kindred Heart
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When Aera was fast asleep, Jongdae made sure he checked on her to make sure there were no rising health complications. Baekhyun didn't fail to inform the doctor about her emotional breakdown, he had suspected it would affect her healing process, luckily it didn't.


"She's doing great, there's no need to worry," Jongdae said in relief.


"Thanks. There's food in the kitchen, you can help yourself. I'm down with a terrible headache, I need to rest." Baekhyun made his way out of the room to the living room. He had intentions of drinking a glass of water then heading to his room, but Aera's picture showed up on screen again. Ki-Jung had just released another statement with the police involved this time around.


". This man is extremely disgusting. I can't believe he's doing all this just to ruin Aera's life. I still don't know why you haven't given us the order to fight this scumbag. I want to kill him and that evil woman, Camila." Jongdae was furious. Of course, he had to be. Seeing the extent a man would go just to make an innocent girl his toys was seriously annoying.


Baekhyun chuckled. He poured himself a glass of water, drank it before looking at his angry friend.


"Relax Jongdae. I know you're mad, but try to stay calm. Ki-Jung is a disgusting man for sure that's why he can't seem to harbor the thought that Aera isn't with him anymore. I will act, but first, I want to know who this Camila of a woman is. What kind of sister would want to ruin and hurt her innocent and naive younger sister. Don't worry, I got everything under control." Baekhyun glanced at the television screen one more time before heading to his room.


He lay on his bed and tried to get some sleep, but sadly he couldn't. His past was stuck in his head. Whenever he closed his eyes to sleep, he would see Mina's face with the smile of betrayal.

The mafia decided to stay awake, eventually, he fell asleep.


Jongdae entered his room and covered the mafia with a blanket. He stood beside his bed, staring at his best friend and he felt tears welling in his eyes.


He recalled the sad sight he saw Baekhyun earlier when narrating his past to Aera. It wasn't his intention to walk in on Baekhyun crying, but he was quick to hide before Baekhyun could notice him.


Jongdae had always been the closest to Baekhyun. The sight at which had seen Baekhyun five years ago in the pool of his blood made his heart bleed. He recalled how Baekhyun suffered and tortured himself just to forget Mina. Jongdae folded his fist as the rush of memories.


He switched off the lights and left the room. He decided to forget about Mina, and he tried to find out who Camila was. They've only seen her name here and there, but her face remained unseen.


Jongdae did some background investigation, but he found absolutely nothing. At that moment he knew something about Camila was suspicious.




"I do not get what you're trying to pull up here, Jongin. Penny is dead because Baekhyun killed him, yet you want to sit back without acting?" Ki-Jung sat upright on the couch. He was furious as he spoke. All unfortunate things just kept happening to him without a solution to any.


His beloved Penny is dead, Aera, the girl he has eyes for, is missing with no single sign of her anywhere. He felt overwhelmed with sadness, sadly nothing could be done to make him feel better.


"Penny's death is sad, but I barely got away from Baekhyun last time, going back to his mansion would be a bad idea because they're all alert. Moreover, we're both aware that it's impossible to kill him." Jongin tried to make Ki-Jung see reasons with him. Besides, he lied to Ki-Jung that he escaped from Baekhyun by luck and skills. He didn't disclose the truth that Baekhyun let him go because he had a soft spot for him, and Ki-Jung believed it.


"So what are you implying?" Ki-Jung picked up the phone that lay next to him on the couch. He suddenly began to smirk and Jongin knew that wasn't a good sign.


"I'd say we let things be for now. Baekhyun is no fool, he won't hold back to attack us, and we don't want that." Jongin tried to deliver his point in a way that his boss wouldn't misunderstand him, still, it didn't work. He was wrong in the end.


Ki-Jung played a video on his phone and dropped it on the table in front of him. "It seems you're forgetting something very important, someone so dear to you." He looked at the screen and back at Jongin who now looked scared and helpless. "Or is she no longer important to you?" Ki-Jung chuckled as he stared at Jongin.


"I'm sorry boss. I will do as you've said. I will launch an attack against Baekhyun and make sure I get the document to his diamond company. I will do anything you ask of me, but please don't hurt her. She's all I've got in this world, please." Jongin fell on his knees as he pleaded for mercy and Ki-Jung chuckled. He derives joy in hurting the weak and the helpless.


"There you go my dog. I thought you no longer value your kid sis. If I'm not mistaken, she should be turning sixteen next month. She's beautiful for her age, they're the type I love playing around with on my bed-" 


"I said I will do what you want. You don't have to say all that." Jongin folded his fist in anger. He was irritated, he hated himself for not being able to protect his kid sister and give her the better life she deserves.


Ki-Jung frowned. He was displeased at the way Jongin raised his voice at him. He grabbed his collar and delivered a punch to his face, followed by a slap.


"How dare you raise your voice on me, you dirty thing. Your worthless parents died owing me a huge amount of money, all you can do is to work for me all your life, or pay me back the money. If you ever try to mess with me again, I will take your sister as my toy and if you try to make a move, I will kill you and kill her as well." He pushed Jongin away with anger before sitting back down.


"Change of plan. I want you to kill Baekhyun's parents, they will be going for prayer in the church by 11:am. Attack them on the way and that will break Baekhyun, then I can attack him off guard and finish him off today. My new second in command, Dust will join you when it's time to leave. Now get lost and make sure you bring me good results before this evening, else you know what I can do."


"Forgive me." Jongin got up from the floor, he made his way out of the mansion with tears in his eyes. 


He recalled how happy his family was a year ago. They were doing well, they had a company that deals in furniture production. Things were okay with them until Mrs. Kim had an accident. A lot of money was spent on her, but she couldn't make it.


The company gradually began to crumble. Money was needed to keep the business going, the only option was to apply for a loan from Mr. Dong. He was given the loan and things were going well, but he was battling with depression over the death of his wife.


Unfortunately, goons broke into his company and destroyed all he had recently ordered. Jongin's father couldn't handle it, he got a heart attack and fell to his death. 


Jongin was unable to keep the company running because Dong and Ki-Jung had collected the company and shut it down, and Jongin was forced to work for Ki-Jung all his life else his kid sister will be sold as a e or become Ki-Jung's toy. 


Jongin had no other choice than to agree to work for Ki-Jung. At times he wondered why his father approached Dong for a loan, perhaps he wasn't aware of their wickedness.


Jongin went back to the small apartment he had managed to rent after the death of his father. Ki-Jung had already sold their mansion, and his kid sister, Mia, wasn't able to attend school. That was how ed up Jongin's life was.


He sat on his bed and cried silently as he felt worthless. He was helpless, he never wanted to work for Ki-Jung, he never wanted to be a part of Ki-Jung's dirty plan. All he wanted was to keep his sister safe, but it seems that's not going to last for long. He recalled his mission to kill Innocent people, more so, the parents of the man that spared his life.


"Dammit!" He punched the bed in pure frustration. 


"What's wrong, brother?" Mia walked into the room and sat beside him. She leaned against his right arm while looking at him. "You're crying, are you hurt?"


"No baby, I'm not hurt, I just got dust in my eyes." Jongin lied. He can't let her know that he's hurting. He caressed her face and hugged her.


"Please forgive me for not taking proper care of you. I failed you as a brother, and for that I'm sorry." He muttered into her ears. His tears just kept flowing. He wanted to give her a better life, but he can't see a way out of the mess.


Mia pulled away from the hug, she gently caressed his tears off his eyes and smiled at him. "Don't worry about me. All I want is for you to stop working for Ki-Jung. He came to visit me yesterday, and he told me that he likes me. I don't like him, please let's stop working for him and run away, please brother." Mia's eyes were filled with fear and Jongin frowned.


He had always done whatever Ki-Jung asked of him, so why would he want to ruin his sister at all cost. Jongin folded his fist in anger. He has lost a lot in life, he won't lose his sister, he can't. He has to put an end to Ki-Jung's wickedness and fix their lives. He caressed her hair and smiled at her.


"I won't let him hurt you, I swear on my life. You make sure you get all your bags ready, we won't be leaving here anymore. I will be back." Jongin kissed his sister's forehead and left the apartment. 

The only way to save his sister is to set things right.


He went to the men Ki-Jung had ordered to accompany him, and he gave them orders to wait for his call before they attacked the said red car.




Aera woke up late in the morning, around 11:30 am. She felt

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