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We were able to finish our MIL Project pretty early so we got a lot of time para sa Research naman. After that day, I noticed something different on Avery. 


Okay, first, she kept on looking at Kenny and Me. How did I know? 'Cause every time I look at her, she's avoiding looking at me like I'm a bad guy or something. (Don't even ask why I'm looking at her, lol.) Aeri who's on my left has been telling me the same, pero di ko naman iniisip masyado. Mamaya pala, nalilito lang siya sa muka namin ni Kenny. 


Second, when Tita Nads and Tita Alli visited our house, she kept on asking ME if close ba kami ni Avery sa school. I said "Yes po, pretty much". Cause what was I supposed to say? Mamaya they'll be worried pa for Avery kasi she's from Amerika, 'diba? 


Wala si Kenny sa bahay nung time na 'yon dahil nag shopping sila ni Ning. Saka, saglit lang din naman sila Tita, I think may sinabi lang kila Mommycakes. 


Third, she isn't talking to me at all. I mean, yes, we don't talk on a usual basis pero like she haven't spoken to me for a week? She always talks to Kenny and everyone except me. 


As I always do, hindi ko na masyadong inisip. Feeling ko pag inisip ko pa, mas lalo akong maguguluhan sa actions niya. Not that I want to put a meaning on it, hahayaan ko na lang. Malay mo crush niya lang pala ako kaya siya umiiwas. Charot, assuming amp. 


Anyways, nag aya sila Aeri mag mall daw kami tapos sleepover pagkatapos. Okay lang naman samin dahil una, sa bahay sila mag ssleepover. More convenient for Kenny and I, not gonna lie. 


Nakapag-paalam na rin kasi kami kila Mommybear and they were happy with i

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Your storytelling has truly captivated me, author. Each chapter draws me in with its allure, leaving me eagerly awaiting the next installment. Your skillful craft keeps me engaged, making each reading experience a delightful anticipation. Your work is truly appreciated, author.