Jeon yeo been and song joong ki both after confirming and confiding their feelings with one another were most happiest, cheerful and grateful people on the earth.

They could easily spend time with one another, laugh around, touch each other without even anybody suspecting them. A beautiful and healing bond formed between them and the vincenzo cast especially with geugam family people as now most of their scenes included them. The environment on the set was so light that it looked like a family gathering. Each day, one of them brought coffees and snacks for others early on the set and all enjoyed them together. The schedule had been becoming busy for all of them, especially for jeon yeo been,as she had to shoot vincenzo as well as promote night in paradise not to mention to prepare her Role for glitch.
After having another hectic day at work, she came home and took shower and landed on her bed.
"Ohh, I am so tired."She said laying on her bed.

Yeobina yeobina," her mother called her, "come and drink milk than sleep."
"Omma, I am so tired, I will drink it later if I woke up at night."She shouted back.

"Ohuf you, OK I have poured it and put it in fridge. Don't forget to drink". 
Her mother ordered her.

"Dyy,"she shouted just than her phone vibrated. She picked the phone to check the message.
On her lockscreen, joong ki name popped up with message.

"How are you? How did your day go?"
A smile formed on her lips and she replied
"I am alright and my day was good too. I am just a little tired what about you? How was everyone at the set?"

A message within seconds came. "Everyone was good and were missing you. I am alright too. Why didn't you take a break?."

"Yes, I was just going to sleep"  she typed lets she thought to herself and further typed.
"What sbout you did you miss me?" She sent the message and started to wait for his reply.

A message came a moment later.
"No, why would I miss you?"

"Is he serious? Did he really not miss me." She sit up feeling a bit disappointed not knowing he too was teasing her.

A minute later a message came
"Where did you go?"

"No,I didn't go anywhere. I m here. I just thought that maybe you missed me too like others."

"Come downstairs," he messaged.

"Downstairs where?" She replied as she couldn't understand it.

"On your gate. Don't forget to put on your mask." A message came.

What does he mean? Though she was tired she still get out of her bed and tip toed outside wearing her mask a small hope somewhere in her heart that may her suspicions come true and she find him standing on her door. She quietly opened her main door making sure her mother was sleeping took a spare key and went out.

She looked here and there hoping to see a car or person waiting for her but couldn't find anything.
She took out her phone and typed the message
"I am outside.where are you"? And pressed the send icon.

A few seconds later, a call came and she picked up and heard his cheerful voice she was dying to hear.

"Who told you that I was coming?"
He asked.

"I thought you told me to come outside because you were waiting for me."
She replied in a small voice.

"No, I told you to go outside to get some fresh air as you must always take time out for yourself. Don't you remember you taught me this?"

Song joong ki asked her seeing her standing in front of her door, her face now a bit disappointed as compare to when she opened the Door looking excited. He couldn't help to stop the smile forming on his lips.

"Oh I thought, never mind, I am tired I don't want to go for a walk. Bye"
She started to became a bit angry as she was sad and disappointed.

"Wait wait, don't go."
He fastly replied. Getting out of his car making his way towards her making sure she doesn't hear or spot him.
"Why?" She asked standing in front of her door her back towards street.

"Because I am here for you."

She heard a voice whispering in her ears so close to her that a small gasp escaped from her lips.

He put his head on her shoulders and whispered
"What about you? Did you miss me?"
And jeon yeo been upheld her breath she could neither turn his face towards him as he was standing too close nor stop her rapidly beating heart.
He enjoyed seeing her this flustered and slowly turned her towards his direction making her face him.

"Tell me, did you miss me?"He asked looking at her eyes.
She too regained herself and

"No why would I?" Her fingers trailing on the jacket he was wearing and his arms around her back.

"I don't know,maybe because we have not met since 2 days because of difference in our schedules."
He replied still whispering in low voice near her ear making her spine shiver.
She blushed and didn't reply. She was sure that even it was dark he could see him blushing.

"You should go what if someone recognize us?" She said without answering him and tries to get out of his hands.

"But I have just came now and you too were waiting for me and no one will recognize us it's too dark."
He didn't want to leave her just yet

"We will meet tomorrow at set.Our schedule is same for next few days." She said in a hushed voice, her hands now again on his jacket as she didn't want him to leave.

Moments passed and they keep looking at each other, not caring about anything other than themselves drowning in the other's eyes.

"I missed you alot, Although it were just 2 days but I missed all of our vincenzo family alot. I don't know what I will do when the shooting ends. We can easily meet and spend time with each other at set but what will happen to us when the shooting is Over?" She told him while playing with his jacket.
He heard a hint of sadness and uncertainty in her voice.

"Don't worry. Everything will be alright. I will always be there for you as well as our geugam family. You shouldn't worry about future just enjoy and cherish the present."
He told her lightly her hairs.

"Yes you are right," she tried to smile cheerfully,"everything will be fineand I should only focus on present and the present is that the person I like the most in this world is in front of me, comforting me and not telling how much he missed me."

She said her hands trailing towards his shoulders. She lightly stood on her feet to face head to head him and placed a small kiss on his forehead.

"Thank you for always being there for me. I don't know what the future holds for us but for now you are the most important person in my life."

He looked at the beautiful girl who was always confessed her feelings in most beautiful ways.

"What did I do to get such a girl like her? A person like me doesn't deserve her."
He thought to himself.

"What happened? "Yeo been asked her as he kept looking at her.

"Thank you so much for accepting such a broken soul."

He said and grabbed both of her cheeks and kissed her.
Her hands too grabbed his collars as she kissed him hard. She going for his down lip and him going for her upper lip. His hand now on her neck lightly messaging it and her hands now cupping his face. Both of them paused at the same time breathless.

"I missed you alot too," he whispered at her lips.

I don't want to let you go."she paused,"but we should stop we have shoot tommorow too".

"I hate it when we have to stop our such beautiful activity"he groaned.

"Same," she whispered blushing.

He kissed lightly at her red cheeks making them more hotter and red.

"I should go now, it's better for both of us."
He said teasing her earning a shy smile from her.

"When do you have off?"
Joong ki asked yeo been, as she came with him where his car was parked.

"I think so on this Saturday why?"
She replied

"Do you want to come with me to meet my family?"
He asked in a low voice.

"Your family?" She was a bit shocked as they haven't told anyone about themselves yet.

"I just thought maybe you would like it, if you don't want to go than no worries it was just my idea."
He too was unsure what was he saying.

"No, I would love it. I would love to go and meet your family your nephews."
She said now smiling fully.

"Yes, I knew that's why I asked it. Thank you. Thank you so much."
He smiled at her.

"Take care oppa,"she waved to him as he got in his car,"will see you in morning."

"You too take care and sleep well."
He waved back and drove away.

"Did he just ask me to meet with his family?"
Yeo been thought to herself while making her way towards her home.
"Does it mean that he wants us to be official. Oh my god what should I do, what should I wear when I meet. I wonder if they like me or not. Oh yeobina, you have too much to prepare."
She was excited to meet the family of person she likes.


"Did I really ask her to meet my family?"
Song joong ki thought to himself while driving.
"Do I like and want her that much that I want us to be a proper couple involving our family. I wonder how will my family reacts. I am not rushing like last time right. Ohh I have to do so much."


He too was excited as well as scared as for him it was a big step bringing another girl home after 2 years to made her meet his parents.


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