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A one shot

In one shot story, arranged marriage happened between kyungsoo and chanyeol but with one condition.

Let see what is this condition is.

It is very crazy condition


"Kyungsoo I want to talk to you something" Dad said

"What is it dad?" I ask him he said

"A friend of mine is wants you be his son-in-law" dad said, and I am stopped what i am eating and looked at dad,

"Dad you know that i don't have a interest in females" i said, dad knows that I don't have interest in girls,

i said this when I was in Highschool and dad and other family members accept me as i am, i am so grateful that i have family that accept me as i am.

"I know, but he is asking for his son not daughter and however his daughter is married so what do you say" dad said and looking at with his hopeful eyes I know dad is worried for me and my future so i don't mind in arranged marriage.

"Dad, I don't have a problem but I have a condition" I said and dad smiled with sparkling eyes, i love my dad with my life so do anything for him.


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esther_noyel #1
Chapter 1: It's very smooth and nice.... Like day dream wedding for chansoo... I loved this ... Wish it was more.... But still it's make my heart fell....thank you