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When Winter answered while looking at me directly, I knew she was telling the truth. That she lied with her answers today. We just have to figure out which one of that is a lie. 


Her seriousness with all those questions does not help at all 'cause what if her answer about telling lies is also a lie? 


You drive me crazy, Winter Colleen. 


We're still playing the game and I can't stop looking at Winter. I'm just wondering who she might have a crush on in this room. Could it be me? But everyone's here is attractive. 


After the 2nd game, RJ loses and we all cheered. I'm looking forward to her consequences. Everyone kept suggesting about what to make RJ do and Ning suggested, "Be quiet during the 3rd game, at all times." We all find that very funny 'cause RJ is loud LOUD just like Ning herself and Kenny. 


"Akala ko pa naman questions and answers lang! Ready pa naman ako sumagot." RJ replied. Woah, the confidence. 


"Why don't we just play truth or dare instead?" Aeri side-eyed me while suggesting. Huh, as if I'll back out? 


"Without drinks? Boring!" Ning said and high fived Kenny. 


"Iinom tayo?" RJ excitedly asks everyone. 


While me, I'm okay with drinking, I'm in my legal age and I'm sure my Mommies would allow me especially knowing that I'll be sleeping over at their friends' house which is Tita Kleir and Tita Wyn. 


"Kenny, come with me." Winter suddenly got up and called Kenny so we all looked at the two. 


"Magpapaalam lang kami, don't worry." She added. Pretty smile.. Kenny just nods and went on with Winter. 


"Huy! Nagets niyo ba si Winter kanina?" RJ, ofcourse. She's so marites din sometimes. 


"Alin?" Ning asked her. 


I'm just listening to their conversation, I don't wanna intervene. Plus, I might get something out of this conversation.. hopefully. 


"Sabi niya wala siyang nagugustuhan pero meron siyang crush?" Oh, that confused me as well. 


"Well, it is different somehow naman so it's not that confusing for me." Aeri butted in. She makes it more confusing now. 


"Oo nga, baka magkaiba definition niya sa dalawang 'yun, RJ. Chismosa ka!" Ning laughed at her and RJ still looks so confused.


"Why not ask Winter herself?" Couldn't help myself but answer her question, and I feel like they're back stabbing Winter! 


"Eh.. nahihiya ako." She answered and I would say she's blushing

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