kindred Heart
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Jongin and Jin went along to the airport with Victoria and Aera as Baekhyun had instructed.


The house felt lonely, it was as if a part of the boys was taken away from them after the departure of Aera, but they made peace with it because it was for the greater good. 


Kyungsoo wasted no time in uploading the short video clip of Baekhyun kissing Aera so passionately. He was excited doing so, and in a matter of minutes, the internet was all about the wealthy CEO, Baekhyun, and his lover.


"That would do the magic," Kyungsoo muttered. He was excited to know that his actions would cause serious pain to Camila. He left his room to check up on Jongdae, but when he entered the room, he saw Baekhyun hugging the crying doctor.


The sight was heartbreaking. He had always known Jongdae to be a kind-hearted person, who cares about others before himself. He could tell that the doctor was hurting so deeply, so he left the room to give the best friends some time alone.




Camila was on the phone with one of her regular customers when Ki-Jung kicked the door to his living room open. He was furious that he couldn't control himself and he ended up flipping the middle glass table over with a loud shout following.


Camila was shocked at his outrageous behavior, she quickly made an excuse and ended the call with her customer. 


"What the hell is wrong with you?" She asked, she was irritated and a bit scared.


"Baekhyun has bitten the tail of the lion, this time around I must make sure I kill him."


"Calm down, you're not killing anyone. What happened that made you this angry?" Camila tried to calm Ki-Jung down so that she could understand the situation, but the man hit her hands off his body.


"Are you kidding me right now? Don't tell me you haven't watched the news for the past two days now?"


"I haven't. I've been busy preparing how to win Baekhyun's heart over again once he gets rid of Aera. You and I know that he will kill once he finds out that she's related to me. I have to be prepared to win him over, then steal his company." A mischievous smile graced her face, but it only made Ki-Jung mad.


"You're a fool, Camila. A lot has happened the past two days, yet you know nothing about it. Well, sorry to ruin your little foolish fantasy, but all that you had imagined and planned will never happen. Watch this." 


Ki-Jung switched on the television, and the first news Camila set her eyes on was Baekhyun and Aera's beautiful bedroom pictures. They looked perfect together and Camila staggered backward. She couldn't believe her eyes, she refused to believe it.


She shook her head with a laugh following, "this is photoshop, it's all edited, nothing is real." Camila laughed very hard, but Ki-Jung slammed the remote on the floor.


"That was what I had said to myself at first until this video was uploaded on the internet. Watch it." 


Camila quickly fixed her eyes on the screen again, and that was when the blissful kissing moment between Baekhyun and Aera popped up. It was a hundred percent real because the other boys were also seen in the video and they had a surprised expression when Baekhyun kissed her.


"N-No, this can't be..." She ran her fingers through her hair and pulled it pretty hard before screaming in anger. "This can't ing be!" She cried out, unable to believe what had happened. Ki-Jung grabbed her firmly on both hands, and he was really mad.


"Now isn't the time to lament. I want Aera for myself, and you want Baekhyun for our desire, and we can't do that by sitting down and folding our hands. It's time we take action and work together to get what we want, else I will be forced to kill Baekhyun and you don't want that, do you?" Ki-Jung asked, but Camila pushed him away.


"I want both of them dead. Baekhyun is a man that hardly falls in love, but when he does, he puts his heart, his everything into it and it's forever, and that means Aera is now his future. I won't be alive to watch that happen. I will kill both of them, they will not have a happy ending, not when I'm still alive." Camila picked up her phone and walked out of Ki-Jung's house.


The mafia boss was mad, he was hurting so much, but he still wanted Aera for himself. "I'd like to see you try to hurt Aera. She's my woman, and I must have her at all costs." Ki-Jung muttered to himself while looking at Camila as she walked away.




It's been a month since Aera left for London. She had been in touch with Baekhyun and the boys through video calls as promised.


The queen loved the diamond earrings, necklace, and bracelet Baekhyun's company made with the diamond Aera had given to him, which in turn brought him a lot of success from different people of high status.


He launched a new brand of diamond jewelry with the given diamonds, and in a matter of days, it was a hit. The new brand of jewelry gave the billionaire billions of dollars, such that Baekhyun never expected making, not even in ten years to come.


There was only one thing that ruled the mafia's life, and that's money. Baekhyun is a well-known billionaire who puts money first in everything he does, but ever since he met Aera, she had suddenly replaced the constant thought of money in his heart, and that was how the mafia boss knew that he had fallen in love with Aera.


At first, Baekhyun had thought that his feelings for Aera would be gone once she was out of sight, but he was so wrong. Aera became the first thing he thinks of the moment he opens his eyes, and the last thing he thinks of before going to bed.


It was only a matter of days after Aera's departure to London that Baekhyun knew that his feelings for Aera were genuine. He wanted to see her at all cost, the urge to embrace her was constantly reoccurring, but it was impossible. 


It was hard for Baekhyun, but he made sure he controlled his emotions for the sake of Aera's future and himself.




Baekhyun was in his office watching the latest news going on in the country. A strange mysterious masked man had been burning down different black market factories for the past couple of weeks. He seemed to be walking alone and he was very good at what he did.


Baekhyun furrowed his brow, trying to read the moment of the masked man, but it was impossible. At first, when he watched the news and saw a few appearances of the masked man, he had thought it was Jongdae behind the mask, but it turned out that the masked man wasn't his best friend.


"That's Jongdae behind the mask," Kyungsoo said out of the blue. He was in Baekhyun's office for business-related issues. He watched the news and concluded.


Baekhyun looked at his cousin for a while before speaking.


"What makes you think so?"


"It's simple bro. Jongdae hasn't been stable for the past three weeks. He leaves the villa early in the morning without having breakfast and returns very late at night. His movements lately have been strange, also the seven black market factories the masked man has burnt down lately belong to Kim Yangmin and his wife Miran, his evil parents. This is purely an act of revenge, and I don't blame him for the actions he's taken." Kyungsoo explained with solid reasons, but the mafia boss still couldn't believe it was Jongdae.


"I don't think that's Jongdae behind the mask, this is someone else's doing, someone we don't know about."


"And why do you think it's not Jongdae?"


"Because his movement is different from that of Jongdae, and the masked man is left-handed and Jongdae is right-handed. It's not Jongdae, that I'm sure of." Baekhyun explained, he looked at the screen for a few seconds, observing the masked man's movement critically and he suddenly gasped before looking at Kyungsoo.


"Jongdae uses left when fighting. You're right Kyungsoo, Jongdae is the man behind the mask and this is his revenge." Baekhyun folded his fist in anger, and he stood up.


"There is somewhere I must be at the moment, but manage the affairs here." He patted Kyungsoo's back and left in a hurry.



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