Nekos In My House?

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"You! Stop that!" I yelled as I grabbed the kitten from the boy's hand.

I ran over to where the other five were.


Bloody and limping around, I picked each of them up.

Carrying the kittens in my arms, I sheltered them from the world.


"Hey lady, give me back the cats!" He growled.

"No. You can't do this to your pets! It's animal abuse!"


"None of them are mine. And who are you to tell me whether I can or can't?" He smirked.















"I'm...Their Owner."






The owner song mina

Lives alone in her family's house. Is a pretty tomboy-ish girl.

Tries to be quiet and collected most of the time, but her personality can be somewhat bipolar.

Always bullied constantly becuase of her background. She loves art and books, lots of books.

Her favorite animals are dogs, she has a large distaste for cats.


The Nekos exo-k

 Neko - Half human, half cat. (Not the other meaning -.-)



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