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Everyone decided that they'll stay here for one more night dahil Sunday pa lang bukas. Everyone seemed to agree with that decision so we asked Mommycakes if okay lang ba. Mommybear's still not here, she'll probably go home late. 


"Why are we staying over again?" Avery asked Aeri who's already in her pajamas, getting ready to sleep. 


"Just because, Avi." Natatawang sagot ni Aeri that made Avery shrugged for the nth time. 


"Kenny! Mag coloring book tayo, eto oh!" Ning shouted which made me look in their direction only to see that the coloring she was talking about is my sketch pad. 


"Ning! That's not a coloring book!" I said while running towards her and she acted like she didn't hear me. Everyone started gathering around Ning to see the coloring book she's holding. 


"Ang gaganda naman nito! Ang galing mo pala mag drawing, Win." Ryujin. 


"Did you draw this?" Avery. 


"Parang printed naman 'to eh!" Ning. 


"You actually do have a talent in drawing, Winter." Aeri said smilingly. 


"Stick man lang kasi kaya ko eh." Kenny said while pouting, ofcourse. 


"Gusto mo pagandahan tayo ng stick-man?" Shan trynna annoy Kenny. 


They all kept talking at the same time and I wasn't able to answer all of them at all dahil they kept scrolling through the sketch pad. And I'm a bit scared 'cause they might notice that one girl I ever drew.. 


"This one looks insanely familiar." THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. Aeri, please.. 


Pagkasabi non ni Aeri ay agad kong hinablot kay Ning 'yung sketch pad ko. Hopefully they don't drop any names 'cause I know it will be kinda awkward. 


"Anyways!" Pag taas ko ng boses, para tumigil muna sila kakadaldal. They might say something pa eh. 


"Why don't we play Uno cards?" Suggest ko. Medyo awkward 'cause I'm tensed as hell. I looked at Ryujin for help and thank God she's not that dense, atleast. 


"Losers will have a consequ

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