Egos & Preconceptions.


Jane Austen has always been a favorite classic author to her and her sister, but never once would she have thought that something straight out of the books would happen to her and her sister. If she thought that life was hard enough as it was at home - things were just going to get more difficult. 


Would she let her own pride back down compared to his? Would her prejudice towards his judgement calls blind her?


He and his friend were born in royalty. Wealth. They lived comfortably and owned the most wealthiest companies. However, what happens when someone unexpected walks into their life after one faithful formal charity ball hosted in the city?


Would his pride get in his way? Or would his prejudice blind him from the truth?


Modern day Pride & Prejudice!


I absolutely love Jane Austen's work; therefore, I had to do something ;; 


Title: Egos & Preconceptions.
Genre: Drama, Romance, Angst, Pride&Prejudice!au
Pairings: Baekyun x OC : Sehun x Irene : OC x Jaehyun
Featured: Irene, Seulgi, Jisoo, Yeri, Sooyoung, Junmyeon
Time Start: 04 Aug 20
Time End: n/a

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