The Star

Growing Love

Sehun looked at the time on the nightstand and groaned as he read 4am. it was unusual for him to wake up in the middle of the night. He closed his eyes tightly but it was useless; he wasn't feeling tired anymore. It was weird, something felt odd. There was no one in his arms; no blond haired boy peacefully sleeping next to him. He threw the blanket aside and look around for his boyfriend. With no trace of him in the bathroom, he returned to the bed to take his phone and call him when he saw someone sitting alone on the beach through the window...





Luhan was looking at the stars on the sky with awe. Having grown on big cities, he never get to see so many of them.


"What are you doing here?"


He jumped at the sudden voice and looked up to see Sehun sitting next to him.


"I was not feeling like sleeping anymore, sorry if I woke you up.." His voice was mixed with the wind creating little waves on the ocean.


Sehun shook his head. "You didn't. But tell me why are you really here."


He watched with admiration the boy next to him. How his voice is always so reassuring and soothing, how the lights of the night and weather were working together to display his handsome side. "I needed to get out.." Luhan replied after some time while drawing random patterns on the sand.


Sehun threw him a swift glance. "I don't want you to be afraid of telling me something, but if you're not comfortable with it, it's okay. Just know that I'm always here to listen."


Luhan bit his lips, he didn't like to talk about this thing with Sehun but, at the same time, he didn't want Sehun to feel as if he was hiding something from him. While wiping off the traces his fingers left on the beach, he took a deep breath.


"I miss my parents."


"Aren't they coming at the end of this month?"


"Not anymore."




Luhan sighed, "It's cancelled... they can't come but it's okay, I'm used to it anyway." Sehun stared at him, he opened his mouth ready to say something but closed it and went back on looking at the sky. Luhan was glad because he talked too much again and acted as if he needed comfort when Sehun was the one who couldn't see his parents anymore and have to hear him complaining about his own just for being far away. He wondered sometimes how Sehun really felt about this subject. Did he really not care?


"There's a star I like."


Luhan blinked at Sehun and followed his gaze. "Which one?"


"The one that shine the brightest."


Luhan squinted his eyes, looking carefully because really, from here, they all looked the same. "This one?" Luhan held up his hand, trying hard to show Sehun the star he was talking about. But the boy shook his head and directed his index finger towards Luhan's face.


"This one."


Luhan blinked and blinked and "Ashh Sehun seriously!" He looked away, trying not to pay attention to Sehun's laughter and praying that the night was dark enough to hide his blush.


"It's true though, I didn't say that the star had to be on the sky."


Luhan shook his head but couldn't help but smile. "And you're my universe?" Naturally, Luhan would have not say anything, but he felt like playing along with Sehun today. The latter looked at him curiously. "The universe protecting only one star right?"


Sehun stared at him some more before a smile appeared on his face. "Exactly."


Luhan mirrored his expression, they stayed silent after that. Luhan looked at the shining points thinking how they looked like persons; he could only see a part of them from where he was, like he could meet some persons on his life. He found it amazing when he thought about all those confessions Sehun must have received, but in the end, his boyfriend accepted his. He's really a lucky star.


Luhan is Sehun's lucky star...






When they returned in their bed, Luhan made his way to Sehun's side and wrapped his arm around him leaving no place between them. He was feeling a lot more better than some hours ago, when he was tossing and huffing for not being able to sleep. Even staring at Sehun's beautiful sleeping face didn't help.


"Sehun, why did you chose me?"




"Why did you choose me? Why are you with me?"


"....Mmh...Because I love you..?"


To show his contentment with the answer, Luhan tightened his hold around him.


"That's it?"


Luhan raised an eyebrow. "Yes?"


"You just asked me this to hear me telling you I love you?"


Luhan pulled away slightly to nod, smiling as he saw the disbelief look his boyfriend was giving him.


Sehun scoffed. "As if I don't tell you enough already..."


Luhan pecked his lips. "It'll never be enough."


Sehun rolled his eyes and put Luhan's grinning face back on his chest.


Later, when Luhan felt his eyes drooping, "Sehun?" he whispered, in case his boyfriend was already sleeping. The boy replied with a fully awake tone,


"Yeah? Do you need me to confess my love for you again?"


Luhan chuckled. "No."


"What is it then?"


"I love you." He fell asleep soon after, but not before feeling a kiss on his head followed by a soft whisper of 'I love you too'. It was enough for him to drift off with a wide smile on his face.





"Sehun tell me, how do you know when you're in love?"


"Why are you asking me this?"


"Just answer the question."


"Mmh... You think a lot about that person. Everytime actually. You're always worried too, you constantly want to be sure that person is fine."


"I see... continue."


"You have that kind of look in your eyes whenever you see him, you know– yes, this one, the one you have when you look at Kyungsoo."


"W-wh-what?!" Kai spluttered, "I was not looking at him!"


Sehun looked at where Kai was looking just a few seconds ago, then back at him. "There's only Baekhyun, Luhan and Kyungsoo there. If it's Baekhyun you were looking at, Chanyeol won't need to do anything, Baekhyun will gladly kill you but if it's Luhan, I think we seriously need to talk."


"Again, I was not looking at them but behind."


"You were looking at the wall?"




"With loving eyes?"


"Yes– w-what?! N-no!"


Luhan and Kyungsoo sat down at their table with their food. They decided to eat at a little cafe. Baekhyun returned to the hotel after buying something for Chanyeol who was not feeling well this morning.


Sehun was looking at Luhan beaming while eating his dessert, he tried to take a bit but Luhan slapped his hand.




"I asked you earlier if you wanted something you said no, I'm not sharing." Luhan playfully stuck his tongue out and took another big spoon of his ice cream before smiling proudly in Sehun's direction. The latter stared at his boyfriend some seconds before bending down and the frosting on his lips. There was not that much, but he kissed him a little longer just for fun. At least, it was worth the shock face Luhan was giving him.


Sehun smiled. "Mmh, I should have tried this flavor before. It's delicious." Maybe the fact that it was this good was because it was on Luhan's lips, or was it just Luhan's lips?


Kai was shaking his head looking at the flustered Luhan slapping his laughing boyfriend. He looked at his left and saw Kyungsoo blushing, he sighed.





"Luhan be careful!"


Sehun was sitting on the beach, looking at his boyfriend playing in the water, no, playing dangerously in the water. He was way too far. Luhan was acting like a child not listening to his mother, he looked like one anyway if it wasn't for his height. Sehun asked himself several times why he didn't forcefully bring him back, next to him, especially when he was


"Luhan!" he cried when he saw his boyfriend disappearing into the water. "Lu–"


He resurfaced and laughed while shaking the water off his hair. When he sensed Sehun staring at him, oblivious to his frown, he smiled and waved widely.


Yes, that was why Sehun didn't do anything. His boyfriend was way too cute for his own good. He sighed and waved back, telling him for the hundreth time to be careful, to which Luhan replied with a big nod and a thumb up. Yes, really too cute...


"Is it okay if I sit here?"


Sehun looked up to see a girl standing, pointing at the place next to him. He smiled and nodded. Sehun was not the type of person to wonder why she asked this seat in particular when there was a lot of other places in the beach. He was also not the type of person to notice someone scooting closer and throwing him countless glances. The girl started to talk to him and at first, having his eyes glued on Luhan, Sehun was giving her short answers but after some time, thinking that he was acting rudely, he turned his face and carried the conversation properly, unaware of the pair of eyes staring at them.





Luhan found a pretty shell and wanted to show it to Sehun but, no matter how many times he called his boyfriend, Sehun didn't reply nor looked at him. That was when he noticed that Sehun wasn't alone but talking with someone; a girl with long curly black hair wearing a white shirt over her black swimsuit, sitting way too close to him, and Luhan frowned because they looked like a couple. Not feeling like playing anymore, he made his way towards them and sat next to Sehun who turned to him.






"You should dry yourself or you'll be sick."




Sehun reached for the towel and sighed. "Okay I'll do it." When he was done, upon seeing Luhan's pissed off face, he pinched his nose.




"Why are you looking like this?"


Luhan was about to say something when the girl stood up and took Sehun, his Sehun's arm and said excitedly, "Sehun! Let's go to the boat!"


Luhan looked at her as if she was crazy, he gasped when she took his hand, is she even serious? Luhan tugged Sehun body towards his own, making his arm fall back in place, he said with a little voice, "Sehun.. I want to go inside.."


Seeing his down face, Sehun frowned slightly. "Are you okay?"


Luhan nodded. "I just want to go inside."


"Then go." Luhan glared at the girl, but she continued to smile, Luhan couldn't tell if she was doing it on purpose or was completely blind. "Me and Sehun will go to the boat and you, you go inside."


She can't be... serious...? Luhan tightened his hold. "I want to go inside with Sehun."


"Oh." She blinked. "Uhm, okay then." She left but not before smiling and waving at Sehun.


When they returned in their room, Luhan plopped on the bed, hiding his face on the pillow. Sehun sat next to him and ruffled his hair. "What is it this time?"


"Nothing." His voice was muffled but Sehun heard that he was annoyed by something, he sighed.


"I don't understand why you're jealous."


Luhan sat up. "I'm not jealous!"




Looking at the bland wall in front of him with a frown, Luhan said, "...Leave me alone Sehun, I don't want to talk to you."


Sehun frowned too. "You make me come back here and then you act like this? You're obviously upset about something and now that I ask you what is it, you don't want to talk about it. How do you think I am supposed to react? I'm not saying you should tell me everything, but just try to think about me too. Do you think it's easy for me to see you so down and I can't do anything because I don't even know why you're like this. If anything, it's creating difficulties and I don't want –"


He stopped because Luhan's tears started falling.


"You don't know what it is to be me," he said quietly, wipping his tears as more fall down. "There's nothing interesting about me, I've never had a lot of friends and, now that you're here, covering me with so much love, it feels so unreal, it's like I'm dreaming and I'm really scared that one day I'll wake up, you'll wake up and realize that I'm not the one for you." He took a shaky breath. "It's hard for me because it's not your fault and I'm making your life difficult by thinking like this when I should trust you and not overreact over petty things and," He sighed. "I'm sorry..."


"Then trust me." Luhan looked up. "Trust my love for you, this is real Luhan, I think you're the only one dreaming and should wake up from this nightmare and see the reality, the reality is where I love you." Sehun smiled. "Do you think you're the only one thinking like this? I'm scared too you know, scared that you'll leave me, but I'm trying to put it in the back of my head everyday and enjoy the time I have with you."


"But I'll never leave you.."


"Same for me, so don't be so scared."


Luhan looked down, he should really stop being selfish and understand that even if Sehun didn't show it, he was sharing the same thoughts as him.


The same fears.


"Now, what about I show why you should believe me?"


Luhan looked at Sehun and now that his tears had dried down, he could see his big grin, he could also see his face getting closer and closer and now, nothing because his eyes were closed, he could only feel Sehun's warm lips and hear his heart beating loudly, and the door opening and






"Hey guys! There's– oh oh." Baekhyun grinned, he was definitely too lucky. "The fireworks are going to start soon~" he said gleefully before closing the door.


Luhan didn't bother being embarrassed. Since yesterday, he had a feeling that his best friend hid a camera in their room but really right now, he didn't care, he just wanted Sehun's lips to be on his own again, lips that were going further and further away making Luhan frown increasing more and more.


"Where are you going?" he asked Sehun who was already at the door.


"See the fireworks, you don't want to?" Sehun tilted his head, not understanding Luhan's blank – or was it dejected? – face.


Luhan understood that whatever reply he'd give, Sehun was going to go anyway so he let out a downhearted "...Yes...yes, why not....." before getting up and reluctantly following his boyfriend downstairs. He was thinking about all the media going to be here tomorrow when someone would find a dead body on the beach. He still had to think about what he would tell Chanyeol but oh well, he could think about this later.


They sat on the sand alongside other couples and families waiting for the show to begin. Luhan had his arms crossed, because it was just explosions of colors but Sehun looked rather excited, so he ended up waiting with a small smile at the rare sight. When it started, Luhan found it beautiful, but there was something far more beautiful next to him. Sehun was looking at it with so much amazement, Luhan wondered if he has the same shining eyes when Sehun looks at him. He jumped back slightly and blushed when Sehun turned his head and caught him staring. Thinking that it was a perfect opportunity for his boyfriend to again, Luhan gulped, but Sehun just smiled brightly before looking back up.


Luhan was thinking about what was noisier; the fireworks or his heart. He was amazed at how his heart could beat so fast for someone. Even if he knew it'll stop beating one day, one thing for sure, it'll always beat for Sehun.







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