A Trail To The Past.

kindred Heart
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Aera woke up to the faint sound of chatting. She carefully blinked her eyes open but shut them shortly. She was still feeling dizzy as a result of the sleeping pills given to her. 


After a few seconds, she blinked her eyes open. She stared at a blank space, her mind traveling in circles as she tried to collect her memories.


It wasn't up to three minutes and it dawned on her that she was no longer in the hospital. Her eyes quickly but weakly scanned the room, only for to drop open in surprise. 


The room was very beautiful, with a lovely scent. Aera didn't know how to react. She was scared at the same time, amazed by the beatification of the room. She was still trying to process the whole thing when she heard footsteps approaching. Without thinking twice, she pulled her blanket over her body, as if it would protect her from whatever or whoever was coming.


The door was slowly pushed open, probably not wanting to wake the sleeping beauty up, and the mafia made his way into the room. He wasn't surprised when he was met with big eyes staring at him.


"How are you feeling?" Baekhyun settled himself next to Aera, but she slowly drifted away from him. Trust has become a difficult thing for Aera after being betrayed by her sister.


"I'm fine, but a little dizzy." She was about to drift further away from Baekhyun when she lost balance, but firm hands held her in place before she could bump her head against the headset of the bed.


"Easy, Aera. I won't hurt you." Baekhyun secured her gently against the pillow. Aera was scared of the handsome man in front of her, but she wanted to know where she was.


"Where am I?" Her eyes priced deep into his soul. Baekhyun found himself drawn to her eyes, her sharp gaze. He looked away from those alluring eyes to save his soul.


"You're in my villa."


"Villa? What's a villa?" Aera asked. The words were unfamiliar to her and Baekhyun soon realized it.


"You're in my home." He corrected me. Aera nodded.


"Your home is beautiful. It's like Cinderella's castle. My sister always calls me Cinderella." She smiled, but her smile was cut off by the rush of unwanted memories. She felt tears welling in her eyes again as she wasn't able to forget the ugly experience with her sister.


"Why did you bring me to your home? Do you want to sell me?" Her words were like a dagger stabbing deep into the mafia heart.


"I saved you, Aera. I won't sell you and no one will harm you here, so don't be scared of me or the people living with me." Baekhyun smiled. He finally smiled for the first time, and Aera found herself admiring the smile. She loved his smile, she loved the way his lips formed into a thin line, she loved the way his eyes sparkled and she found herself nodding to his words.


"You don't know me and I don't know you, so why did you help me?" 


"It's my duty, Aera. I help helpless people, more so, Ki-Jung is looking for you everywhere. He's a disgusting man, he will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants, but this time he has failed. I will protect you and make sure he never finds you." Baekhyun's fists were folded in anger. He recalled his past with Ki-Jung and he felt his blood boiling.


"Thank you, Sir." Aera's voice came off as a whisper, and the mafia looked at her and her eyes were filled with tears.


"You're a stranger, yet you're saving me, while my elder sister wants nothing good for me. Thank you very much, Sir."


Baekhyun said nothing. Of course, he understood the feeling of being betrayed by those you love and trust the most. It's the worst feeling in the world.


"It's fine. Are you hungry?" He asked, clearly changing the topic to save his hurting heart.


"I am. I want to eat meatballs, spaghetti, apple juice, and a chocolate bar." Aera looked like a little child while listing out what she wanted to eat. The mafia found it cute and he smiled.


"I will ask the cook to prepare it for you. In the meantime, you can shower and change into any of the nightgowns in the closet." Baekhyun said before leaving the room.


Aera looked at the closed door, she let out a small smile as she looked at the room. She stepped down from the bed gently and freely because the drip wasn't in her hand anymore.


She took a quick tour around the huge spacious room, and she giggled. She felt like a princess and she loved it. She did as Baekhyun had said. She took her bath and wore a baby pink nightgown. She saw some bra and , but she had no idea about it.


She has never worn one because Camila never taught her how to. She had only told her that she shouldn't put them on and asked her to dress without and bra mostly when Ki-Jung would visit.


She didn't bother to put it on because she did not know of it. She made her way out of the room to the passageway with only her inner nightgown. It was already night, but the passageway was very bright with beautiful chandeliers. Aera was fascinated, she loved how beautiful everything was. She kept on going till she got to the golden staircase.


Aera was amazed by the sight. She began to walk down, counting her steps while playing with the wooly ray handle. She was lost in the beauty of her surroundings and she was also enjoying the cold air touching her body. 


She didn't get bored walking alone because there was a lot to feed her eyes with and she was smiling. However, Aera's alone time was soon cut short when she heard voices of men chatting, and it was very close. 


She halted her movement and watched carefully, and she sighted Baekhyun sitting on a couch, while some men backed Baekhyun as they were discussing over the drink counter. She noticed he had changed his clothes to a robe, his hair poured over his face, and he was holding a glass of red wine.


She bit her bottom lips and walked slowly down the stairs till she got to where he was, and she stood in front of him.


"I'm done bathing." She said while looking at Baekhyun, and the mafia's eyes doubled in size. Everyone in the living room heard her angelic soft voice, and they all turned around to look at her. They've all been dying to meet her, but Baekhyun stood up abruptly, and gently pulled Aera to himself.


"Look away." He commanded in an authoritative tone, and immediately, everything swiftly turned their back against Baekhyun and Aera.


The mafia looked down at Aera, and he noticed that her hair was still wet, but not dripping out water. She looked so beautiful, so innocent, so lovely, so perfect, so unique. Baekhyun felt a strong urge to protect her and always keep her happy.


He unknotted his robe and gently wore it around her body. He gently arranged her hair and smiled down at her for the third time. He smiled again.


"Are you cold?" Baekhyun asked and she shook her head.


"No, I'm not." She wrapped the robe around her with a small smile. "I like the scent of your," she caressed the blue wooly robe on her body, trying to figure out what it's called, and Baekhyun found it cute.


"A robe. It's called a robe." 


"Thanks. I like the scent of your robe." She averted her gaze from Baekhyun to the men who seemed to be standing straight with their backs facing her.


"Are they okay?" She was confused to see them all in the same position.


"Of course they are. You may turn around now." The mafia's voice was relaxed unlike before when he had asked them to look away.


Taehyung's face formed into a smile when he set his eyes on Aera. He hit his twin brother, Jimin with his elbow to get his attention, but he was too busy staring at Aera.


"She's so beautiful!" Jimin Exclaimed. He was amazed by her beauty.


"I was trying to tell you that," Taehyung muttered, but he kept mute when Baekhyun cleared his throat to get their lost attention. It was obvious that they all liked her, but he still has to properly introduce her. 


He looked at Aera and gently placed his hand on her right shoulder. 

"Meet Aera, our new member." 


"She's very beautiful!" Jimin couldn't contain his excitement, and Baekhyun didn't blame him. Jimin is known to be very jovial, he gets excited over little things, but he's also a badass shooter. He never misses his aim.


"Yes Jimin, she's beautiful. Now can you let me introduce you all to her?" The mafia sighed and Jimin quickly nodded. 


Baekhyun is indeed the best boss ever. He gives the audience to his men, letting them into his villa whenever it pleases them. To him, they're his family. He would do anything to protect them, but he's also a very strict person. That has always been his personality. 


He hates when his work is not properly done, or when an interruption occurs while he's speaking.


"Sure boss." Jimin realized his mistake and bowed.


The mafia wasn't upset. He simply looked away from him and his gaze fell on Aera.

"Meet my men. They're all kind, so don't be scared of them and take them as your brothers."


"Brothers?" Aera asked as she looked at everyone in front of her, and her eyes fell on Mark. She quickly looked away from the man and looked at Baekhyun.


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