Days passed and jeon yeo been became busy again shooting Vincenzo.she also received an offer to star in another drama name glitch which was she positively reviewing. Vincenzo also had started to air and the public response was overwhelming. People of Korea as well as international fans were loving the drama, Vincenzo cassano and their chemistry and it was evident from Netflix rankings worldwide as well as of various countries. At first jeon yeo been was a bit afraid of public reaction, seeing an unknown girl in lead role of drama as well as with the popular song joong ki, for whom it was a comeback drama. But seeing the public love, how they were appreciating and loving her acting and calling her's and song joong ki's chemistry best chemistry, she started to became more relaxed. Overall everything was perfect for her, a perfect Fandom and loving boyfriend. She was in the most happiest phase of her life.

She was busy but she still didn't forget that she had to meet her boyfriend's, family on weekend. She was excited and a bit nervous too. She had heard a lot about Joong ki's family from joong ki himself.
He had an elder brother, song seung ki who was married and has two young boys, to song joong ki his nephews were the most important person in his life. The expressions on his face when he told her about their different things was priceless and even though she hadn't met them she already had formed a bond with them. He also had a younger sister, song seul ki who spent some time in abroad some in here.

She was nervous how his family would react meeting her and will the like her or not.

"You must do your best yeo beena", she told herself.

The week passed and Saturday morning came.
Jeon yeo been was awoken by her alarm which was beeping since last 5 minutes.
"Ohh, "she groaned, checking the time she jumped up from her bed.

"Oh my God, it's 10 A.M, I have to get ready, I have to get to the intersection point at 12A.M. There is so much to do."
She started to hustle here and there, looking for her things.

"I wonder what kind of dressing his parents would like. Should I ask him?"
She thought to herself.

"No yeobina, don't act like a teenager. Wear anything good and casual. Let's see what you have got. "

She ruffled through her wardrobe and opted for a casual dress consisting of grey wide grip pant paired with loose white top. She applied minimal makeup and picked her white handbag. She looked at her last time in mirror.
"Yeah, I am looking okay, let's go yeobina. Fighting you can do this."
She told herself.

"Omma, I am going out I will be back at evening don't wait for me and don't forget to take your meals."
She shouted to her mother as she was in her room.

"Where are you going looking such graceful. You don't even change your nightsuit on weekends and now you are all dressed up?"
Her mother asked her curiously, coming out of her room.

"I am going to meet up with a friend Omma."She replied.

"Friend or boy friend?" Her mother asked her again smiling still curious

"Omma, don't, I am getting late will see you at night. Bye take care."

She waved to her mother, her cheeks getting red.

"Omma was so close". She thought. "But I have to tell. I will tell her soon."

Yeo been wore her mask and cap making sure no one recognized her and took a cab to get at the meeting point joong Ki asked her to come at.

"We will go together from there in my car."
He had told her previously.

She bought a beautiful bouquet of white and purple roses for his mother.

"I hope she likes it". She said as she looked at those flowers.

She had hardly been at the meeting point for 5 minutes when she received a message from him.

"I am not in my car, I am in a grey color brv across the street. You can get in now."

She looked across the street and found him waiting in the car, wearing casual clothes.
She made her way to the car and sat inside.

"What's this? Is it for me"? Song joong ki asked her after she had settled in the car his question pointed towards the bouquet.

"Haha Ani, it's for your mother. I hope she likes it."
She replied her hand touching petals.

"She would love it. "He told her.

"You are looking beautiful," he further commented, "as always."

"Haha you're looking good too, as always." She winked

"I like it". He said laughing.

"What will be your family reaction? I mean they know that I am coming right? "

After a while, Yeo been asked him a biting her lower lip nervously.

He shifted his gaze from road to the nervous girl sitting beside him. He took her on hand in his free hand both of their hands on her lap.

"Don't be nervous. I know it's new and unexpected for you but everything will be fine. My family would love you and you will like them too. They support me always, whatever I decide. They supported me in past too and they will support me in future too and yes I told them that I am bringing a rugby ball home so be prepared."

He assured her and at the end.

"You and your nicknames, oppa". She smiled.

He smiled too, her hand still in his hand.

They were greeted by joong ki's nephews at gate who were Impatiently waiting for him running around the gate.

"Samchang Samchang."
Both of them shouted as they saw him getting out of car and ran towards him.

"Yah yah, slow down."
He opened his arms and picked both of them.

"I missed you a lot uncle."
His nephew song sijin, said while hugging him.

"No I missed you more than hyung, I missed you a lot." His younger nephew hugged him even tighter.

"Let me take a breath."He said after hugging him and putting them.

"Uncle", his little nephew got closer to him and asked in a low tone but all 3 of them could hear him.
"Who is this beautiful eonni?"

"Don't you remember ? Eomma said this is our immo. The girl our samchang likes." his elder brother told him

Apparently both of them were whispering in joong ki's ear but she could hear them too and blushed.

Song joong ki turned and looked at the blushing yeo been.

" Yes she is your immo. Now be good boys and greet her." He told them

"Annyengseyo, imo."Both of them greeted and bowed to her at the same time.

"Anyeong", she sat down to their level and ruffled their hairs.

"Now let's go and meet others". Song joong ki said.

Both of his nephew ran inside house shouting that samchang and beautiful imo has arrived making yeobeen cheeks more red.

"They are so sweet."Yeo been whispered to him"unlike their uncle" .

"So their uncle is not sweet? I am sad." He acted to be disappointed earning a cheek pinch from her.

"Their uncle is the sweetest." She smiled.

He took her tiny hands in his large hands to comfort her and went inside the house.

They first met song joong ki's mother at the living room door, who was told by her grandsons that their samchang and imo has arrived.

"Anyeongsayo." Yeo been respectedly bowed towards his mother earning a smile from her. His mother came towards a 90° bowed yeobeen and picked her with her shoulders.

"Aigo Aigo, no need to do this my child"
She laughed.

Yeo been tried to smile and looked at joong ki who was smiling looking at two important women in his life.

"I bought these for you. I hope you like it uhm".
She was unsure how to address her as she gifted his mother bouquet.

"You can call me umoni, just like joong Kiya here does." His mother said seeing her reluctance, "ohh how beautiful flowers just like you. You are very pretty just like in the drama."

His mother said lovingly caressing Yeo been's cheeks.

"Now come. I don't know where his father went I told him to be here when you arrive."

She said while taking her hand and guiding her, joong ki behind them looking at them lovingly.

"Joong ki's appa, look who have arrived. Come quickly."His mother shouted.

" I am coming,"
Yeo been heard a male voice coming from one of the rooms and she saw a graceful elder man hurriedly coming.

" Ohh my children, I have been waiting for you since the day joong ki told me that both of you would come."

His father affectionately came close to them and patted Yeo been's head as Yeo been bowed to him. After greeting Yeo been, he hugged his son, joong ki.

"I missed you a lot my child."

"Da tu appa." He said hugging his father back.

Just than song joong ki's elder brother with his wife and children came to meet him.

His sister in law came and hugged yeo been.

"Oh you really are as beautiful as you are on TV. Both of them are causing ruckas in house since the day they found out that you two will come to meet us."
She said pointing towards her sons which were now seated beside joong ki on both sides.

Yeo been sat in the middle of joong ki's mother and his sister in law. Every member of his family made her feelike at home. They were appreciating her, applauding her, giving her love and all her worries which she had before disappeared. They eat dinner together and joked about things, joong ki's mother told her stories about joong ki's childhood.

"He was so naughty. Omg I don't know how I managed to brought him up."
She said jokingly.

After dinner, yeo been went to kitchen with joong ki's sister in law to help her.

"Oh, you should sit with omma appa. They were waiting to meet since the day joong ki told us about you."

His sister in law said as yeo been came into kitchen with dishes.

"Anni, I should help you with these chores too and amoni and abhuji are with their son now."
She pointed as now joong ki was sitting in middle of his parents. His one hand in his mother's hand. All three of them were smiling.

"Yes, they missed him a lot". His sister in law said after seeing the scene.
"He has came after a long time looking this much happy."

"Yes, Vincenzo site has really changed him. He has became more cheerful and happy."
Yeo been agreed with her too.

" You have played a great role in this too."
His sister in law appreciated her
"He wouldn't have been here looking this happy if you hadn't been by his side. He is just like a younger brother to me and he has gone through a lot. He was such a funny cheerful guy but the incident changed him a lot. After his divorce, he lived with us but it looked like he was a completely new person. He was most of time in his room, didn't talk much nor participate in anything. His only source of bit happiness was his nephews. I only saw him laughing when he was with them but I guessed it has changed now. His nephews imo has taken up the role. Right?"
She teased yeo been at the end.

" I am so happy that you stood by him. Just seeing the way he looks at you tells how much he likes you. Just always stand by him and support him and I know you will do it."

His sister in law took yeobeen's hand in hers and said.

"I will, always." Yeo been smiled at her.

"Imo, Imo."just than sijin came at kitchen shouting

"What happened?
Yeo been asked him taking his hand in hers.

" Imo let's go. I will give you our home tour. Please Imo comeee."
Just than sijin brother also came and both of them pleaded.

"Haha aigo, they have made a new friend. Go with them yeo been a otherwise they will eat your ears pleading."

Their mother said

"Haha okay I am coming children. Let's go."
She took both of their hands in her hands and went with them.

She looked at joong ki who was happily chattering with his brother now, he paused at a moment to look at her standing with his nephews and winked at her. She smiled at his gesture and went away with his nephews causing him to smile brightly.

"You seem to like her a lot."His brother commented seeing him smile.

" Yes". He replied."She is very important to me."

"I am so happy that you have found someone like her."His brother smiled at him.

On the other side, song joong ki's nephew were giving home tour to their beautiful imo.

" Imo this is our room."Sijin said as they entered a blue color neat room with two single beds decorated with toys and cars. On a shelf, different pictures were decorated, pictures of sijin birth, his 1st birthday party, pictures of song joong ki with his nephews.

"He is looking cute too."She thought to herself seeing him in the picture wearing bear mask.

" Imo how do you find our room?" They asked him

" It is so beautiful. I loved it."She smiled at them and sit with them at one of bed.

"Than will you sleep with us? Here in our room?" Sijin asked her cutely.

"Uhmm,"she acted as she was thinking, "yes I would love to sleep with you."

"Yahoo," both of they shouted hugging her,"you are best imo".
She hugged them back. They were broken by a knock on the door.

"Can I come in?" A peeking joong ki from the door asked.

"Yess," sijin shouted and grabbed joong ki's arm and made him enter the room.

"Now have you completed you tour with imo?"He asked them

"Yes, only your room is left samchang."They replied.

" Oh, now I will take her with me to tour my room. Can I take her?"

He asked his nephews sitting down on their level.

"No we don't want her to go without us."
They replied once again hugging her.

"Samchang have brought your favorite chocolates for you. He said. They are in lounge downstairs. Don't you both wanna get it?"
He tried to sent them away and his plan succeeded.

"Yess."They both ran downstairs leaving jeon yeo been and song joong ki alone in their room.

"Why did you send kids away?"
She asked him still smiling at his ways.

"Because I want to give their imo tour to my room myself."

He said taking her hand in his and going out of kids' room towards his.

"And why is that?"She asked intermingling their fingers.

"Well, who knows what happens there. You don't want kids to see those things right?"
He and laughed causing her cheeks to turn red earning a light punch from her

"Yah," she shouted.

"Here, it's my room. I don't know how much untidy it will be because I am coming here after 6 months." He said opening the lights of his room

"It doesn't matter, my room where I daily go isn't that clean either".
She replied.

"It is not untidy but it's" she paused  it's dark".

She said looking around his room, the curtains were drawn only a small ray of light was coming from door where she was standing and in the middle of room where he was now standing it was dark.

He said in a low tone
"Maybe it depicts my life I have been living since last 2 years."

She looked at his face and found a strange expression of sadness and hurtness there.

She quietly made her way inside the room and removed the curtains from windows causing the room now to brighten up with sunlight. She opened a small golden light causing the room to shine more brightly. She cleared the trash from floor and throwed it in bin, rearranged the dressing table much more neatly.

He was watching her doing all of these things but didn't say anything. Once she completed all these things, she quietly came behind him and hugged him from behind.

"What about now? Does this change anything? Did my coming change it?"

She asked him quietly still hugging him.

He wrapped her arms from behind around him tightly.

"Yes, it changes everything. It all because of you. Your presence was like a ray of hope,ray of light in my dull and dark life and I selfishly grabbed that ray but I am happy that I had acted selfish and made you enter my life."

She put her head on his vast back.

"I am happy too,that you gave me the permission to enter your life."
She hugged him even tighter.

"Well, looks like you have no mood for releasing me."Joong ki said as she kept on hugging him.

" Yes you are right, don't even think about getting out otherwise I can be bad. I don't know about you but I am tenacious."
She made a growling sound and they both laugh.

"Don't worry I have no mind of getting out of your reach."
He said turning towards her putting her hand on his shoulder and they both laughed.

Yeobeen kept looking at his handsome face. Her fingers now tracing his breathtaking facial features starting from his eyes and slowly traveling down to his cheeks.

" Whenever you are sad or whenever you think you need someone or you are going into dark again just call my name. I will always find you and come to you and comfort you. I promise."

She slowly said her hands now near his chin. She lightly grabbed his face to pull him closer and kissed his forehead.

"I will always be there for you."She, affirmed.

He was just looking at her admiring her courage and pure heart.

He tucked her hair strand behind her ear and whispered like a child.

"Are you sure?"
His eyes looking into hers directly and finding only himself there.

"I am."
She whispered back. Just as he was about to kiss her, his nephews who were entering his room shouted.

"Samchang imo."

Yeobeen timely pushed joong ki causing him to collide with dressing table.

Ouch,"he exclaimed," yeo beena dou".

"Biande oops,"
she said smiling now standing with his nephews

"Kamsamida imo for chocolates". They thanked her.

"Your samchang brought them."
She pointed towards their uncle who has now straighten up.

All four of them went downstairs as joong ki and yeo been had to leave now as it was getting darker.

"Okay omoni, abuji, we are leaving."
Song joong ki told them as they entered lounge.

"Why so soon? I haven't even talked with yeo been fully yet and you want to take her back."
His mother objected.

"We have shoot scheduled tommorow and she can come back again later" . He replied.

"Promise that you will bring her again." His father asked.

"You aren't even asking about me to come you only want her to come. I see. I promise I will bring her back later."
He acted to be sad causing all of them to laugh.

"Aigo my actor child."His mother patted him going towards her room.

"Yeobina come here."
His mother called her into her room.

"Dy amoni."She wondered why his mother called her.

"Since it's 1st time you have came to our house I didn't want you to go empty handed."
She said bringing out a beautiful jewelry box.
"Here, I brought this for you when my son told me he would bring you."

Yeo been opened the box and found pair of silver and gold ring in it. One was half finger ring and other one was full.

"Omoni,they are so beautiful but there was no need for this."She said trying to give the box back.

"No, it's yours now. Just promise that you will take care of my joong Kiya. I have seen him looking this happy after what seems like decade. I know you keep him happy. Just keep looking after him. It is a mother's request."

SHe asked closing yeobeen's hand in hers.

"I promise umoni. I will always keep him happy."

She promised and looked outside where joong ki was laughing and teasing his nephews causing they house to be filled with giggles and laughter.

"What was my mother saying to you?" Joong ki asked her curiously as he was taking her back to her home.

"Why? Are you curious?" She .

"Haha no. Why would I be?" He replied.

"She was asking me to take care of his spoiled little joong Kiya".

She said looking at him causing him to smile.

"And what did you reply? "He asked.

"That alright. I will take care of her joong Kiya."She laughed causing him to burst into laughter too.

They came closer to her street and he stopped the car outside just in case someone recognizes them.

Yeobeen opened her bag and brought out the box.

"She gifted me this." She said while opening the box and giving it to him.

"They are beautiful."He commented.

"Yes. "She said still looking at him.

He saw her hand with box towards him and her eyes looking at him hopefully which were now becoming a bit disappointed.

"Ohh, never mind, I was mad thinking it. "She groaned and got out of the car.

"Yeobina wait. "He shouted and got out of the car too but she kept on walking.

He ran and stopped her.

"Do you want me to put it on your fingers?" He asked breathing hard.

She didn't reply but still looked disappointed.

"Haha so I guess I am right. Here give me your box." He said looking at her face.

"No, don't do it now you should have figured it out sooner.  She was still in bad mood.

"Oh girls."He groaned.

"Oh you are saying girls like you are experienced in this field. How many girls have you dated before, looks like you have dated 50 or more girls."
She said to him

"Are you jealous?" He asked now laughing.

"No why would I be?"She asked not looking at him.

"Okay than let's do it".
He took the box from her hand and opened it bringing out the bigger ring and picked her left hand from his other hand and put the finger on her ring finger causing her to smile secretly.

He than pulled the second ring and put it on her index finger.

"Here you go. Are you happy now?" He asked her causing her to smile brightly now as she saw her hand in his.

"Yes, I am. She replied
You have to just tell me what you want and don't worry I will try to remember too what girls like their boyfriends do to".
He hastily said as  She gave him a look.

"No I am not a teenager girl who want her boyfriend to write her notes or bring her flowers daily. I don't like such things but small gestures like these are appreciated."
She said matter of factly and winked at the end.

"You are just like Hong chayoung".
He said pulling her closer to hug.

"And you are like Vincenzo too a bit". She too smiled and hug him back.

Both not knowing that their this cheerful moment will be the cause of bringing loneliness and separation in their lives as near the street lamp a camera shuttered capturing those figures hugging and walking hand to hand with one another ready to make their life a bit dark again. 

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