Love confession

kindred Heart
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That night after dinner, Jongdae was about to go back to his room to finish some paperwork, Baekhyun asked him to stay back in the dining room with the rest of them.


It was a full house, a complete family, Baekhyun thought it was the right time to let the doctor know about Aera and his twin brother.


"Why did you ask me to wait behind? Is there any problem?" Jongdae asked, he looked worried, but the mafia simply smiled and shook his head.


"There's no problem, but good news." Baekhyun brought out a beautiful gold necklace, he reached it to the doctor before speaking.


"Do you remember this necklace?" 


Jongdae took the necklace, looked at it, and immediately tears welled in his eyes. 

"This is the necklace your company made for my little sister's naming ceremony before she went missing." The doctor looked at the necklace carefully before looking at the mafia boss. "Where did you get this?"


"In Aera's room, but she first showed it to me back in the forest."


"Aera's room? Our Aera's room?"




"But how is that possible? I wore this on my sister's neck, why is it with Aera?" Jongdae asked, he was confused and he began to panic, but Jongin held his hand and caressed it.


"It's only possible because Aera is our missing little sister." When Jongin's words reached Jongdae's ears, the doctor felt cold chills taking over his body.


"You mean Aera is my little sister, Aera?"


"Yes bro, she is and you're also my twin brother, my elder twin brother." Jongin had a smile of satisfaction written on his face and tears in his eyes when he broke the unexpected news to the doctor.


Jongdae was already emotional, he was still in shock at the revelation of Aera being his sister. He was still trying to put himself together when Jongin also told him that they were twins.


"I-I don't understand what you just said, please make it clear, please" The doctor was already crying and so was Jongin.


It was hard to explain the whole story to his elder brother in tears, but he did anyway. He couldn't keep his brother in the dark anymore, so he disclosed the truth to him. 


He told Jongdae everything from the beginning to the very end. He even told his brother that he's the masked man, and he stated his reasons for taking such harsh and risky decisions on his own.


Baekhyun also joined the confession, he made sure everything was clear to the doctor by telling his part of the story. 


He told the doctor that he was also at Yangmin's and he heard everything himself. The only unsolved puzzle left to be solved is looking for their real parents.


"My chest hurts." Jongdae broke down in tears. He was crying seriously, his body was shaking and that was the sight Jongin never wanted to see. Naturally, Jongin is more aggressive, brave, stronger, and down-to-earth heartless when it comes to destroying his enemies, but Jongdae is the opposite of his younger brother, that's why he was badly hurt and still in tears.


"My chest hurts a lot." He muttered again, but Mark was quick enough to get him some medicines and a glass of water, and Mark's action came as a surprise to Baekhyun and everyone else.


Mark gently patted the doctor's back, with a look of sorry written all over his face.

"Come with me to the room, you need to sleep, when you're awake, you will feel better." Mark bowed to Baekhyun before taking Jongdae to the bedroom. 


Mark had always loved and cared for Jongdae as if he was his very own family, seeing the doctor in such a state broke him. He made sure Jongdae was sleeping before he left the room and went back to the living room.


"Is there something you're not telling me about Jongdae?" Baekhyun looked worried and Mark sighed.


"Ever since he thought his sister was no more, he always suffered chest pain whenever is stressed or sad. He asked me to keep it away from you and everyone to avoid getting you all worried."


"Is it that serious?"


"No, it's not, but just now he was in so much pain. I guess everything was just too much for him to handle." Mark sighed before sitting down.


"Has he run a check-up?"


"Yes, he has and it's nothing serious. Don't worry boss, he will be fine when he wakes up."


"That's good." Baekhyun patted Jongin and Mark's backs before heading straight to Jongdae's room. 


That night Baekhyun spent the night with the doctor. Although he looked relaxed and calm, deep down he was seriously worried about his best friend.




Jongdae woke up with a slight headache the next morning. He recalled all that happened the previous night, and he sighed. Deep down in his heart, he was happy, he was glad that he now has a real family. A twin brother, and his dear sweet sister.


He was about to sit up when he felt the presence of another in his room. He looked around but smiled immediately when he saw Baekhyun sleeping next to him on his right side, and his left sideways Jongin.


The boss looked so relaxed, he was enjoying his sleep, and so was his brother. He gently tapped them to wake them up, and when they looked at him, he smiled brightly at them.


"Good morning brother-in-law, and good morning little brother." Jongdae was more lively and better than the previous night, and it made the mafia boss and Jongin happy.


"I like that name, brother-in-law." Baekhyun nodded with a smile and everyone laughed.


"So does that mean that you're in love with our sister?"


"Madly in love." Baekhyun was all smiles and Jongin shook his head in amusement.


"I'm very happy knowing that I'm not alone in my plans anymore. I have the support of my family, my boss, and friends, and I'm certain that the enemies will surely be destroyed."


"Of course, they will. But I have a request to ask of you two, I will be so glad if you could grant it for me." Baekhyun became serious all of a sudden, and the twins gave their full attention to him.


"What is it?" Jongdae asked.


"Let's lay low for now. Let's not attack till Aera is back. Yangmin and Dong are monsters, they don't mind hurting her to get to us, and that's the last thing I'd want to happen to her. Do you understand my point?"


"Yes, we do." The brothers nodded. They were in support of what Baekhyun said, and that gave the mafia peace of mind.




(Three months later)


Time went by quickly in a blink. The boys were busy decorating the house for Aera's welcome back party. They were so excited about the arrival of the lady of the house.


Jongdae and Jongin were busy preparing Aera's favorite meals, snacks, and pastries, while Mark took it upon himself to make varieties of fresh fruit juices.


That was how excited everyone was. Baekhyun couldn't wait to receive Victoria's call. He would always check his phone from time to time, and the boys found it very romantic.


"Relax boss, when they get to the airport, Victoria will give you a call." Jongdae teased Baekhyun, and the boss simply smiled.


"I know you're having fun teasing me, well enjoy it while it lasts." Baekhyun chuckled, and just then his phone rang out, it was a call from Victoria.


Baekhyun hurriedly picked up the call, they only spoke for a few seconds and Baekhyun ran back to his room. It took him about five minutes, and when he came down, he was looking stunning.


"Wow... You're looking so handsome." Jin commented, and everyone smiled.


"Thanks." The mafia boss rushed out of the villa, he could no longer wait, and the boys found it cute.


"Boss is so in love with Aera, I hope he confesses soon." Jimin was smiling as he thought about Baekhyun's past lonely sad life.


"He will confess to Aera very soon, I have a strong feeling about this." Jin patted his younger brother's back. It was something they had all prayed would happen for the past five years, and soon it will become a reality.


"Don't worry guys, the boss is surely going to confess his feelings to our beautiful angel tonight, that I'm very sure of." Kyungsoo winked at the clueless doctor, and Jongdae seemed to be happy about it, as well as Jongin.


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