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Chanyeol was one of those people who loved befriending those around him. And when he accepted Junmyeon into their group, Nami had lots of questions. Was it because he was Jooyeon’s father? Was it because he found that Junmyeon was also a single parent? Or was it because he genuinely liked having the father-daughter duo around him and his son? She honestly didn’t know – not that she was complaining or anything. She appreciated having Junmyeon and his daughter around. The house became more livelier with them around – not just Baekhyun and Sehun running around screaming while play-pretending dinosaurs with Jaeseok.


So many things were different, and she enjoyed it. The day of the carnival and the day of the cook out – she got to know more about Junmyeon and Jooyeon while the little girl slept in her arms. She learned that Junmyeon wasn’t just a swim instructor – well, she knew that after her unexpected appointment with him as fill-in doctor. However, she learned that he went to medical school on a swimming scholarship. He said that he liked helping people, he liked making a difference in the world. And just by his personality, she already knew that he did. The way he talked to the parents at the swimming classes and how he interacted well with children – it just showed. She learned that it has always been him and Jooyeon against the world. If anything, he ran everything but his little princess. Whatever she said, goes.


Now, the next time she saw him, it was when Chanyeol had told her that Jaeseok was playing with Jooyeon at Junmyeon’s home – three weeks later. Mainly because Chanyeol was now living with her, and he made time to bring Jaeseok to his swimming lessons while she caught up with her work. After the carnival, the reviews from her boss had been good, but she still had a lot of paperwork to do regarding the finances that went into it. So, it didn’t surprise her that the children would jump from one home to the next. Chanyeol mentioned that he had to drop him off there because he had to go to the construction site to give an insight of what countertop he wanted or how he wanted his bathroom to look. All in all, he just had to go to the office and construction site, and she was supposed to be the one to go and fetch his son for him after their playdate. That was all she got from him. She didn’t complain since she was working from home for the week – or more like working at Jisoo’s home.


What she didn’t expect while she was working was a phone call from Junmyeon – or rather is daughter – saying that there was an emergency at their home. It immediately got her to pause the rest of her work to finish the following day and tend to the emergency that they claim to have at Junmyeon’s home.


There, she stood in front of his home as she rung the doorbell. She could hear the little feet of her nephew and his best friend as they came running to the door. It took both to pull the door open, and they ran straight into her arms. “What’s wrong, hm? What’s the emergency?” She inquired as the two pulled away from her grasp. “It’s uncle,” Jaeseok said. “Daddy’s sick and he can’t play with us!” Nami’s eyes widened as she looked at her watch. It was well past afternoon – almost dinner time. “And have you two eaten?” The two children shook their head as she welcomed herself into Junmyeon’s home. “And where’s your dad, Joo?” The little girl pointed to the stairs, indicating that he was probably in his room. She sighed, slipping off her shoes as she closed the front door. “Okay,” she uttered, dropping her purse on the coffee table as she watched the children run around. “I’ll go make you something to eat and then check on your dad, sound good?” The two nodded as they jumped on the couch before plopping down to turn the television on. The sound of cartoon filling the quiet air. Nami smiled softly as she made her way to the kitchen, washing her hands in the sink before looking through the fridge. At least his fridge was stocked with plenty of vegetables and proteins.


After what felt like hours of staring into the fridge, Nami finally settled to making chicken stir fry with vegetables for the two – rather quiet – children in the living room while she used some of the chicken to make chicken rice porridge for Junmyeon.


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She knew that her cooking wasn’t much, but at least it’d fill the stomachs of the two hyper

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