CHAPTER 7(part 2)


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After the kiss scene for others and a moment of acknowledgment for song joong ki and jeon yeo been both went to their staffs without saying a word to one another to get ready for next scenes. They discover their feelings for each other through the kiss and deep down the knew the other person wants the same but they were Still unsure.
They scenes after the kiss scene were shooted smoothly, both of them were happy to play as lovey dovey Mr. Anderson and Miss.benning as they could freely hold each other hands and backs without other knowing.

The scene at which both of them were in the director's room. Song joong ki forgot his lines, as he was busy drumming jeon yeo been's finger playfully.

"When are you going to say becatti?"
The director laughed and asked.

He made thinking face for a moment
"Oh sorry, oh I am sorry" he said while doing mama mia style and with English accent and again put his hand on her fingers.

All of the staff were laughing including them.
"Mama mia,"yeo been said smiling and both were doing the hand gestures. But both of their's hearts were beating fast especially of jeon yeo been when song joong ki was touching her hand and fingers and deep down she liked it and blushed.

After the art gallery shoot, Jeon yeo been was sitting in her tent, alone, she changed her attire and was now waiting for the makeup artist to get her makeup done as she had a promotional interview of vincenzo today at TVNs studio with taecyon and song joong ki. Today was also the day the 1st episodes of vincenzo was to be premiered.

She was sitting in front of the mirror, looking at her reflection, her mind playing all the scenes that happened earlier. Unconsciously, she put her hand on her heart which was beating fast.

"Calm down, there is nothing we can do. I know we like him but what can we don't. We don't know if he likes me aur not."
She whispered to her heart.

She looked at her reflection, her eyes stopped at her lips, there was no lipstick on those lips now ,a bit if it was smudged on the outer side of lips her lips were destroyed by the man who went on kissing her so hard as if it's the end. Her fingers travels up to her lips and a smile crawled on her lips. Deep down she liked what happened earlier.

Song joong ki, too, went into his tent to get his touch up before the interview. His mind was occupied with the thoughts of his 1st kiss with jeon yeo been.

"Jeon yeo been, not hong chayoung." He thought to himself while smiling.

"What has she done to me? Do I like her that much that I didn't care about the people watching us and forgot everything except her?
He asked himself still smiling, whatever happen earlier there was one thing clear that he liked it.

Both jeon yeo been and song joong ki including taecyon arrived at TVN'S studio for a promotional interview before the premiere of vincenzo. Both of them still hadn't talked about anything, both were avoiding the other, song joong ki was a bit tired as after the ART GALLERY SCENES, he shooted his action scene, whereas jeon yeo been and taecyon were energetic as always. The three of them were sitting in seperate sofas, jeon yeo been in middle on her right side song joon ki whereas on her left side taecyon was sitting.

Both jeon yeo been and taecyon were talking to each other.
"Oppa, how is shoot going?" Jeon yeo been asked taecyon

"Fantastic. We all love the site so much it's so fun."Taecyon replied

"Same geugam plaza site is so fun too. I hope our scenes with wusang group come early. I am waiting." She said

"Same, I miss you too, our scenes together. I want to share screen with this great actress too"
Taecyon was laughing and .

Song joong ki couldn't help but hear bits and pieces of their conversation, apparently he was scrolling his screen,but on taecyon words his whole attention diverted towards them.

"Haha same oppa, do you remember our 1st scene together. I liked it so much." He heard yeo been laughing and saying.

"She never said it to me"
Song joong ki thought to himself."I wonder if she remembers our 1st scene too? But why do I care."
He thought to himself

"Haha yes, when you forgot your lines because of my eyes?" Taecyon replied

"His eyes, why did she forgot her lines because of his eyes? "
He moved a little to their direction to hear them more clearly and for cover he opened his bottle of water and started to drink it

"Yess, you had such a sparkling eyes that time that I forgot my lines. I liked it so much at that time. Your eyes were looking so beautiful"
She laughingly told taecyon both of them were laughing and hearing those words, water got caught in his throat and he coughed harder.

On hearing his so loud cough, both yeobeen and taecyon turned towards him.

"Kinchina oppa?" Yeo been stood up from her chair and asked coming closer to him.

He was still coughing hard, he had it hard processing her comment, he lift his hand to give her a sign that he is okay but she worriedly came close and patted his back hard.

Taecyon too came worriedly with box of tissue and offered him

He stare hardly at taecyon for a moment as if he had committed a crime. Both jeon yeo been and taecyon wonder what has happened to him that made him looked at taecyon that way. He half-snatched the tissue box and stood up and went to the dressing room.

He walked for a minute and his coughing subsided.

"Thank God"
He whispered to himself.

He picked a tissue from the box and wiped his mouth and stared at his reflection.

"Sparkling eyes? Eyes looking so beautiful? I know taecyon is very handsome, but I am good looking too she never said those words to me and she didn't ever even look that closely to me as she looked at taecyon"
He was annoyed

"But taecyon has a girlfriend". A voice whispered.

"Yeah I know but still she never laughs with me in the way she was laughing with taecyon."
He was still annoyed

"No, she laughs and talks with you the same way she was laughing and talking outside". The voice whispered back.

"But that's the problem right? Something should be different."

He said and threw the tissue paper in the dustbin and went outside where they were waiting for him worriedly.

"Oppa kinchina?" Yeo been asked coming closer to him

"Yes,I am alright." He replied,"thanks" he said to taecyon who passed him the bottle of water.

The interviewer and shooting staff came to record the program.

"You guys ready?" The interviewer asked
"Dy". They replied

The interview started and all of them gave their respective characters interview. Since taecyon had to keep his real character Jang Han seok secret, so he kept the act of his fake and cute character Jang joon wo. He was openly saying that everything he do or likes is because of jeon yeo been's hong chayoung. Both jeon yeo been and taecyon himself were laughing at his answers.

At first,song joong ki too asking did he passed the bar exam because of hong chayoung too. But as time passes, every taecyon aka jang woo answer included hong chayoung and his love for her. Song joong ki became so annoyed and it started to became evident from his face. He also pressed the time button at mid because he couldn't take it anymore. But since they were in an interview therefore he told himself that he must bear it and smiled.

When jeon yeo been teasingly asked taecyon "why do you love me"

He replied" because you are pretty"
At those words he couldn't agree more and nodded his head.
Taecyon too was cringing at his answers but it must be done because he had to keep his character's cute intern face for viewers. But the most annoyed person at that time was song joong ki and he couldn't even know why he was annoyed

"I should laugh or tease them". He thought to himself at a moment but than again hearing taecyon speak of Hong chayoung aka jeon yeo been so lovingly made him a bit annoyed.

As both jeon yeo been and taecyon were talking to each other he consciously put his hand on yeo been's arm pit, humming his fingers as if to show that the girl sitting on the sofa is mine.

At last, to great happiness for joong ki, the interview ended and they said the ending words.

"Cut, thank you so much to all of you"
The staff thanked them.

Kinchina it was a pleasure" yeo been replied smiling and the staff went out.

"Haha oppa what was that" she playfully slapped lightly on taecyon's arm referring to his answers. The three of them were still in the same room

"Hahaha I had no choice, biande if I made you uncomfortable." Taecyon was also laughing."But all of my answers were not made up"

"Haha ani it was too much funny. Which answer was not made up?"She asked amused and curiously

"The one in which I said you are pretty. If I was single I would surely have fell for you."
He winked,Taecyon was teasing and she knew that he was teasing her because he loved his girlfriend so much and he couldn't even think about leaving her.

"Hahaha oppa, I wouldn't mind it either. You are handsome too". She was laughing hard and too."They were much comfortable with each other and could easily joke about such things.

On hearing their this conversation, song joong ki couldn't control himself any more, he clenched the plastic bottle of water destroying it's shape and went out of the room angrily, his face and ears all red.

And taecyon smiled to himself secretly as he stated that specific line to see the reaction of his joong ki hyung and he was expecting the same reaction his hyung had given.

"So our hyung really likes his rugby ball, huh?"
He was happy and smiled

Whereas yeo been was wondering what had happened to joong ki.

"What happened to him. He never behaved like this. It looks like he is angry. He is not type of person to show his anger in front of people. Did we do something wrong?" She turned to taecyon asking who was smiling now a bit openly. "Oppa why are you smiling?"

"Huh, it's just remembered something. You were talking about hyung right? I wonder if he is alright, maybe he is sick that's why he is behaving like this"
lovesick he thought to himself . "We should check on to him don't you think so?"

"Yeah you are right we should"
She said and both went outside in search of joong ki.

They searched for him here and there but couldn't find him they asked staff too.
"Where did he disappear? " she was starting to become worried.

"He should be here, look here is his staff car let's ask them"
"Did you see joong ki sunbanim?" Taecyon asked one of joong ki's staff member.

"He just left in a cab"
He replied

"In a cab why?" she asked

"I don't know, it looks like he was a bit angry and wanted some time alone he didn't show it but I know him I have been working for him since last year so I guessed something is wrong. I couldn't stop him biande."

"No kinchana"
taecyon said patting his shoulder and asked, "Do you have any idea where he would have gone you know a place he visits when he wants to be alone?"

"No, if he wants to be alone he usually go out by himself." He replied,"but wait there is a place where I once saw him sitting alone, don't tell him otherwise he would thought that I was spying on him".

"No no, don't worry where it is? " taecyon asked

"You know, banpo bridge? After crossing it there is a small deserted park type area and across it a department store. The whole street is deserted especially at nights. I saw him there once when he told me that he wants alone time".

"Thank you so much," yeo bina thankfully said.

"Just don't tell him."He said

"Dont worry". She made him assured.

"The place is about 30 minutes away from my house but the problem is that I have a shoot scheduled. What should we do?" Taecyon told her

"Ohh, oppa than you should go for the shoot. It's not good to be late at shoot.
I will try to call him again." She said
She called but no response.

"I wonder if he is alright."She was worried.

" Can you drive alone?" Taecyon asked her.

" Me, yes I can why?" She replied.

" Take my car I came here on my own car. My staff's car is here too I will go to shooting site with them". Taecyon said

"Are you sure oppa?"
She asked again

"Yes yes, you should go" he replied

"maybe is waiting for you"he mumbled under his breath.

" Did you say something?" She asked

" No, here is the car key. Take care"
Taecyon said giving her car key and waving.

"Kamsamida oppa," she said happily and ran away towards his car.

"So I guess our rugby ball likes our corn salad too."
He thought to himself and laughed.

Song joong ki, after leaving the room angrily, became more angry at himself.
"Why did I do it? Why did I leave the room?"
He was angry at himself.

At 1st he decided to go back but when he thought about that he had to gave a reason why he stormed out, he decided not to go back.

"I just need some time alone."
He said to himself.

He went to his dressing room and changed his attire into his casual and favorite Kodak jacket with his black cap and mask.

He booked a cab and went to the place where he used to go when he wanted to be alone and where he first met her.

He sat at the same spot on the ground making sure no one was around. The place was quiet and only passerby's were there far from where he was sitting. No one could recognize him.

He sat looking at the beautiful river in front of him, moonlight descending on the waves of water and the breathtaking reflection of moon in the water made the scene look more mesmerizing.

He was sitting not knowing what he wants and what he should do. A part of him hoping that she would came here to him.

"Don't be silly, she doesn't know that you can be here. How can she come and you shut your phone yourself, she was calling you. You shouldn't be wishing that now. "
He scold himself.

"I don't know what to do anymore. Last time I made such a decision and acted hastily both of us regretted it later. I dont want to make the same mistake with yeo bina. I don't want to lose her just be of ny haste decisions. What if people or media doesn't accept us? What if she got bashed by media and netizens due to my past life. I don't want her get hate or to ne hurt because of me and don't know either whether she likes me or not. Will she accept me, the hollow part of me? I am afraid, I am afraid of losing her."

He was so conflicted, it was like he was on a street with dead end he couldn't go forward neither he could step back.

Just than he heard small footsteps , he turned his head towards the direction of voice and saw a girl coming in his direction slowly . He adjusted his cap so that she couldn't recognize him and started to pluck the bits and pieces of grass in front of him.

Jeon yeo been went to the location told by joong ki's manager and she was a bit shocked to learn that it was the same place they were at after their first meeting with director and writer.

She made her way towards the park area where no one was to be found except a silhouette of a person sitting looking in front of him.

She made her way towards that direction slowly, just than as she got closer she saw the same kodak jacket and cap she had saw 9 months ago. She got a deja vu feeling. She remembered bits and pieces of that night but now she recalled as she was going back that night still not in her full senses, she turned to look at that man who was same as her, lonely and worried but his words serve as catharsis to her, she remembered the promised she made to him.

Just than reality hit her but she was ignoring it.

"How come that man that was joong ki oppa, he would have told me. He is wearing a jacket like him and sitting like him doesn't make him the same man."
She thought to herself.

But a part of her was telling her that what she thought earlier was right as the man in front of him was sitting at the same place, in the same style, wearing same closet and he had the same voice as joong ki too that time she couldn't focus but now as she try to remember all pieces were coming together.

She quietly made his way to him and lightly touch the shoulder of man,
still not believing herself.

The person turned abruptly at her touch and stood up and all her thoughts came true.

It was the same person.

9 months earlier It was Song joong ki, whom she couldn't recognize that time.
And 9 months later it is still song joong ki whom she recognized very well.


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