Boys over Towers


Baekhyun thought that Sehun's idea was ridiculous. It was indeed, ridiculous. Probably the most ridiculous thing he's ever done! Dressing up as a girl and going to the most expensive school in South Korea because some old geezer asked them to was probably the worst decision in his life!

He's going to regret this.

For the rest of his 



[Baekyeol, Taoris, Hunhan]

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//SEQUEL IS OUT!!!!!! Boys over Towers 2!!!!!!!!!!!!//


[04.10.13] I've been writing random stories for the past week and I kinda feel horrible because I never seem to continue them but this one is something I feel good about since it's a parody of Boys over flowers.  So yeah this one is the story I (somehow) will finish if I get energy to finish it or if someone actually asks me to finish it (freedom!!!!!!!!!) 

(also, sorry about the crap header picture I didn't have time and energy lol) 

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