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“Class over?” Nami questioned, squatting down to hug the little girl that ran into her arms. Jooyeon smiled, nodding her head as Jaeseok came running into her arms also – attacking her with hugs. “Joojoo, are you ready for our sleepover weekend?” Jisoo asked, bending down to the girl’s height. It was their weekend for sleepovers, and Sehun promised that the boys were going to have more fun because Uncle Baekhyun knew how to make things fun versus the girls. The little girl nodded her head as the two children pulled away from the brunette. Nami hummed as she stood up to stretch her now cramped legs. “Hey,” Junmyeon said as he approached the brunette while Jisoo went to greet Sehun per usual. “Hey,” Nami replied with a smile. “Here’s all of her stuff for her sleepover,” he said, holding out the bag to the brunette. Nami smiled, taking the bag from him. “Thanks. I hope you have fun with the boys, and please – please don’t let them ruin the house.”


Junmyeon laughed, eyes glancing towards the small group: “I thought we’re camping out at Baekhyun’s house,” he stated rather than asked. Nami sighed, tilting her head towards him. “I know, but with Sehun around? He’ll do anything to have fun that the house might go down with him.” The male thinned his lips, nodding his head with a concerned look. “I’ll – I’ll keep that in mind.”


The brunette laughed while turning to glance at her best friends. “Hey, um,” Junmyeon called out, taking a step forward with his hands tucked in his pockets. “Are you free any time next week?” He asked while Nami turned back around, brows risen in question. “Um,” she blinked, thinking on her schedule for the upcoming week. She knew that her work schedule was light now that she pushed back to working three times a week, and the weekend off. It was light, and she was losing hours. Her income was slacking now. “Well,” she uttered once more, “my work schedule’s rather light… so I’m free, yes. Except – for a doctor’s appointment.” She said, eyes curiously on Junmyeon as she tilted her head. “You’re not scheduled to work for Doctor Bae on Tuesday again, are you?” She questioned with curious eyes and Junmyeon’s own eyes widened. He hummed in thought before shaking his head. “I’m actually scheduled for the hospital, so you’re clear from me.”


The brunette smiled with a laugh as she nodded. “Good because I don’t think I’d like to have you as my doctor again – since we’re, you know, acquainted.” Junmyeon also let out a laugh, nodding his head. “Anyway – um, would you like to go grab some dinner sometime next week? I mean, I just want to thank you for taking care of me and Joo while I was sick.” Nami turned to look at him. Her mind pulled back to the time last week when Jisoo asked if she (even a little bit) liked Junmyeon. Jisoo said that she could see in his eyes that he liked Nami. Yet, Nami hadn’t had time to ponder on whether or not that she liked Junmyeon. But she knew deep down inside her that she did, but she wasn’t ready to admit that yet. “Um,” she uttered, nodding her head slowly, “yeah. Just let me know when, and then it’s a date.” She said with a mere smile as Jisoo called her name. She immediately excused herself while Junmyeon watched her with a

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