Growing Love

"Yo Sehun!"


When Sehun heard the familiar voice, he turned around. Not bothering putting a smile on, he asked,


"Where's Luhan?"


"Woah, hello to you too! It's a pleasure to be your friend, Sehun."


"Where's Luhan?"


This time Kai frowned. "Well, since you're dying to know, I'm not telling you."


Sehun frowned too. "Wha–"


"Give me a mocha, Sehun." Kai smirked, since Sehun was working, he couldn't refuse his request. Because Kai was a customer, he couldn't just glare at him and walk away.






He did just glare at him and walk away.



"Yah Sehun! You can't do this! You can be fired if I report you! Sehun!" Kai shoot as he saw the boy disappears behind a door. I swear... Still frowning, Kai looked away and saw another employee coming behind the counter, cleaning a glass. Maybe he was taking order too, so Kai made a few steps to be in front of him. "Hey cutie, do you take order too?"


The boy looked up. "How did you call me?"


"Uhh cu–" Kai stopped, because the gaze the boy was throwing him told him to. He cleared his throat. "Can I have a mocha please?"


The boy stared at him some more before posing his glass, and do his coffee.


Kai frowned. He turned around and sat at a table, muttering a 'So much rudeness in this cafe'.


"Hey Kai."


The latter greeted Luhan back as he watched him pulled a chair. "I suggest you go see Sehun first. He'll kill me if he sees me with you and I didn't tell him where you were."


He smiled. "Sehun won't kill you."


Kai shook his head slightly at him, Luhan really didn't know his boyfriend well yet. But at the same time, it was understandable; Sehun acts like a total different person whenever he's around, so of course, Luhan wouldn't know his true personality. "I can assure you that Sehun can kill me. He won't mind, especially if you're involved."


Luhan laughed. "Don't worry, he just called me."


"Here's your order." It was the boy Kai called 'cutie'. He tried hard to keep his annoyed tone to himself and Kai found the nickname not so appropriate anymore. Kai wondered what he did, being called cutie isn't a bad thing right? He thanked him and took a sip of his coffee.


"Hey, Kyungsoo."


Too busy staring at Kai, Kyungsoo didn't notice that Luhan was sitting in front of him. He frowned slightly. "Luhan? What are you doing here?"


Before Luhan could reply, Kai cut him off. "Wait, you know him?!" Pointing his finger at the smaller.


Luhan blinked at the two, confused at why Kai was so shocked he was friend with Kyungsoo and why the latter looked like he wanted to snatch Kai's finger away. "This is Kyungsoo, he started working here not too long ago and this is Kai, Sehun's bestfriend."


Kyungsoo eyes widened. "Sehun's what?!"


"My best friend," Sehun said taking the seat next to Luhan. "Unfortunately."


Kai gasped. "What?! Why am I receiving so much hate?"


"Maybe because you deserve it."


Kai frowned at Sehun. "Luhan must be the only person who like you on this planet."


"And I'm totally fine with that because he's the only one I need."


"Awww, you're so cute Sehun!" Jongdae cooed, coming to their table with a grin. "But you know what? You'd be even cuter if you bring your back behind the counter! Are you serious?! We have a lot of customers!"


"Calm down Jongdae, there's like three persons."


"And?! It's still work! And for the hundredth time, I'm your hyung!"


"Where is Minseok hyung, hyung?"


"Still not here, and I swear he'll die today because his shift started 3 minutes and 27 seconds ago and he's still nowhere to be seen!"


"That's bad."




"Okay! I'm coming.." Sehun reluctantly removed his arm from around Luhan's shoulders and got up to follow Jongdae. He mumbled something about not spending enough time with his boyfriend but Jongdae, thinking that he was cursing, and most importantly, at him, yelled,


"I'm not paying you for cursing!"


Sehun scoffed. "Firstly, I didn't curse. Secondly, you're not paying me, your parents are."


"Same thing."


"No, it's not–"


"For Goodness sake Sehun, shut up and work!"


Sehun rolled his eyes and looked from behind the counter at his boyfriend with a frown.


Kyungsoo came to him. "This guy is your best friend?!"


Sehun had his eyes trained on Luhan who was really too far from him and looked incredibly cute today. His blond hair and white buttoned shirt made him look like an angel. Especially when he was smiling, like now.


"Sehun, are you listening to me?"


"....Yeahh..... what did you say?" he asked, finally turning to face Kyungsoo who facepalmed.


"This guy, Kai. is he really your best friend?"


"..You can say that..." Sehun said almost absentmindly, his eyes already back to Luhan.


Kyungsoo scowled while looking at Kai. He was really the kind of person he hated. The ones that think they're friend with everyone. They're all like this, good-looking and sure of themselves. Yes, because, even if he didn't like him, Kyungsoo had to admit he was kind of handsome. The kind of handsome that looked like they're models but yeah, nothing serious. He also had to admit that his smile was not that bad. No, beautiful actually. He should also admit that he wished he was laughing with him instead of Luhan...






No, he was not going to admit that.






He shook his head, I must be sick.





When they finished their work, Sehun heard Jongdae screaming over the phone at Minseok for not coming even if the latter called hours ago to tell him he was sick. But well, it was Jongdae we were talking about. He'd hung up in ten minutes if Minseok was lucky. Anyway, Sehun took the oportunity to join Luhan and leave quickly.


"Let's go home?"


Luhan hummed and got up. "Are you coming with us Kai?"


The boy shook his head after seeing Kyungsoo coming out with his casual clothes. Kai acknowledged that the nickname 'cutie' did suit him after all. He told them he would stay some more and wave them goodbye. Kyungsoo started walking towards the door a second after the couple get out. Kai quickly stood up, deciding that 'some more' was enough now, he headed for the door too.


Kyungsoo looked behind him. "What are you doing?"


"Ehhm... walking you home?"


"And why would you do that?"


"......It's late?"


Considering that the sun was still high in the sky, Kyungsoo didn't ask more. He was tired and didn't want to waste his saliva. He let Kai walk him home or follow him whatever it was, if he shut up at least, it was fine.


Why are we walking behind them...? Kai thought, Luhan and Sehun were right in front of them. Not that they were doing anything, but he knew that they couldn't stay ten seconds without showing their love for each other. And he was so right; a second after he thought that, Luhan looked at Sehun with a love struck smile, taking his arm instead of his hand – surely to be close to him as much as possible.


Okay, they did look cute, but Kai would be glad if they waited to be alone to do their 'couple things'. He looked at his right and saw Kyungsoo. It was weird, there was something in his eyes, as if he was looking at them with... envy?


When Kyungsoo stopped, Kai recognized the area. Especially because Luhan and Sehun stopped too.


"Are you coming?" Sehun asked.


Luhan shook his head. "No, there's an exam next week, I need to study."


"You can study with me."


"No, you'll distract me."


"I won't."


"You said that yesterday," Luhan said with an amused tone.


Sehun stepped closer to him. "But you enjoy my distractions."


Upon seeing his smirk, also because his face was way too close, Luhan rolled his eyes and pushed him gently. "See you, Sehun."




Luhan was about to turn away but Sehun stopped him by bringing them much closer. But Luhan wasn't going to push him, not when their lips were locked.


They stayed 'close' a little too long for Kai who wondered what he did to witness this moment. Kyungsoo had his head low, but Kai could see the red color on his cheeks and he sighed. Kyungsoo's going to blush a lot if he starts hanging out with this two...


"Now you can go," Sehun said, a pleased grin on his face. Luhan on other hand was frowning. He couldn't tell if it was because he acts too weak with Sehun or because the kiss was too short.


"You're coming?" Sehun asked Kyungsoo, ignoring Luhan deepened frown.


The boy nodded, and started walking towards the couple.


"Wait, where are you going? To Sehun's home?" Kai asked voice laced with confusion.


"No, I'm going to my home. We live in the same apartment."




"Yes, same floor also," Sehun added, "Kyungsoo moved here one week ago."


"Ooh okay.." Kai went to them, hoping to accompany Kyungsoo inside, but it seemed like the smaller wasn't sharing the same feeling.


"What are you doing? You can leave now."


Kai scowled and turned around. "I'll walk you home Luhan, since you, at least, don't mind."


Luhan smiled, with one last wave at Sehun and Kyungsoo, they left.


Kyungsoo watched as they walked further away.


"So let's go inside?"


He didn't know why he was feeling weird inside when Kai put his arm around Luhan's shoulders.


Sehun frowned when the boy didn't move. "Kyungsoo?"


This startled him. "W-what? Oh yes, let's go." He saw Sehun looking at him confusedly but he was thankful he didn't ask anything. Because Kyungsoo wouldn't be able to reply since he didn't know the answer himself. He felt a headache coming as he fight the urge to look back.



I must definitely be sick.




Yeees Kyungsoo......... you're "sick".....
But seriously, Luhan really look like an angel, a cute and beautiful angel. *u*
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