Chapter 16


Only song joong ki himself knew with how much difficulty he was sitting here, how difficult it was for him to see the person he loves being touched by another man rather than himself.
That evening Kwak Dong Yeon, came to his house forcing him to go outside with him.
"Hyung let's go, I am getting so bored sitting here."
Kwak Dong Yeon Said to him

"If you are feeling bore, than do something. My kitchen has all kind of supplies you can go and cook this way your boredum will go away".
He suggested

"No no hyung, let's go somewhere outside, there is a really good restaurant nearby , it's new and the weather outside is beautiful too, please hyung let's go. "
He was trying to persuade him with making cute faces.

"You are looking like Jang Hanseo now."

" Well than please Vinnie hyung let's go. I will treat you, you know my birthday is coming so it will be my treat."
He said now picking the car keys.

"I hate you," song joong ki groaned but still got up to accompany his dongseong.

Both of them reached the restaurant , it was not so big not so small kind of restaurant from outside but inside its interior was so beautiful.

During the journey, Song Joong Ki recieved call from her new costar of film bogata, Juana delrio, she was in Korea nowadays for the filming of Bogota, since they had already shooted before therfore they had became good friends due to easy going personality of both actors.

"Yeobessayo", he picked up the phone

on the other side he heard the cheerful voice of the actress.

"How are you delrio sshi?"
He asked

"I am fine, you are good too right", she laughed, "well actually I wanted to ask you if you are free."

"Well I am type of free. Why?"
He turned to look at Kwak Dong Yeon who mouthed asking him who is on call and he replied juano delrio and put the phone on speaker

"Well actually my manager today is busy and I have no schedule today and I don't know way around here, I am getting so bored sitting in the hotel all day, I first called Lee hee joon oppa but he was busy too, so I thought if you are free maybe you guys can show me around your city".

They had became good friends over the past months and since she was a foreigner in his country and she knew no one else other than the immediate cast so she felt free to ask.

"Well Um," he was a bit hesitant but Kwak Dong Yeon quickly spoke loudly as the phone was on speaker, a devilish idea coming onto his mind,

"Well miss delrio sshi, I am song joong ki's friend, we were just talking about you how it would be difficult for you in a new country, actually at the moment we are going to restaraunt. You can join us there, than joong ki hyung will take you wherever you want to go. "
Joong ki pinched hardly on Dong yeon's arm as he didn't know what made his say all this and raised his eyebrow in question while Dong Yeon just smiled and patted his shoulder.

" No no, if you guys have plans than don't let me spoil them, Mr Dong Yeon sshi."
They could hear the actress speaking.

"No no, Miss delrio sshi, you must come. I wanted to meet you too, kindly come we will be waiting for you, hyung will sent you the address you can ask your driver to drop you otherwise if there is some problem we will come to pick you. "

"No , send me address, the driver is a Korean, I hope he knows his way around here, I will come with him than."

"Okay miss del Rio sshi, than we will wait for you."

"Dy, goodbye than. See you."

"Oh my God, what a lier you are"
Song joong ki quickly disconnected phone and said to Dong Yeon who was driving and now smiling.

"What hyung, I chincha wanted to meet her. Today is good day to meet her. "

Song joong ki rolled his eyes

"By the way, hyung why does she wanted to meet you?"
He asked innocently

"Don't act innocent, you heard the convo."
He replied

Well you know when girls say something like that, it actually means that they actually want to meet you".
Dong Yeon said smiling

"What are you implying?"
He asked.

"Well what if she, you know, interested in you? I have heard she is pretty isn't she?"

He looked at him for assurance.

Yes, she is pretty but".
He stopped going into deep thoughts of the girl who had occupied his mind and heart

"But what?"
He waiting for his response.
"Has someone else already occupied this place?"
He pointed towards his heart.

"Yah, do you want to die by hands? Focus on driving, you will get us into an accident."
He shouted at his dongseong who was now laughing

They were following the waitress of restaurant who was showing them the inside hall of restaurant, as they were passing, Dong Yeon suddenly stopped.

" What happened?"
Joong ki asked him.

" Well isn't she".
He mumbled and started to walk towards a table on which two persons were sitting as joong ki was walking behind so he could only make out back of a girl and a man sitting in front of him.

"Yah where are you going? You are hurrying as if she is your,"
Joong ki stopped as he heard a sound, a beautiful sound of laughter, the sound which he could recognize even a century later, the sound of laughter which he last time heard 4 months earlier and the sound he missed the most.
Just than he heard Dong Yeon saying,
"Yeobeen noona,"

And the owner of the sound turned, smile still on her beautiful face, the face he missed the most, the face he wanted to see the most was in front of him, smile that was formed on his lips dropped as he made eyecontact with that girl who was also astonishingly staring at him, as if the world around her stopped and only two people were there, him and her.

Both of them came into reality by voice of Dong Yeon which called Yeobeen again,
"Noona are you alright?"

He could sense that Yeobeen too was very tense as she was only nodding, but his attention was diverted to the man sitting on the table, he racked his brain as the man looked familiar to him and after a moment he recognized him, he was the doctor at the hospital where Jeon Yeo been was admitted, the Dr who was calling her Hong chayoung.

"What is he doing here with her? 
He thought to himself didn't liking the idea of this man being present here.

He sat at the chair opposite to the man as Dong Yeon said but he noticed that before Dong Yeon could reach to sit beside the doctor, Yeobeen quickly sat there.

"Woah, she doesn't want to sit beside me now? "
A thought crossed his head.

He could hear them talking, it was mainly Dong Yeon and Yeobeen was only replying the question asked, the doctor too talking that much and on the whole it was an awkward situation.

Although he was looking at the bottle of water in front of him but his ears was all on their conversation and his whole attention transferred towards them when he heard Dong Yeon asking Yeobeen if she and the doctor are dating.

He cletched his teeth harder at the thought and Yeobeen started to cough louder after saying a loud no.

He still was trying to not look at them but internally he screamed when he saw that man than idiot doctor wiping water from yeobeen's lips. He cletched his fists harder trying to compose himself, his veins around head becoming prominent and he was sure his ears and face would be all red but he didn't care, and he literally lost it when the dongyeon nudged him asking that if Yeobeen is blushing because of that moment. If they weren't in public and Dong Yeon wasn't his friend they he would have killed him or tried to kill him with the help of knives on the table.

He couldn't take all of it anymore, he hastily got up from his chair, grabbed the water bottle and unconsciously pressed the bottle hardly making it lose it shape and squealed loudly under his hard grasp.

He heard himself saying
"You guys talk later I will catch up with you,"
Although he had no wish to see them especially that doctor again

He quickly opened the door of restaurant and got out throwing the water bottle on ground and stomping on it hardly

"Lo ucciderò, Scemo, Come osa toccare la mia donna? lo odio"
( I will kill him, fool, how dare he  touch my woman, I hate him)

He was cursing loudly in Italian  at that man sitting inside thankfully there were no people there at that time that could notice a 36 year old man cursing another man because he was jealous.

He again stomped on the bottle harder, releasing his frustration. Just as he was thinking whether to go inside or not a voice called him.

"Song joong ki."
He saw juano delrio, coming towards him, she hugged him. She always used to hug her friends or costars during early filming days song joong ki and other cast members were a bit hesitant but this was the common in coloumbia and coloumbian people were open too unlike Korean so soon they eventually became used to it

"How are you?"
She asked looking at him

"I am fine, what about you? Did you get here safely?"
He asked.

Yes, the driver knew his way around. "Let's go inside I want to meet your friend too."
She said taking joong ki by his arm.

"Where are they? "
She asked looking at him.

"Well, uhm" he tried to free his arm but just than they heard Dong Yeon.

"Hyung here, "

He was pulled by delrio to the table they were sitting on.

"Well, miss delrio sshi? You arrived, I really wanted to meet you."
Dong Yeon said smiling standing up as they came close to the table.

Yeobeen was also smiling but her smile disappeared as soon as she saw joong ki's arm interlinked with another woman's arm, a woman who was around her age but much prettier and beautiful,
She thought to herself.

Dalrio left joong ki's arm and excitedly went near him, initiating to hug him, but stopped before doing it and extended her hand,

"Well you are kwak Dong Yeon right? Jang Han seo? Its so nice to meet you too. "

She smiled shaking her hand with him after which she turned her attention to Yeobeen and Kim gon who too now were standing, Kim gon smiling and yeobeen's not finding a reason to smile.

"Well aren't you that girl? You are hong chayoung right? I really wanted to meet you, I am a huge fan of your acting, wow you are much prettier in real life Hong chayoung, no wonder vincenzo fell for you".

Delrio was saying all these words while hugging her as they were old friends, giving reference to their drama romance, but unknowingly on her last words her eyes turned towards the vincenzo standing in front of him, who too was looking at her, as soon as they saw the other looking both of them broke the contact hastily.

"Uhm, well," Yeobeen didn't know how to reply such an overwhelming welcome," well thank you so much".
She replied smiling after Delrio broke the hug.

"Well is he your boyfriend? It's so nice to meet you too"
She asked pointing towards Kim gon who was standing beside yeobeen but before Yeobeen could reply he put his arm on her shoulder and shaked hand with delrio from his free arm, smiling.

"Wow, you too look good together."
She commented thinking that they were dating, Yeobeen tried to speak up again but before she could say anything, a voice full of angry tone interjected them,

"Well I guess we should go where you wanted to go juana."
Song joong ki spoke to her trying to compose himself but all of his face was turning red.

"But I am hungry and I want to chat with all your friends too, let's eat first than we will leave."

She replied now turning towards him,
"Joong Ki are you sick? Your whole face is red "

She asked getting closer to joong ki but he took a step back.

"Aniyo, it must be because of heater. It's so warm here. Well than you should sit first."
Joong ki said trying to minimize the attention from him and pulled a chair in order for delrio to sit.

"Thankyou,"she said smiling charmingly. He too smiled back, his head turned towards Yeobeen direction as he could feel her gaze on him, a gaze full of emotions as If she was remembering something

He started to make his way towards her unknowingly to repeat the same action for her as he always used to do it in past but before he could reach her, Kim gon did it first, he pulled the chair and made Yeobeen sit on it by grabbing her lightly from her shoulders and than he himself seated beside her. Song joong ki, dejectedly made his way towards seat beside Dong Yeon but before going he didn't forgot to throw a full of hatred look towards the doctor who was now smiling handsomely talking with delrio whereas Dong-Yeon was noting all the expressions of song joong ki and jeon yeo been, smiling secretly, making notes because he has to tell all of it back to their vincenzo family.

All of them ordered their lunch, except two souls the three of them were participating in conversations, and those two souls were occupied with thoughts of the other one, sometimes their eyes sneaking up to steal a glance at other, and of their eyes met both turning their heads to other directions.

Joong ki hating it how the person sitting next to Yeobeen was pampering her like she was a child, giving her tissue, pouring water in her glass, cutting pieces for her, he could barely manage to control his anger when he saw her smiling at all of that gestures, a devilish plan stirred up on his mind and he didn't know why he followed it,

"Juana,here let me do it for you",
He said taking the actress plate who was trying to cut the pieces of meat which were a bit hard.

"No no, I will do it, it is a bit hard only".
She replied smiling.

"No, no you shouldn't. You shouldn't do such work with your pretty hands, I will cut them for you".

He said smiling now, the attention of whole table was onto him now as he was delicately cutting the pieces, between cutting the pieces, he sometime stole glances at the girl sitting across him, whose was clenching her fork hard, a smirk appeared on his face.
Kwak Dong Yeon looked at the man sitting beside him, doesn't understanding what is going inside his mind but as soon as he saw his hyung smirking, he understood the reason of joong ki's change in behavior,
"Wow, hyung. I will take notes from you when I start dating, "
He thought to himself

Yeobeen was trying her best to not get up from the chair, as she couldn't bear to watch the man in front of him cutting pieces for another pretty woman and now placing those pieces on to her plate, but before putting the last piece, he forked it and brought the piece near delrio mouth as if feeding her, a volcano began to erupt inside Yeobeen as she tried her best to keep her calm,

"It is tasty right? You should eat more, I will cut more pieces"
She could hear that man asking the pretty actress and the she replying yes.

She tried her best to focus on her own lunch, but she didn't want to eat now, after seeing those people in front of him acting like a couple and dong Yeon made sure to spoil her remaining mood by his comments,

"Wow, you guys are looking like a real couple together, I can't wait to see your chemistry in your movie."

Song joong ki laughed at his comment and replied,
"Yes delrio is very much pretty, we both hear compliments on set too, right juaona?"

To which delrio nodded, laughing as she knew Dong Yeon was teasing them,
"Yes personally I love our chemistry too, Joong Ki oppa is so handsome.
In Korea, girls call oppa right? "

She asked for assurance and at that moment a fork dropped from  Yeobeen's hand with a large clatter, who was trying her best to calm herself and not to pay attention to these sentences,
All of heads turned towards her direction and she quickly got up from her chair, her face all red.

"Mianhae, you guys carry on. I will join you in a minute, I think I am getting a call."

And without stopping a second, she went out, Joong Ki chuckled as he saw her phone on the table.

"But noona your phone is here "
Kwak Dong Yeon said slowly behind the girl who just went out.

"Yah that idiot, how could he do all of that things in front of me. I hate him"

After coming out Yeobeen said loudly, tears forming in her eyes. Some passerbye's turn to look at her but she quickly covered her face, she moved to the right side where no one was present and sat on a small bench there,

"Does he like her?"
A thought crossed her mind.

"She is really pretty anyone would like her. "
She said to herself, her eyes turning wet.

"Well, what if he likes her? There is nothing wrong in it. Don't cry now. You left him yourself. Its nature, he would have to move on."
She told herself in a loud voice.

"But it's only 3 months, how could he do so that early? And here I miss him like crazy everynight".
A thought again came.

"No yeobeena, you have no right on him now. You left him yourself, you can't behave like this now, you are not a child."

She again told herself loudly. One or two tears leaking from her eyes. The scenes of past 10 minutes playing inside her head, how he was taking care of delrio, calling her pretty
Tears began to flow rapidly from her eyes as she tried to control them, her left hand on her heart,

"Yah yeobeena, don't cry. You can't cry now. You told yourself that you can't cry. It doesn't matter how much you miss him or how much you love him, if he is happy and everything is going good for him you should be happy too. You must remember why you left him, don't forget his dreams and his happiness must be your top priority. Don't cry now, I know it hurts deep down here, seeing him after whole 3 months, seeing him this close to you, I know you want to touch him, to hug him but you can't now yeobeena. Don't act like teenager girl and get up, wipe your tears and go inside. You know you always look like an idiot while crying"

She was scolding herself in a low voice not knowing that the person she wanted to touch, wanted to hug the most was standing behind her, holding her phone in his hand, listening to her confessions, he too wanted to hug her but couldn't muster up the courage to do that.

"Well, don't worry you never look like an idiot while crying, especially to me."

Her heart stopped as she heard a deep voice saying behind her.


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