Jeon yeo been composed herself and picked up the script to go through her lines and the scenes. Just than she realized that the art gallery scene was the scene where they had to disguise as couple and there was a kiss scene too.

"Omg a kiss scene seriously today?
How will I do it?"
She was embarrassed

"Yeobina, catch yourself, what just happened was only an impulse. He only did it because he care about you but only as a friend and both of you are professional actors. You must work professionally in front of him from now on" .
She told herself sternly

"But why was my heart beating like that when he came close to me? Do I like him?"
A small voice came from down in herself

"Whole south korea not only likes him but loves him. He is a celebrity and you are his fan too. You only like him as you friend nothing more."
She was stern.

But why do I feel like there is something more to it?
A thought came to her again.

"You can't afford it jeon yeo been. He is your senior actor. Have you even thought about him, how he sees you. He only sees you as a friend nothing else. He doesn't like you. He loved somebody else and you don't even know if he has overcame that trauma yet or not. Divorce is a big trauma. You just can't enter in his life like nothing happened. He has enough of his problems, you can't make him worried about you too what. Apparently he is happy, he makes other happy and somewhat he has became more happier than the 1st day of this project but deep down somewhere he is lonely like you. What if things didn't work between you to, the netizens aur media bashed both of you, do you want him to go through the same trauma again just because of you? "

She was frustrated and conflicted not knowing what to do.

At the plaza, they had to shoot the scene at Chef's toto place, a geugam family meeting scene where jipraugi trio tells them about their plan again babel's paper company. Everything went Smoothly during the rehearsal , jeon yeo been and song joong ki didn't interact that much as they used to do each day on set but nobody noticed that much as they were both apparently busy with their staffs.

All of them started at the director's cue. Vincenzo told them that all of them had to play role against babel and all the geugam plaza people and all of them were excited and ready to fight babel. The bye bye ballon lady, Miss Yang, made a finger heart towards him and without knowing joong ki turned to see the girl standing in front of her smiling, which made her look even more beautiful. He kept looking at her for a moment than she turned to smile at him and the director shouted" CUT"


"OK fantastic. Good work all of you".
The director praised them.
"Now we have to move to the art gallery to shoot next scene. Let's get ready"

"Dy. All of them said."

Yeo been, looked at joong ki who was talking with Larry. They were laughing at some joke.

"He is so professional. Here my heart is beating fast. But I must act and rehearse as we used to otherwise it would be so awkward and not good for any of us."
She thought to herself.

At art gallery, at first it was a bit awkward for them to link arms with each other and rehearse

"What are you guys doing? Rehearse propely. Link your arms together."
The director scold them

"Biande director nim"
She said while linking her arm with joong ki's arm, he stiffen but than he relaxed as it must be done.

After a while they were just like their old self laughing together and teasing the staff members and doing adlibs.

The director shouted cue and camera started rolling. They were shooting the scene where they arrive at the gallery.

"I speak a little". Chayoung said to the art gallery lady when she asked if she could speak korean or not.

"She has been studying hard. She has improved quite lately. Right darling?"
Vincenzo said while pinching her cheek quite hardly.

"Ouch". Yeo been exclaimed.

"Cut, hahaha what was that joong ki?"
The director asked.

"Haha i thought it would look good if I pinch her cheeks here."
He said

"Haha yeah yeah it looks good but you did it too hard her cheek has turned red."
The director replied.

"Haha biande, yeo Bina". He said to her

"Kinchina oppa, It was good idea." She replied with a smile

"Ok now start again", the director gave her cue and the scene went smoothly.

"Ok now is the kiss scene shooting? Both of you ready?"
The director asked them.

They both looked at each. Both trying to avoid eye contact

"Yeah yeah we are ready."
He replied.

Ok start, the director told them to rehearse.

"Now here is the highlight of proposal,
The actor playing the art gallery lady character said her lines.

"Dy?" He asked as if he is shocked.

"Kiss." she replied.

"Dy"? He acted again adding a dramatic effect although he knew his next line

"Kiss, kiss". The lady said and made kissing sound, laughter erupts on the set. All of them were laughing.

"So this is how I will do it? "
Jeon yeo been, grabbed his collar unexpectedly and pulled him closer to her face and asked the director.

He became quite shocked for a second. He didn't know what to do.
He lift his leg and asked thr director to relieve his awkwardness
" Should I do this?" he asked

As female leads in most dramas do when the male lead kisses them.

" Haha aniii," the director shouted pulling yeo been away from him. All of them were laughing.

Yeo been again came close to him laughing, one hand grabbing his collar and other hand on his neck pulling him closer. She was pulling his face closer to him, they were just inches apart. When the art gallery director squel because they haven't kissed yet and she was so engrossed in it.

Haha, yeobeen couldn't contain her laughter. "Biande" she said

"Ok now do it propely" . The director became serious and told them. "Hong chayoung will kiss vincenzo first and vincenzo will kiss her back. Got it?"

"Dy director" both of them said a bit awkward as the camera started rolling and they had to kiss real this time. The director shouted cue

The art galley director said her lines"
Now come the highlight of proposal, kiss"

"Kiss?" Vincenzo asked not knowing that apart from fake proposal they had this in store too.

"Yes, kiss."The art gallery director replied.

"I will do it later."Vincenzo replied smiling awkwardly.

"Mr. Anderson, you cant postpone a kiss. Dont you truly love her?"
The art gallery lady asked.

"Yes yes, I truly love her", Vincenzo said abruptly but..

And chayoung/jeon yeo been turned her head towards vincenzo /song joong ki her heart beating a little fast.

"I will not be comfortable here."A hesitant and awkward vincenzo completed his sentence.

But at that moment, Hong cha young grabbed him by collar and pulled him close to herself. His lips crashing on hers.

Hong chayoung /jeon yeo been closed her eyes and kissed him lightly on his lips at first and vincenzo/ song joong ki freezed for a moment. She continued kissing him lightly her traveling from his collar to the back of his head. She gently caress his nape and that's when he lost his control.

It wasn't vincenzo chayoung anymore. It was song joong ki and jeon yeo been. Song joong ki forgot everything. The only thing that he remembered was that he just wants to kiss the woman in front of him, he didn't Care about any other thing at that moment. For him, there were only two people present there him and the girl he likes.

"Yes I like her". He acknowledged

And grabbed her face with both his hands and captured her lips that were kissing him a bit hardly. His thumbs caressing her cheeks. Jeon yeo been eyes involuntary opened and she was a bit taken aback.

The person in front of him was kissing her hard just like how a lover would kiss a person he loves and she wondered that is that vincenzo or song joong ki.

She too gave in as she didn't want to ruin this precious moment. He was still kissing her hard. Both of them paused to take breath at the same moment, their breath mingling. Song joong ki pulled jeon yeo been by her waist, his arm lingering on her back and she grabbed a strand of his hair to gain control.

Both of them changed the direction of their faces at the same time. Song joong ki still on the upper hand, kissing her hard, his hand running up to her back. Both of them were so engrossed in it they just wanted to cherish this moment as themselves without anyone suspecting them. Jeon yeo been slightly bit his lower lip, making him lose control, he kissed her again now a bit softly. Both of them broke the kiss at the same time, their upper lips still a bit attached, both breathing hard, their breaths mingling in one another.

"Cut. Fantastic fantastic". The director praised them everyone was clapping for them praising them and they just stood there looking at each other,their hands still on other's body, searching their answers in one another.

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