kindred Heart
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"The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies... It comes from Friends and loved ones."     - Ash Sweeney 


Being betrayed by the ones you love the most is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone. It would have been better if that person was never born because it will leave an unforgettable painful memory.


Aera stood beside the door to her elder sister's room, and she quietly listened to the conversation going on inside. She knew eavesdropping was wrong. She felt terrible for eavesdropping on Camila, her elder sister, her family. The person that brought her to the city three months ago.


She was supposed to trust her because she's her blood sister, but she couldn't stop herself. She had lost trust in Camila after what she was told about Camila's line of business.


Twenty-three years ago, Aera and Camila lost their parents during a shipwreck. Aera was only two years old, while her elder sister was already ten. They were lost in the abandoned island for five years, but one morning Camila decided to leave the forest to the city.


She left her little seven years old sister behind and promised to come back for her. Many years went by and Aera grew up into a beautiful young woman. She found what civilization was and how to live as humans do. 


Aera became naive and devoid of human understanding. She was just like a little child, innocent and curious. The only thing she was sure of was that she was different from the animals around her. 


She was happy living in the forest, until her elder sister, Camila came back as promised. It was the happiest day of her life, and she went back to the city with her sister.


Aera had been in the city for three months, but everything was still new to her. She was learning how to act appropriately as a young lady should, but it was a bit difficult for her.


She was happy staying with her sister and getting to know her better, but things began to change when a man named Ki-Jung started visiting Camila. 


He would always look at Aera in a dirty way before touching her inappropriately. Aera never liked the man from the very first time she saw him, and when she complained to Camila about Ki-Jung's behavior towards her, Camila simply smiled and caressed her face without saying a word.


Aera was okay with Camila caressing her face, but she wasn't okay with the way Camila always smiled at her whenever Ki-Jung touched her.


Aera gradually began to regret coming to live with Camila in the city. She would always wrap herself beneath her blanket and stay sad all day because she was restricted from leaving the apartment.


One afternoon Aera sat on the floor in the living room watching some random show. Camila had already left the apartment with Ki-Jung, only Aera was home.


A knock on the door distracted her, when she opened the door, she was shocked to see another face. A middle-aged woman stood at the entrance to the apartment, but she refused to go in.


Aera asked the woman in, but she still refused. She seemed scared, but she didn't fail to accomplish her mission. She told Aera that Camila's business is human trafficking and drugs importation. She sells naive, innocent girls to men for their dirty pleasure, and later introduces the girls to the drug business. 


She told Aera everything she needed to know about Camila's line of business, and she explained it in detail as well. She also advises Aera to run away as soon as possible.


Ever since Aera heard about Camila's business, she began to observe her elder sister. She was scared of being sold to Ki-Jung, and that was how she decided to eavesdrop on her sister's conversation with Ki-Jung.


"It seems you're no longer interested in Aera?" Camila asked, and Aera's eyes doubled in size, but she kept on listening to them. Maybe Camila was out for her good.


She heard Ki-Jung's dirty chuckle and she began to tremble in fear. She wanted to run back to her room and continue pretending as if she was asleep, but she couldn't. Her curiosity was greater than her fear.


"Your question is pretty funny. You of all people should know that I want Aera so badly. I can't wait to ruin her innocence, kiss her lips and make her my toy. Come with me, let's finalize the payment and enjoy ourselves. I will pick Aera up when we get back." Ki-Jung sounded excited and Aera heard Camille chuckling.


"You're indeed a mafia boss. Mischievous and heartless. When You've finalized the payment, she will be all yours."


Aera felt hot tears running down her eyes. She found it difficult to believe what she just heard. Her sister was going to sell her to a dirty disgusting man. And what's a mafia boss?


Aera ran back to her room with a heavy heart. She lay on the bed until she heard the door in the living room shut. She sat on the bed and cried like a helpless child. She couldn't believe that the person she loved the most, her family never had her good at heart.


She recalled what the middle-aged woman told her, and she decided to leave the apartment immediately. She realized that there was no home for her there, she wasn't needed by her elder sister anymore.


It's better she ends up in the street or finds her way back to the forest rather than being sold to a dirty man like Ki-Jung.


She left the apartment without looking back. She was hurt, but that was the drive that kept her going.




A loud cry of agony filled the darkroom. A blond-haired man knelt on the floor, his hands tied up behind him. He was soaked in sweat, his body trembling in fear and pain. 


Baekhyun smirked. The sight in front of him gave him satisfaction. "Why did you break into my villa?" The mafia's voice was husky and the man felt a cold chill running through his body.


"Ki-Jung sent me here. He wants the document to

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