Artificial Lover.

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his love for her was all a fake. 
she loves him. 
his attention was never her.
she gave him her all.

he found a new attention
so she did the same.
now he regrets it.



adjective \ ar·ti·fi·cial \ˌär-tə-ˈfi-shəl \:
1.) lacking in natural or spontaneous quality | 2.) imitation, sham. 


a SUHO/BAEKHYUN story because I oh-so looooove them. Aha, please do show your support! Okaybye. (`runs away)


Title: Artificial Lover
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama
Pairing: Suho x OC x Baekhyun feat. Sehun
Featured: EXO, F(x)
Time Start: 05/14/17
Time End: 12/16/18 it took awhile and i blame adulting ;;

( DAN: 150320 )18 upvotes & 362 subscribers, thank you for your support! It's been amazing ♡ Thank you so much. Until next time, loves! ♡
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