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“Afternoon, family,” Sehun called out, entering Baekhyun’s home but it was quiet. It made him curious because he knew that Nami and Jisoo stayed the night at Baekhyun’s because the man had given them a ride to the carnival. Of course, the brunette would be the spend the night at Baekhyun’s and use his car as he pleased. She and Jisoo had made a trip to the carnival sight to grab the reports for their boss before they returned to the bouncy house being blown up in Baekhyun’s backyard.


“Hello?” Sehun called out when he noticed moving bodies in the backyard. He pulled the screen door to reveal that Baekhyun was already firing up the grill as Nami and Jisoo sat by the pool, discussing their reports and random topics.


“I was wondering where you guys were,” Sehun mentioned, stepping out of the house. Baekhyun turned his head while smiling to his brother. “Hey, bro,” the older male called out while holding out a beer to Sehun. “We’re just starting things up – waiting of the kids to get here.” Baekhyun added. Sehun greeted the girls before plopping down beside Nami. “Hey, dude,” she muttered, eyes still attached to their reports for the carnival night prior. “Working hard, I’m assuming,” Sehun commented, dipping his feet into the pool. The girls snorted a laugh, shaking their head.




“Auntie!” The two jumped as Nami opened the door to Baekhyun’s home. She greeted them with open arms as they both wanted to be carried. Of course, no one can really carry two children at once. “Joo, you’re old enough to walk, baby,” Junmyeon said as the little girl whined. Maybe the two didn’t spend enough time with Nami since they spent most of the carnival with Baekhyun and Sehun. The little girl whined while Nami looked at Junmyeon with a warning look before looking at her with a smile. Her arms opened wide – taking Jooyeon into her arms. “Okay,” she muttered. The five-year-old finally happy that she was being held. She rested her head on Nami’s shoulder while Nami took Jaeseok’s hand. “Let’s go see what uncle Baekhyun got for you guys!” She uttered while the kids looked around in excitement, but Jaeseok had already spotted it and ran before her and the little girl.


Nami sighed while pulling the screen door to reveal the rather fun looking bouncy house. Baekhyun had already gotten in, stating that he had to ‘test it’ before the two kids got there. Chanyeol couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh at the situation.


“I guess I know who the fun uncle really is,” Junmyeon mentioned, watching Jaeseok run to the bouncy house and joining his uncle. His time knowing them is very little, but he learned something new about the Park family every day. When Nami said that they grew closely together – do everything together as much as possible – he thought she was bluffing. But now that he sees the relationship of the four, it really showed that they were all they ever had. The relationship they have with Chanyeol’s son is remarkable. He had a loving dad, two fun uncles, and an aunt with strong maternal instincts. Junmyeon really admired that. His daughter only really grew up with him, her grandparents, and her uncle. Not as much of a fun family as the Park family. Seeing how Jooyeon was with Nami just really showed how much the little girl wanted the brunette in her life. A maternal figure that Jaeseok has, Jooyeon wanted.


“Joo, do you want to go into the bouncy house with uncle Baekhyun and Jaeseok?” Nami asked, tilting her head to look at the little girl – who rested her head on the brunette’s shoulder. The little girl shook her head, asking if she can spend time with the brunette and her father. Junmyeon, of course, stared in shock before the brunette nodded. “Let’s go get something to eat then,” she mentioned.

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