak, but she ignored it all and kept on struggling.


"Steady there or you will hurt yourself." The doctor's voice was calm. It was obvious that she was scared, but moving around won't help her.


"Who are you?" Aera asked with fear evident in her voice.


"I'm your doctor, Kim Jongdae." The doctor smiled. "You shouldn't be scared of me because I won't hurt you. My job is to make sure you're safe and strong again."


"But what about Ki-Jung and my sister? Won't they find me? Please, I don't want to be sold to Ki-Jung." Aera was panicking and her blood pressure began to increase which was dangerous for her.


Jongdae knew she was scared. The only way to get her blood pressure to be normal was to put her to sleep by injecting her.


"Something terrible must have happened to her, that's why she was so agitated a while ago." Jongdae sighed.


"It's obvious that she ran away from Ki-Jung." Mark folded his fist. He walked closer to the sleeping girl and observed her hand to see if there were needle holes from injections, but none were found.


"She's still pure, right?" Mark asked his friend, Jongdae.


"She is. There's no trace of hard drugs in her

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