Truth revealed

kindred Heart
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(The day Jongdae was shot)  

"He has lost a lot of blood." 


The doctor in charge of Jongdae's operation said. He looked worried, and Jongin knew it was a matter of emergency. 


"What's his blood type?" Jongin didn't hesitate.


"It's O." 


"Take mine, we share the same blood type," Jongin informed them, and the doctor immediately began their job.




When the operation was completed, the doctor who was in charge of Jongdae walked up to him, he looked disturbed, as if he had something in his mind, and Jongin noticed it.


"How is Jongdae?"


"He's out of danger and doing well, but there's something you need to know."


"Okay, what's wrong?"


"Earlier when we ran some tests on your blood, we discovered that you and Jongdae share a lot in common, it's almost as if you're siblings."


"Siblings? That's impossible. We're different people, that can't be possible." Jongin was confused, and also curious.


"I'm sorry, but that's my finding. It can't be a coincidence that's why I'm asking." The doctor was sure of what he was saying, and Jongin decided to run a DNA test, that's the only way he can find out the truth.


"Can you run a DNA test for us? Please I want to be sure if we're related, I will talk to Jongdae about it when he has fully recovered."


"Alright, I will have that done right away." The doctor walked away and Jongin sighed.


He had always loved Jongdae differently, he felt connected to the doctor and always had the urge to protect him despite not knowing why.




(Five days after the incident)


Jongin was with Jongdae in the room, staring at the sleeping doctor. He was worried, he knew that Jongdae was very sad, especially after the departure of Aera. Jongdae's recovery was going great, but he still had to be in the hospital for proper follow-up.


Although Jongdae was smiling when he bid Aera farewell, he could tell that Jongdae was in deep sorrow.


"Excuse me Jongin, the results are out." The doctor who had run the test said,


"I see. So what's the outcome? Are we related?" Jongin asked while looking at Jongdae with so much care in his eyes.


"You're twins. He's your elder brother." The doctor broke the news and Jongin looked at him with shock.


"What? How is that possible? I know that I was adopted, but Jongdae and I are twins?" Jongin was shocked and so was the doctor.


"Jongdae is my best friend. I know about his wicked parents, but I was also shocked as well. I even ran the test over three times, and all gave me the same results. You're siblings for real." The doctor said and Jongin said nothing. He looked at his brother for a few seconds and he smiled.


"So in the end you turned out to be my blood, my brother." He smiled. He looked at the doctor's name written lab coat before looking him in the eyes.


"Doctor Luhan, right?"




"Can you please keep this a secret from my brother, I have something I must do first before I open up to him? I know you're friends, but please do me this favor?"


"Of course, I will."


"Thank you so much." 


Jongin sat down with his brother after the doctor had left. He had always known that he was adopted by his last parents, but he didn't expect to be the brother to the doctor he loves a lot. 


Indeed blood is thicker than water. There has always been a great connection between himself and Jongdae. He couldn't understand why he loved the doctor so much, he couldn't understand why he always risked his life to protect the doctor, he couldn't understand why he was always sad whenever the doctor was hurt or in his lowest, but now everything was all clear to him.


He knew the hell his brother had gone through during the past few days. He knew that Yangmin and his wife Miran were the ones that made Jongdae go through hell, and at that moment, he vowed to have sweet revenge on Yangmin and his family, beautiful revenge that will bring abundant sorrow to Yangmin and Miran.




(Present Day)


The villa was quiet when Jongin returned from his mission. He headed straight to his bedroom, freshened up before going to his elder brother's room.


The doctor was fast asleep, he had a busy day at the hospital due to the accident that took place due to heavy traffic. Jongdae was so exhausted that he didn't notice when Jongin entered his room.


The younger twin sat beside his brother, he covered him properly with a blanket before sighing deeply "Three more factories left to destroy, then I will disclose the truth to you. Please hang in there." Jongin stayed a little longer in the room before returning to his room.


He wasn't sleepy, but he was exhausted. He could have slept for a few hours, but he saw it as a waste of time. Yangmin and his wife are still out there, they would want to fight back, and their target will surely be Jongdae.


Jongin shook his head, he knew that his brother wasn't safe anymore. He wore an all-black outfit and left the mansion again. He wasn't going to destroy any factory, but to get some important information about Kim Yangmin. 




Getting to the said location, Jongin stopped his car afar. He stepped out of his car and walked down to Yangmin's mansion. As he approached the gate, he heard loud shouts, and a gunshot went off.


Jongin smirked, he knew the reason for the heated atmosphere, but it was only the beginning. He sneaked into the mansion after hitting one of the guards, he dressed in uniform and mingled with the other guards.


"That factory that was burnt down was one of our biggest money-making machines. Jongdae has crossed the line, I will make sure he dies tomorrow." Yangmin wasn't deeply hurt, and it made Jongin happy.


"If we had known that Jongdae would turn out to be our enemy, we wouldn't have stolen him and his twin from his parents, or perhaps we could have kept the younger twin with us and dumped him at the orphanage home. I hate the day I brought that ingrate home, I would have killed him a long time ago." Yangmin tumbled his glass table. He was furious, he couldn't control himself, neither was his wife.


"We'll kill Jongdae, that's certain, but first we have to secure our remaining three factories before Jongdae succeeds in destroying us," Miran

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