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KAIDEN. (Cont.) 


We're inside the car right now and I really need to tell her now or else I'll be coward the next day and never do it. 


"Ken.." I called her and she looked. 


"You're scaring me, Kai." She scoffs and answered nervously. But this is it. This has to happen. 


"What I wanted to say was.." I stopped mid-sentence and sighed. "I want to stop this." There was a defeaning silence between us.. 


"I don't get it. What do you mean?" She's still trying to calm down but I could feel her madness. 


"Let's stop seeing each other, Kendall." I looked at her and she's in the verge of crying. 


"Bakit? Okay naman ta'yo, Kai." 


"It's just that, I never felt anything when I'm with you.." I felt sorry with her. 


"We've been going on so many dates and yet, you felt nothing?" She's mad now.. I know it. "You make it look like you agreed to date me out of pity, Kaiden." . This is what I'm scared of. She might misunderstood. 


"Ken! It's not like that!" I was too tensed that I almost raised my voice at her. 


"Then, what is this about?" She's crying. Sorry.. 


"I wanted to give it a try, Ken. I thought, maybe I could like you back if we go on dates." I'm almost crying too. "But no. I don't know, Ken. I just feel empty when I'm with you." I told her the truth. She's sobbing beside me and I just let her be. She needs to hear this.. 


"So you don't like me and you just like the idea of me having to share the same face with my sister?" Silence.


She sounds sarcastic. I know she's mad and hurt.. 


"What?! No!" I answered but she looked so smugged as if she finds out my secret. 


Was that really it? I agreed to date her because she has the same face with Colle? No, right? That wasn't it.. right? 


I don't know and I might sound really crazy and a jerk but I think what she said just hits the out of me. 


"You gave me false hopes, Avi. I thought we could be something." 


"And I tried my best to like you the same way you like me, Ken." I answered. It's true, I tried to like her 'cause I know she was genuine and sincere. 

"It's still her, right?" She asks and she sounded so hurt.. I simply nodded 'cause that was the truth. "Why can't it just be me, Kaiden? Why does it have to be my sist

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