The reunion

kindred Heart
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That night Baekhyun was overwhelmed with happiness. The woman he has grown to love was sitting next to him on the couch, right in his arms, it felt like a dream, but in the end, it wasn't. It was all real.


He kissed Aera's forehead and got up. "I will be back shortly." He left the living room and went back to the garden where he had confessed his love to Aera. He had felt someone's presence in the surroundings earlier, but he didn't see anyone. He checked around just to be sure, but there was no one, so he went back to meet Aera, and when he set his eyes on her, he smiled.


He sat closer to her and pulled her gently to himself.


"You've been smiling since we got back from the beautiful garden," Aera muttered while resting her head on the billionaire's chest.


"I'm happy Aera. You're mine and I'm yours,  that's more than enough for me to smile, and I see that you've been smiling as well." Baekhyun kissed her forehead. He looked at Jongdae and he nodded.


It was time he let Aera know about her true family and what happened. He caressed her face before sitting up.


"There's something very important you must know," Baekhyun informed her. He made a nodding sigh to Jongdae and Jongin, and the twin stepped forward and sat next to Aera.


"What's going on? I hope it's not bad news?" There was fear in Aera's eyes, but Baekhyun shook his head and smiled.


"It's not bad news, it's good news." Baekhyun brought out a beautiful necklace Aera knows too well. "Do you still remember this necklace?"


"Yes... Yes, that's my necklace." Aera had curiosity in her eyes, but Baekhyun caressed her back to keep her calm.


"Well, 25 years ago, a young boy with a pure heart and so much love for his little sister came to me as his best friend from school, and he asked me to plead with my father to make a beautiful gold necklace for his baby sister with her name Aera written on it, and I did. My dad loved that little boy, so he made the necklace and I was the one that gave it to him myself. Unfortunately, on the day of his little sister's naming ceremony, she was kidnapped and never to be seen again,

and that boy searched for his little sister for years but he couldn't find her."


Aera was already in tears. She understood what Baekhyun was saying, but she has no idea who her brother was.


"I'm that child, right?" 


"Yes, you are, my love."


"And my brother, who is he?"


"Kim Jongdae is your brother, and also Kim Jongin. They're twins and they're your biological elder brothers." Baekhyun finally broke the good news to Aera, and that was when he stepped aside, giving the siblings some privacy.


Jongdae and Jongin explained everything to Aera, they told her all that happened, how Jongin discovered that Jongdae is his brother, and how he held the truth from Yangmin and Miran. They left nothing untold, they made sure Aera was fully updated about everything. 


Jongin also told Aera about his adoptive parents and his little sister. Although he wasn't blood-related to the little girl, he loved her just the same way he loved Aera, and he was glad that she was doing well with Baekhyun's parents in Paris. By the time they were done narrating all that happened, Aera was in tears. 


All along she was closer to her family, yet she never knew, none of them knew. She hugged Jongdae and Jongin together, she stayed like that, in the embrace of her family, her blood.


"Now I know why Camila could hurt me, she was never my blood, that was why she wanted to ruin my life. You two are my brothers, and all along you've shown me nothing but love and affection. I love you two so much." She cried like a little child, and the sight of Aera crying provoked the billionaire, and at that moment he vowed to make Yangmin and his followers suffer like never before.




That night Aera decided to chat with her brother till it was past midnight. Baekhyun was lonely, but he understood the situation so he decided to work on some designs on his laptop. He was so into it that he didn't notice when Aera walked into the room.


"Why are you still awake?" Aera asked, she sat beside Baekhyun, and the billionaire smiled in delight. He stopped what he was doing and gave all his attention to his girlfriend.


"I was missing you, but I can't steal your moment with your brothers, so I decided to work a little before going to bed." Baekhyun caressed her face, but Aera felt bad for her lover.


"I'm so sorry about that." She pouted, but Baekhyun kissed her lips and smiled sweetly at her.


"Don't be sorry, you did nothing wrong." He kissed her forehead and looked her in the eyes. "Why aren't you sleeping yet?"


"I'm a bit sleepy, but I wanted to see you before going to bed." She blushed and she looked so beautiful doing that.


"Aww, how cute." Baekhyun rubbed his nose on hers. "You can sleep in my room tonight, I still have a little work to complete,  then I will join you." Baekhyun kissed her and Aera smiled. She gladly lay on his bed, and in no time she was fast asleep.


The billionaire covered her body properly before going back to what he was doing. He took some time in what he was doing, and when he was done, he kissed Aera on the forehead before leaving the room to her brother's room.


Jongdae and Jongin were awake and waiting for the boss, and when Baekhyun made his way into the room, the brothers got up with a satisfying smile on their faces.


"It's time to give Yangmin and his wife the greatest shock of their lives. Let's get going." Baekhyun smirked. He marched out of the room, followed by Jongdae and Jongin, then Mark, Jin, Jackson, and Kyungsoo joined in.


The boys were very excited, this has always been their way of handling hooligans, and with Baekhyun as the king of the night, their mission was always fun and successful.


They all left with three different cars, Jongin went with Jackson and Kyungsoo, Jongdae went with Jin and Mark, and Baekhyun went alone. Each of them headed to the remaining three big factories of the Kim family.


They had already mapped out their plan a month back, Baekhyun wanted Aera to be back with him before carrying out their perfect plan which is to take Yangmin and his wife unaware when they didn't expect it to happen.


That day happened to be the birthday celebration of the corrupt so-called Governor, Mr. Park. He threw a lavish all-night party, and he gave out tons of money to people, not to the less privileged, but to people with high status to secure the next coming election so that he can be reelected as the Governor.


Dong was also invited and so was the Kim family. They were having fun, lavishly spending the money that belongs to the people on themselves and they left the people to suffer. That was how evil and corrupted the Governor's government was.


Baekhyun stood far off, watching Governor Park's every move. Although his mission that night was to ruin the Kim family, he was highly provoked by the sight in front of him. He was seriously irritated, he couldn't stand the sight. A huge injustice was done to the people of Seoul, many people are on the street suffering, people are food-deprived, many couldn't get a proper education, and medical needs were not met.


The billionaire folded his fist, he was about to turn away when he saw Camila dancing with Ki-Jung. He wasn't surprised nor was he hurt like before. Although he recalled what she did to him in the past, he didn't get a panic attack. He was completely over the trauma and he has moved on, but his blood boiled in anger and all he wanted at the moment was beautiful sweet revenge.


He turned away, he was about to leave, but he ran into someone. The billionaire hid his face so he wouldn't be seen, but the person recognized him immediately.


"Boss?" The familiar deep voice caught Baekhyun's attention. He knew that voice so much. He quickly lifted his hoodie hat and right in front of him was Chanyeol, the Governor's dead son.


Baekhyun staggered backward, he couldn't believe his eyes. He wanted to speak, but only tears streamed down his eyes.


Chanyeol quickly and quietly took the billionaire out of the area and back to his car. "Boss, are you okay?" Chanyeol asked, but Baekhyun caressed his face, more tears streamed down his eyes, he was in a state of shock and Chanyeol hated that sight so much.


"Baekhyun, are you okay? Please calm down, it's me, I'm not dead." That was all Chanyeol said before he hugged the billionaire.


At that moment Baekhyun knew that his cousin wasn't dead, but still alive. He wrapped his hand around Chanyeol's body and embraced him tightly.


"C-Chanyeol..." He couldn't control his tears and neither could Chanyeol. They cried for a few minutes before pulling away. Baekhyun looked at his cousin from head to toe, he was amazed.


"How is this possible? You died with your mom six years ago in a car accident, how come you're alive?"


"It was a miracle. My mom and I were involved in a terrible accident, but we survived. A couple saved us from the burning car before it exploded. I've been unconscious for years, I only recovered a few months back." Chanyeol explained, and Baekhyun sighed in relief, he pulled his cousin to himself and hugged him.


"Oh Chanyeol, you have no idea how broken I was when I heard about you and aunt." Baekhyun pulled away to look at Chanyeol and he caressed his face. "Were you at the villa earlier today?" Baekhyun asked and Chanyeol nodded.


"Yes, I was. I've been coming there for the past three months, but I was scared to show myself, I was scared you would react this way. I know about your plan to ruin Kim Yangmin, it's a good idea, but my father is the main evil behind Dong, Yangmin, and every evil in this city."


"What do you mean?"


"He planned the accident that almost killed my mother and me. The day before the accident, we found out that he was going to build new factories for selling hard drugs, and I threatened to report him to you and the police. That night he p

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