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He was a top A student who worked hard with a swimming scholarship at hand. Now that he's graduated years long from then.. He finds that working in the medical field was hard, but he juggles on it when he was suddenly switched to part-time. Of course, he was still making more than enough to provide for him and his daughter. With more time that he has on his hands, he decided to revisit the local recreation facility: where they offered him a job as a swimming instructor every Saturday. They thought: Maybe these kids will learn from the best.

Why not, right?

She was nothing more than the favorite aunt that everyone loved. Her brother loved to leave his son with her all the time because she had more time on her hands than her own brother. She had a 9-5 job, and it paid her well. She had weekends off, so her brother asked that she bring her nephew to a swim class that he had registered him for. At first, she doens't deny it. She'd love to.

But will that change?



Title: Butterfly.
Genre: Singledad!au, Romance, Fluff, Angst(ish?)
Pairing: Suho x OC 
Featured: big brother!Chanyeol, brother's best friend!Baekhyun, best friend!Sehun, more coming soon.
Start Time: 15 April 2020

End Time: n/a


** if you don't know, i had a ship ( suho x nami ) going on for a long time — 
    via one shot collection: thundered & stories from: cursed, moonlight, and artificial lover.
    i am going to keep the ship going with this new story! 


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