At Midnight


"For me, midnight is the worst, ever since I moved to that house. Different house with different people. I can always hear noises every midnight ever since I moved there and I'm already getting used to it. But I did not know that it will get worse as the next nights come. Is this will be the end of me? or there will still someone who can save me from this worse dream?" - Dara


Hello Readers! Welcome to my new story!

"At Midnight" is lead by main characters Park Chanyeol, and Sandara Park with the special participation of EXO members. All characters, events, places that will be mention are not mine as this story is purely fictional. But the story, the plot is mine. This story is fanfiction. 

PS: Do not Plagiarize!  


Hope you enjoy! 


Hello readers! I edited Chapter 11 (not entire chapter).
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