Growing Love

Eunhee went down to watch the fireworks and, apart from some who stayed in the hotel to look from their windows, everyone went on the beach to have a proper view. She was looking for Sehun so they could watch the show together. She saw him the first time on the lobby this morning. He intrigued her so she searched him the afternoon and found him on the beach. She sat next to him and they had a little conversation. More than just being handsome, he was also really nice and his smile was really beautiful. She looked around and her face brightened up when she spot him but went down right after when she saw someone sitting next to him.


It was the boy from earlier, the boy with who Sehun returned to the hotel when she wanted to go to the boat. She looked at them and they seemed pretty close...


"Oh my, they're so cute!" She heard someone say at her right, and he was looking at Sehun and his friend.


There was someone else next to him who huffed. "Can't you leave them alone?"


"No. And why are you here? You wish it was you and Kyungsoo right?"


"W-what? No!"




"Where are you going? Are you not going to wait for the fireworks?"


"Pfffff fireworks? Who cares? I have better things to do with Chanyeol. And you can also have better things to do with Kyungsoo, since the hotel is pratically empty. Also, the fireworks will suppress the noises, just saying."


"Noises? What noises?....." The taller boy gasped and ran after the other already walking towards the hotel. "Yah Baekhyun!"


Eunhee blinked, Sehun has... interesting friends...


The show started not long after. A few explosions later, something caught her eye so she looked down and instantly regretted it. Sehun was staring at his friend who was looking up. Pointing at the sky, the latter turned his head, surely to ask Sehun if he saw the big explosion that light up the whole sky but instead of replying, Sehun closed the gap between their lips. Eunhee could tell that the boy was surprised by Sehun's action because his arm was still up.


The 'oohh' and 'aaahh' from the persons around her, even if she knew it was by amazement for the fireworks, it felt like they were cheering for the two boys still kissing some meters in front of her.


With a sigh, she re her room, lied on her bed and looked at the ceiling. She could still hear the fireworks but at least, she couldn't see them. Like she saw ealier how Sehun was looking at the boy, but she successed on turning his attention towards her, she was wrong doing it.


And she was wrong being sad over something that she knew couldn't happen.





"I will miss this."


Sehun lied down next to Luhan. "You'll miss sleeping with me?"


Luhan turned his head towards him and scoffed. "I was talking about missing being here."


"You didn't deny missing sleeping with me though."


Luhan closed his eyes, he was too tired to give him a glare. "Goodnight, Sehun." With that he turned his body, his back facing Sehun. He heard his boyfriend laughing quietly, but he payed no attention to him, hoping that he'd sleep soon. But oh no, it wasn't going to be the case. He knew it when he felt an arm around his waist bringing him on a lean chest. He closed his eyes harder and bitted his lips, trying to keep in any sound threatening to come out. He thought he was doing a good job until Sehun whispered on his ear,


"It's okay, it's not like we can't sleep together at home."


Luhan's eyes shot open and he clutched the blanket because it sounded so wrong, well, not really but he could hear Sehun smirking when he said that and, how could he– "W-w-what are you doing?" he stammered and turned his head slightly when Sehun kissed his neck.


"Oh nothing."


This is not happening... Luhan thought, it must be Baekhyun, did they made a bet or something?! Luhan gulped when Sehun continued to cover his neck with light kisses, and he cursed himself for enjoying it. "I– hey.. sto– yah! Stop!"


"I'll stop if you turn around."


With an annoyed huff, Luhan whirled his body around, his flush head now facing an innocently blinking Sehun who kissed him on the lips before saying, "Now I stop."


And Luhan was contemplating on slapping his proudly grinning boyfriend, but he ended up rolling his eyes and snuggling closer. He told himself it was because he was tired.


Even if it was one of Sehun's best distraction to tease and fluster Luhan, he liked it better when the boy was in his arms. He likes the feel of his hair tickling his chin, the feel of his breath on his collarbones, the brush of his lips against his skin when he mumbles something on his slumber. His soft snores and his little smile indicating that he's peacefully sleeping. He loves everything about his boyfriend being next to him and he loves to know that he's safe. He loves everything about Luhan.


He loves Luhan.








Eunhee was looking from afar a group of boys ready to left. She spot Sehun putting the boy's – who she now assumed is his boyfriend – luggages, helping him putting them on the car. His boyfriend didn't say anything but his smile was enough for Sehun to kiss it. She averted her eyes and frowned slightly. After a minute, seeing that Sehun was alone, she took a deep breath and walked to him.


"Hey, Sehun."


"Oh, hey."


She smiled back. "Leaving?"


"Yeah." He closed the car's door. "We have to return back in school, unfortunately."


She chuckled. "Yes, me too, I'll leave in two days."


"That's great, I hope you'll enjoy the rest of your time here."


After bidding him goodbye, she started wakling back at the beach when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and was surprised to see Sehun's boyfriend smiling at her lightly and bowing.


"Hi, I'm Luhan, I think you remember me from yesterday..." He looked embarrassed, "..I'm really sorry for my behaviour, I'm just really jealous whenever someone come near Sehun and, sorry..." he said the last word while blinking rapidly and Eunhee smiled because he looked really cute with his faint blush.


She shook her head. "It's nothing and I understand, I'm sorry for making you feel this way."


Luhan was relieved, he smiled. "Well, I think I have to go," he said when Baekhyun called his name. He bowed one last time and waved before stepping in the car.


"I miss it already..." Luhan said looking through the window the beach disappearing as the car advance further. "I really liked passing time with all of you, I hope we'll get to do that next time.."


"You miss it because you had Sehun all to yourself and you get to sleep with him."


Luhan gasped. "That's not true!" he exclaimed to Baekhyun with wide eyes.


"Yeah, that's why you're blushing."




"Damn, leave him alone."


"Kai please, you're defending him and sound annoyed because you feel the same; you were happy to share a room, and even better, a bed with Kyungsoo."


"W-what?! No!" When Baekhyun scoffed, Kai scowled. "But you, you were more than pleased to share a room with Chanyeol right? Don't reply, I already know, our room was, sadly, just next to yours."


Baekhyun turned around. "Oh I see, you're jealous because I enjoyed my time with my boyfriend and not you, okay Kai."


Kai splutered incoherent words while blushing madly and the color of his cheeks matched Kyungsoo's who was trying to busy himself by playing with his seatbelt. Baekhyun was laughing out loud and Chanyeol was sighing and shaking his head.


Luhan wondered how Sehun could sleep and not even stir with all this noise around him. Luhan stared at him some more, He didn't sleep last night...? shrugging his thoughts off and telling himself his boyfriend must be just tired, he placed his head on Sehun shoulder and closed his eyes.


In spite of Baekhyun's laughter as Kyungsoo slaps Kai who tried to take his hand, better than the silence, being with all his friends getting along and being in a good mood is the best for him and it's easier to fall asleep...





"Ow Kyungsoo! That hurts!"


"Then don't ing touch me!"


"I– ow hey! I said I'm sorry! Stop punching me!"




Okay, he should take back the "getting along".




"Luhan move, I'm trying to register this beautiful moment!"


"Baek sit down please.."


"Shut up Yeol!"




...He should also take back the "good mood"...




"Oh my! Oh my! Yeol! Yeol look! Kyungsoo is killing Kai!"


"Baek! Baek stop shaking me I'm driving!"


"Look! Look!"











Well... It may also not be that "easy" to sleep...





Oh my God Oh Sehun! This is not okay! I can't breathe I'm– I can't

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