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To be honest, inexpect ko na 'yung consequence ni Aeri. I've been getting that vibes from her simula nung unang inom namin sa bahay. I mean, I've been feeling like she's really invested in these crush things kaya sinabayan ko nalang. 


Although lahat naman kami nag-participate, hindi ko lang alam sa iba kung ganun din ba ang dating sakanila ng consequence ni Aeri. Okay lang naman din kung hindi, wala naman 'yun, share ko lang talaga. 


Now that the chance is here, all I need to do is to grab it. Take it or leave it nga raw. Pero what if this goes wrong? Like if this doesn't end well, we might get all awkward with each other, especially her. 


How do I do this? Do I just come to her and tell her I like her? Or I need to tell her the reasons why I like her? Ewan! Confession naman 'to so might as well say everything that needs to be said. 


I stood up and started walking while looking directly at Avery's eyes. She's just staring back, no reactions can be seen from her. If eyes could speak, I'd listen to what they have to say, Avi. 


"Avi, I like you." I said it. I looked at Aeri, she just nods and gave me a thumbs up. I think she thought that's okay na, but not for me. Everyone is silent, just listening to what I'm saying and what I'm about to say. 


"Ever since I saw you, parang pinana ako ni Kupido." Natatawa kong sabi to lighten up the atmosphere. 


I heard the others scoffs and supress their laughs to my corny and stupid pick up lines, but my focus right now is Avi. 


I'm not drunk nor tipsy, but this is my chance to tell my feelings to the person I like. I'm not losing this chance. 


"I'm saying it again, I like you. You don't have to say anything, Avi. I'm just telling you what I feel." After I said that, I went back to my seat and sat down beside Shan. 


She seemed shock just like everyone else. Ang tahimik ng paligid, hindi ko alam pano ulit gagaan 'to kaya naman sinalinan ko lahat ng baso nila to make a toast with them. 


"Ang hindi makipag-toast, mag liligpit ng kalat!" Pagkatapos kong sabihin 'yan ay agad kong inilagau ang baso ko sa gitna. 

Everyone reacted actively at dun ako natawa. Wala naman masyadong kalat, puro mga plastics and cups lang na pinagkainan namin kaninang meryenda. I wouldn't mind cleaning all of these to be honest.

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