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Oh my gosh. I get to be alone with Avery. Truth be told, I've been crushing on her since 2nd day of school. Meron siyang aura na talagang mapapatingin ka at parang ang tingkad tingkad ng paligid niya nung pumasok siya sa room. 


Pero, it's not that bad ha. Simple admiration lang 'yun around that time, she's really just pretty and attractive. I would say the same with Ning and Aeri! PERO, I think naman happy crush lang.


It's not bad to like her naman siguro? I mean I am aware of myself that I'm gay. Hindi ako confused, I'm sure I am. 'Cause ever since I was 15 and Shan was 14 at the time, lagi kaming nag aasaran about this. 


And when I turned 17, that's when I was sure of my uality. I found myself having a crush on this one pretty girl nung nag punta akong 7/11 nung time na 'yun. 


That one time at 7/11.. (Flashback)


Grabe, gutom na gutom ako. Walang meryenda sa bahay 'cause Mommybear and Mommycakes left the house early for their business. We ate lunch altogether but they left din agad. Sabado naman pero super busy nila. 


Oh, if nagtataka kayo bakit hindi ko kasama si Winny, she's busy with her paintings and sketches. Ganon naman ang weekend routines non, mag-gawa ng assignments, does her personal things and PAINT. That's her cycle though we bond sometimes, like the two of us kapag nabored na siyang mag paint. 


Like, sometimes she asks me to watch movies with her or play some board/card games. It's fun to kapag natatalo siya. She's just silent and all but you can see her brows furrowing, which I find really funny 'cause it feels like I'm looking at the mirror that is moving. 


Anyways, I went inside the convenience store and there's this one pretty girl na mahaba ang hair niya, black and shiny! I don't wanna sound weird and creepy but she looks like a cat. She looks new here. 


Pupunta na sana ako sa aisle ng mga ramen ('cause I'm craving for some) when the girl poked me. I looked at her dahil medyo na-stunned ako sa muka niya. It feels so hot in here! 


"Hey, do you know the way papunta sa Evergreen Subdivision?" Her voice sounds so smooth. Ang init ng pakiramdam ko, ano ba 'yan. 


"Yeah, bilhin ko lang 'to and I'll lead the way." I answered then went to the counter. Thank God I didn't stutter. Gusto ko pa sana

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