Always Beside You

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Kyungsoo is medical student and soon to be became a doctor 

Chanyeol is member of EXO-SC and famous all around the world

When they meets for the first time what will happen in there life's and what God has a plan for them

Let's see what happens stay tuned with me 

To know our chansoo lovestory


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"chanyeol, I was thinking about that dream if that dream becomes reality how can I save my family? I am scared"  I shed tears because the thought itself is horrific, he wiped my tears and cupped my cheeks and looked at me

 "don't worry kyungsoo, I will protect you, I will be your protector," he said and that sooth my heart and feel secure by his words but then he comes close to me,

I feel his breath on my face, and then his lips on my lips and I stunned by his action but I closed my eyes, I can’t do anything, I can't even push him and said no to him because it feels so right like I was waiting for this, in this kiss only I feel is love, he poured his feelings in the kiss, but one thing that I don't tell you that this is my first kiss,

me or someone kissing me for the first time, he let go my lips, I did not open my eyes because I am a little bit of shy, "kyungsoo, open your eyes" he said to me, almost whispered voice. 

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