A little bit of jealousy

kindred Heart
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Aera looked excited. She had a wide smile gracing her face. This was her life, this was who she was. She jumped from one branch to another and Baekhyun thought he was going to have a heart attack from watching her.


He was mesmerized by her bravery. The way she made swift moves from one tree to another was something Baekhyun didn't imagine. He fastened his footsteps so he could catch up with Aera, but she suddenly stopped on a tree that wasn't as tall as the rest. She looked down at Baekhyun and grinned.


"Do you want to join me up here?" She asked the shocked man. Of course, it would be fun if Baekhyun joins her up the tree and she would love it.


Baekhyun shook his head like a little child and backed away from the tree she was standing on. "Are you kidding me? I will fall and die, and I don't want that. Besides, it seems o

It's going to rain soon, we'll get wet if you keep doing this all day." 


"You die?" Aera giggled. "You were shot several times, yet you survived. Falling from a tree won't kill you because it happened to me a lot when I was growing up and I'm still alive." She suddenly jumped down and stood in front of Baekhyun.


"It's okay if you don't know how to climb a tree. There's a big fat tree at the front of my cave. Yixing and I built a ladder to climb it, and it's very comfortable. I will teach you how to climb it when we get to my cave. Let's hurry there before it starts raining." Aera said while staring at Baekhyun, but the mafia said nothing. He stood like a robot and stared at her without a single word.


At that moment Baekhyun was lost in her innocence. He saw a pure soul standing in front of him and he began to feel like a true loser for suspecting someone as pure and innocent as Aera.


"I'm sorry..." he muttered before he could stop himself from saying the word, but Aera had already turned around and continued walking on foot.


"My cave is deep into the forest. Let's walk faster." She took off at a fast pace, leaving Baekhyun behind. 


The mafia looked around him and he was met with the curious eyes of some rabbits and squirrels and he sighed. He had no other option than to run after Aera.


After running for a while, he slowed down and stopped behind Aera who had also stopped running. She stood at the front of a cave, a big cave which has branches of trees covering the front of the cave as the door. She laughed in delight and pushed the branch door she had made as protection away before turning around to look at the mafia who seemed to be amazed at the sight in front of him.


"Welcome to my home!" She had a big smile written all over her face while looking at Baekhyun. She rushed over to the mafia and pulled him by the hand into her cave.


The cave was big and spacious. There were lots of things lying around, but it was a bit dusty and it smelled like earth. She quickly cleaned the area, and in a matter of seconds, the cave was looking beautiful and conducive.


Baekhyun had already sat down on a rock he assumed was her sitting chair. He was honestly amazed by everything, but he kept on watching Aera's every move just to be sure of what she's doing.


"Found you!" Aera stood up and wore her necklace around her neck before caressing the necklace.


"What's that?" Baekhyun asked because the necklace looks very expensive.


"It's my necklace given to me by my parents. It even has my name written on it since I was a child."


"Really?" Baekhyun got up and he walked closer to her. "Can I have a look at it?" He asked and Aera happily gave it to him.


"Of course." 


Baekhyun held the necklace, he examined it and saw her name Kim Aera written on it. He looked at her for a while before handing it back to her.


"Why did you leave it in the forest? You should have brought it with you along to the city." Baekhyun sat back on the same rock while waiting for an answer.


"I wanted to bring it along with me, but Camila asked me not to. She said that it's a thing of the past and it should stay that way. I couldn't argue with her, so I did as she told me." Aera explained with sadness evident in her voice. She stepped outside her cave and looked at her tree of comfort standing tall in front of her cave and she smiled.


"It will rain soon, let's get some apples from my tree." Aera's voice was loud, the mafia showed up and stood next to her before looking at the big fat red apple tree. He also saw the safe ladder Aera talked about building together with Yixing. 


He wanted to refuse her offer, but it was too late to do that since she was already climbing up the tree. He had no other option than to climb it with her. It wasn't difficult for him to climb the apple tree. In a few minutes, they were both collecting red big fresh apples. The tree was comfortable with fresh air due to the coming rain.


The mafia was enjoying his time collecting apples while listening to Aera talk to the birds as if they could hear each other. He knew she was having a nice time and he kinda liked it.


"Did you plant this tree yourself?" Baekhyun suddenly asked, he was curious.


"Yes, I did many years ago. That's why I called it my tree." Aera explained while reaching to pull off a very big apple, and she got it, but it began to rain heavily.


They both hurried down from the tree and rushed into the cave. Baekhyun's shirt was already soaked because he wasn't as fast as Aera who made it in before he climbed down the tree.


He took off his shirt and was left with only his singlet and his jeans pants. Aera helped him to spread the shirt on wood like a hanger she made years ago. She rolled out a thick bed blanket on the floor of the cave before sitting on it.


"Sit with me here, it gets very cold when it rains here. I hate the rain because I fall sick whenever it rains." Area sighed. She was about to bite into her apple, but Baekhyun stopped her before she could. 


"You haven't washed that, it's unhealthy. Wait here, I will wash it since it's raining." Baekhyun took a few of the apples they had collected outside the cave, he made sure he hid his body from the rain while he quickly washed the apple with the rainwater before returning into the cave. 


He was a bit confused when he saw her removing some little rocks from a hole she had covered with the rocks, she pulled out a big black bag from the hole, and covered the holes back with the rock.


Baekhyun simply overlooked it, the cave belongs to her in the end, whatever she does is not his business. He took off his shoes and sat with her on the blanket.


"Here you go." He handed the clean apples to her and he focused on his phone that had no signal. He sighed and laid on the blanket. It was very much relaxing, thick abs soft.


"Did Yixing get you this?" He suddenly asked.


"Yes, he did. He got me this and another blanket for covering myself while this is for laying on. He took good care of me." She smiled as she recalled the good time she spent with Yixing. "Thanks for washing the apples."


"Don't mention it." The mafia continued with the write-up on his phone, but Aera suddenly dropped the big black bag beside him.


"These are the beautiful shining stones I told you about." She said before taking another bite of her apple.


"Shining stones?" Baekhyun looked at Aera before looking at the bag. He had already forgotten about the diamond and the reason that brought him to the island in the first place.


He picked up the heavy bag and opened it. He retrieved one of the stones according to Aera, but his jaw dropped immediately in great shock when he saw the diamond in his hand.


Baekhyun couldn't believe his eyes. He was holding The Cullinan Diamond which happens to be the largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found, weighing 3,106 carats. 


Such diamonds are classified as Flawless.

Flawless is the top grade in the (GIA) Clarity Grading System. Diamonds graded Flawless don't have visible inclusions or blemishes when examined under 10-power (10X) magnification by a skilled and experienced grader. 


This was exactly what he was looking for, this was the diamond he needed to seal the contract worth billions of dollars. He looked at Aera, but she was busy munching on her apple while caressing her necklace.


"Aera, these are not stones, these are real diamonds and the highest of all diamonds. Where did you get them from?" Baekhyun asked, he couldn't believe his eyes, he thought he was dreaming.


"It's far from here. I went hunting one morning, far away from this cav

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