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“Nami?” Junmyeon called out, surprised to be seeing her sitting on the hospital bed. “Uh, well,” he said with a laugh, looking at her charts. “I wasn’t exactly expecting this.” She glanced up at him, chuckling softly and awkwardly. “I, um,” she muttered, “I didn’t know that you were a doctor–” Junmyeon also chuckled awkwardly as he sat on the chair beside the bed. “Well, I’m an MD. I work part-time here and the hospital. And the sports center on Saturday’s.” He said, reading over her charts. “So,” he called out once more, “you’re here to see Doctor Bae for your three-month checkup. Has anything changed or occurred the three-months prior?” He stood up, placing in his stethoscope as he took the tip of the tool to place it above her chest, moving from the left to right side after ten seconds.


“Okay, deep breath,” he said, pressing the stethoscope against her back in all four quadrants – measuring the breathing counts within her lungs. “Everything seems normal.” He said, typing away on his laptop. Nami looked down – if this wasn’t awkward enough, she doesn’t know what is. “No, yeah, everything’s been normal.” “The last time you were here, Doctor Bae was keeping track of your menstrual cycle. Has that been regulated with the medication?”


“See, if I didn’t know you before, this wouldn’t be so weird to talk to you about it.”


Junmyeon chuckled, shaking his head. “It is awkward, but I promise you that whatever we say in this room will be confidential and I will not mention a word about it outside of this room. The only person that will hear about this today will be Doctor Bae – you’ll have her back next time, I promise.” Nami still couldn’t shake off the awkward feeling. “That doesn’t make me feel any more comfortable, but okay.” She stated with an awkward laugh: “It’s always been irregular but it’s better – on time, regulated.” Junmyeon smiled, typing away on the laptop – charting, she supposed. “And how many days do you get them now?”


“Five to six days? At most.”


Junmyeon nodded: “That’s normal. I think the main concern that Doctor Bae had was your hormone levels and your blood tests for anemia. Your blood test results for last time showed that your thyroid is good,” The brunette nodded, despite him talking to himself. “I think what I want to do is get another blood test to check your hormone levels just to see if the medication has fixed any, and for your anemia. Have you been taking both regularly?” “Everyday for the birth controls and iron tablets.” There was a smile on Junmyeon lips as he stood from the chair. “I’ll have a nurse come in to draw your blood tests, then you’re good to go. Have you eaten or drunken anything yet?”


She shook her head in response: “I haven’t touched my coffee yet, but I did drink some water before coming here.”


“Okay, well, I’ll come back when she’s done drawing your blood.” He said, leaving with his laptop. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as she leaned back, head officially hitting the wall behind her. Sometimes she wished she had a female friend to talk to about her problems – problems like Junmyeon suddenly being her doctor after just meeting with him the day prior. But the only person she really had was Sehun, so she was going to have to call him when she left the doctor’s office.


Within minutes, a nurse walked in with her basket of test tubes, needles, band-aids, cotton balls and alcohol wipes ready to find her vein. Nami let out a sigh as she removed her dress jacket, revealing her arms through the short-sleeve button up shirt. The nurse wrapped the rubber around her arm tightly, poking her finger against the veins at the bend of her arm, making sure the vein was present to give them the blood source she needed. “You’re going to feel a small pinch,” she stated while Nami looked away, and seconds later, she felt everything leave her arm – the rubber, the needle, the test tube – and soon replaced with a cotton ball pressed to her skin with athlete’s tape wrapped around the open wound.


“Alright, I’m going to let Doctor Kim come back in, and then you’ll be good to go.” She said while she smiled, taking her blood samples away. Seconds with her leaving, Junmyeon walked back in with his laptop once again. “Alright, so we’ll give you a call when those results come in. I think I’ll have you come back in two months, so you can catch up with Doctor Bae. And your medications, do you need refills on them?” The brunette nodded her head, her free hand pressing against the cotton ball, the feeling of the needle suddenly feeling like it was still there. “Okay, I’ll send that to your regular pharmacy, and you are good to go.” He said. Junmyeon smiled as he held the door open for her, her purse in his hand as she hopped down from the bed. “I hope you aren’t my doctor the next time I come back in, Junmyeon.” She chuckled as he did the same. “Well, I certainly hope I’m not. I prefer that we meet when the kids are around,” he said with a laugh.


She took her purse from his hand, thanking him in the process as she made her way to the front to make another appointment with the nurse.



“He was your what?” Sehun questioned loudly through the phone as Nami walked out of the parking garage of her workplace, phone pressed against her ear firmly. “He was my doctor today. Doctor Bae wasn’t there, so he took over her shift! When I say it was awkward, Se, it was awkward.” “Well, I bet he was one hell of an eye candy to all the women that go there,” Sehun teased while she rolled her eyes. “Okay, you’re no help. I literally sat there, telling him about my time of the month cycle, Se. I feel… violated by the person I just met.”


“Dude, you’re overthinking it. Didn’t he say that whatever you talk about stays in that room?”


“Yeah, but still! It’s weird because I didn’t know he was a doctor!”


“Well, you don’t know a lot of things about a lot of people, Na. Fair play.”


“Wow, you’re really no help. I’m hanging up, I’m about to clock in.” She said as Sehun stated that his client was walking in. They bid their goodbyes while hanging up the phone. Nami sighed, walking into the elevator as she clicked her floor button. Moments later, the elevator dinged, notifying her that she reached her floor level. The brunette checked her watch, letting her know that she was at least thirty minutes earlier than she expected to be. She sauntered to her office, and immediately, her partner was already coming in to greet her with their latest project. “I know you just got in, but I need your approval before we send this to boss,” Jisoo mentioned, making her way towards Nami’s desk. She took the file from her friend and partner as she reviewed the proposal for their company’s fundraiser.


“Wait, are we doing a carnival theme?” She asked while Jisoo nodded with excitement. “I think it’s going to be the best one yet! With the help of locals and families of the employees, I’m sure we ‘re bond to earn enough for this year’s charity.” Nami looked up to the female, chuckling with delight as she nodded. “I honestly think this will be the best one, I’m all for it.” She said, signing her name next to Jisoo’s.



“Hey, you,” Baekhyun greeted as she entered his café after her short work shift. “Yeol told me you went to the doctor’s today. Everything okay?” Nami nodded, sighing as she plopped

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