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For the last two days, Nami had spent her time with the two children under the fort they built in the center of the living room. It didn’t seem as hard to live with them because they made things fun. Even though Jooyeon was a little upset that her father wasn’t close, and that he had to stay in bed to rest – she still found that spending time with her best friend and his aunt was fun. Nami knew that she didn’t have much friends outside of school, and Jaeseok didn’t either. At least, now, she knew that they’ll have memories growing up together. “Well, this is comfortable,” Sehun mentioned, squishing himself into the fort beside his best bud, Jaeseok. The two children giggled as their uncle laid with them, watching Alice in Wonderland. “When was the last time you got out this fort?” He asked while glancing to the brunette – who, in turn, shrugged her shoulders with a laugh. Sehun snorted a laugh, shaking his head as he tuned into the large television set in front of them.


“Auntie,” she called out, turning towards the brunette – who pulled her eyes away from her phone with raised brows and a soft hum. “When is daddy going to feel better?” She asked, her big round eyes staring at Nami with such innocence. Nami smiled, turned to lay on her side while her arm rested under her head. “Well,” she uttered, “he said that he’s feeling a lot better, so he’s going to be coming by soon.”


Sure, two days away from his daughter alleviated all the responsibilities resting on his shoulders – giving him enough time to recover and get as much sleep as possible. And thanks to the medications and soup she left for him, he had sent a text saying that he was feeling a lot of better. And since it was the weekend, the brunette and the two little rascals stayed in their pajamas, watching movies and sleeping in the pillow fort all day long. The only times they really left the fort was to shower, use the bathroom or eat.


If her kids were as well-behaved as them, she’d be over the moon. Absolutely. “So will daddy spend time with us?” The curious girl asked, eyes widened with joy. The brunette smiled, placing a hand on the little girl’s cheek.


“Of course, sweetheart.”



The three continued to spend their time in their little fort, either sleeping or watching the movie on the television set. Nami had tried her best to stay awake through their time watching Wreck-it Ralph but she couldn’t. She (and Sehun) ended up taking a mini nap until Chanyeol came knocking on the hardwood floor in front of them. “You have a guest,” he said, waking the adults from their sleep but the children’s eyes still stuck on the television. Nami stirred in her sleep, moving to face the opposite direction and Sehun likewise. “Joo,” a voice croaked, pulling her attention away from the movie. A smile graced her lips as she gasped, crawling out of the fort. “Daddy!” She exclaimed while Sehun and Nami contorted their body to face the same way, eyes slightly squinted. “Aren’t you two going to wake up?” Chanyeol laughed, bending down to glance into the fort. “Not that we want to,” Sehun grumbled, tugging at the little blanket Jaeseok had put on him earlier. “I’m up,” the brunette said, sliding out of the fort careful not to hit her nephew on the way out.


She stood up on her feet, pushing her phone into her back pocket. Her body turned towards the left, catching Junmyeon standing there with his daughter in his arms. “Hey,” she called out with a smile while he turned his head to her. “Hey,” he retorted. “You’re feeling better,” she said rather than questioned. He gave her a smile, nodding his head: “No thanks to your soup and medications – and… well, sleep. I feel a lot better.” Chanyeol snorted from the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of brewed coffee as he turned his head back towards them. “She carries around medicine and first-aid kits like it’s nothing.”  The brunette rolled her eyes while the male chuckled a

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