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Exam week starts today, I was able to review for our subjects today, but I feel like I'm still not in the mood for God knows what reasons. My mood has been off lately, after the groupings we had. 


We were able to finish our project in time, we had a lots of free time after that but not this week 'cause of exams. Kenny and I are much closer now unlike before. I was able to tolerate her hyperness though it's still a bit tiring but it's fine. 


Now, we're just here in our classrooms 'cause 2 subjects are done and we just have to take the last subject of exam today. There's still 20mins until the last subject and I'm kinda hungry so I'll ask Winter to go with me to the Cafeteria. I hope she agrees though. 


I saw her using her phone while listening to music, I guess.. "Hey, Winter.." I called her. She doesn't hear me, I assume. I came a bit near her so that she could notice my presence and she did. 


"Avi?" She looks confused, lol. Cutie naman face mo po. 


I nodded before smiling at her, "Pwede mo ba a-ako samahan to the Cafeteria..?" I stuttered while asking her. I tried my best to speak tagalog, okay? 


I saw her chuckled a bit before nodding. Yay! Winter agreed! 


We were walking out of the classroom when someone called her name so loud. "Winter!" And when I looked back, I saw RJ already coming towards us. I raised my brow at Winter who's also looking back to see RJ. 


"San kayo punta? Sama ako!" She cheerfully said. I looked at Winter who's also looking at me as if she's waiting for my answer. 


"Ofcourse." Is the only answer I could say. I can't turn her down, she's also my friend.. BUT I still wanted to go alone, with Winter. 


I pouted for more than 5minutes but I didn't want the two of them to see it so I just smiled at them after 5minutes. I lost my apetitte to be honest, but I'd still buy biscuits just in case I get hungry again. 


Winter and RJ are walking ahead of me and I saw RJ snake her hands on Winter's shoulder and it made me stopped walking for a second. Why is she doing that to Winter? 


I don't know what came to me but I started walking in between them so RJ would leave her hands off of Winter's shoulder and then I started running away. That was fun. 


"We're gonna be late!" I shouted at them and they also started running but I was able to get in the classroom first. 


When I sat down on my chair, I saw Aeri and Kenny talking in their seats. I looked at Ning 'cause I'm a bit confused on why is she not joini

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Your storytelling has truly captivated me, author. Each chapter draws me in with its allure, leaving me eagerly awaiting the next installment. Your skillful craft keeps me engaged, making each reading experience a delightful anticipation. Your work is truly appreciated, author.