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It's been months and I could say that it's also been awhile since I've been going out with Kendall. Not like we're dating or we're in a relationship. It's just that, I felt like she was genuine and that maybe I could like her back.. 


But.. no. Believe me, I tried. I know Colle, rejecting me has something to do with Kendall so I didn't complain. She didn't like me back anyways.. And to be perfectly honest.. with Kendall, I felt nothing. 


There was a huge difference between the two of them. Maybe it was their presence? Or was it their appearance? But they're too identical to compare so I know it wasn't about their face. 


Am I so much of jerk if I tried liking the two of them? I really don't know 'cause the whole time I'm with Kendall, I felt nothing. Well, there were times where it's fun and exciting but that's just it. All the emotions I've felt with all of my friends is what I've felt with her. 


So I think, in order to stop hurting her further more, I have to stop. WE have to stop seeing each other and continue as friend. 


In a span of months, all of us got along and got a little bit closer including Colle. There was no awkwardness between all of us so I thought that maybe, she didn't really like me that's why it was too easy for her to be comfortable with the situation. 


We bonded as friends, like we usually does before this drama started. I was happy because atleast I get to be with Colle even after she rejected me. I was happy cause we were all happy. 


Although there were days were it was hard for all of us. When Chae and Minju almost broke up in front of us, and when RJ and Lia met at the school.. it was all chaotic. But another happy memories happened, 'cause apparently, Ning and Aeri are finally officially dating. 


Well, I thought my bestfriend, Aeri, was a coward but look at her.. she got herself a girlfriend! Beats me to it. 


And after all these incidents, I realized that, even after going on dates with Ken, I wouldn't be able to like her back. I'm sure because she's not the one my heart wants to be with.. 


"Hello, Kai? San ka na?" Kendall asks on the phone. I'm on my way to pick her up as we're having "our last date" but she doesn't know about that.. yet. 


"I'm almost there, Ken." I just said and ended the call. 


I continued driving until their gate and I saw the two of them outside. Kenny just waves while Colle stands beside her

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