Chapter 14(part 2)


Jeon yeo been, who was wondering where Miss bora has gone, after coming from the restroom opened the door to look for her outside. As she opened the door slightly she heard the voices of her manager and song joong ki.

"He hasn't gone?"
She thought to herself

She moved a bit forward, such that she was on doorsill but they couldn't see her. She heard everyword of their conversation clearly. How joong ki was also struggling and how her manager had advised him to leave her but he rejected that advise for her.
She hardly clutch the doorknob to stand straight and at that moment she thought to herself that she will leave him for her and his own good.

After departure of joong ki, miss bora turned around to go into the room but was shocked to find a standing Yeobeen in door, looking in some kind of deep thought.

"Yeobeena, what are you doing here?"
She quickly went towards her and asked.

She didn't reply, she was looking at point at infinity.

"Yeobeena," miss bora shaked her lightly.

"What you told joong ki, I will do it."
She said in a nearly inaudible voice still looking elsewhere.

"What do you mean?"
Miss bora asked worriedly

"I mean that" , she paused to look at her directly," I will leave him."

"Yeobeena, "miss bora called her," he likes you so much he can't bear it that you are leaving him because of his problems".

"Who is saying that I am leaving him because of his problems. I will leave him because I too can't bear all of this. I don't want to ruin my career and mental health for this relationship" .
Yeobeen didn't know how she was spewing all that lies but she had too. She had to told everyone this.

"I am tired. I am going to take rest".
She said moving slowly towards her bed as if giving hint to end this conversation.

Yeobeen couldn't sleep that night. She was rethinking about everything. Their first meeting, their phones
conversations, their first kiss, him taking her his home and she making him meet her mother. All things were replying in her head. How he confessed his feelings to her and how he always told her that her happiness is the most important thing for him. How she always told him to stay by her side.

"I don't know what I should do. The thought of me leaving him makes me die inside and the thought of his difficulties and problems make me want to solve them. How I wish there was another solution for me to solve these problems without us seperating."
She was crying voicelessly. She remembered the line she had read somewhere,


  " For every beautiful fate, you have to pay a dear price" .

And it was the first time she thought that the line is true. Meeting song joong ki was not a coincidence, it was a fate for her, loving him wasn't her choice, it was fate too and separating from him isn't her choice too, it is her fate.

Tears escaped as she thought of all the beautiful moments and times spend with him, his beautiful voice, his handsome smile, his attractive laughter, all things were going inside her head and it was a moment of revelation for her when she realized that she doesn't only like him, she loves him and it was her love for him that made her that much stong to bear seperation from him.

Maybe their love story was like that of Vincenzo's and chayoung's in real life too that like them they couldn't be with each other but their love and respect  for each other made them them that much stronger.

Even the morning sun next day rose heavy as if today was going to be a sad and dull day. Yeobeen, who couldn't sleep the whole night, opened her eyes when her doctor, Dr Kim, came for the visit. She heard his cheerful voice.

"So miss chayoungsshi how are you feeling. If you are feeling better than you are allowed to go home."
Dr Kim who was smiling handsomely and cheerfully saying paused when he saw yeobeen's face.

"Are you right miss Yeobeena?"
He worriedly came closer to her.

"Dy, doctor I am better now".
She replied.

"But your face, it looks like you haven't slept all night. Did it hurt? I will prescribe some more medicines if it is hurting."
He said.

"No no, doctor, gumawo, but I am alright. I just couldn't sleep at hospital that's why. I just want to go home I am good now."
She replied trying to smile and raised her hand to make him see she is feing better.

"Well if you say so, but if there is any kind of pressure or pain in your hand, tell me. It can become dangerous later. "
He was still worried.

"No no, it's alright now. Thanks"
She replied trying to make him believe her.

"Okay then I will get your discharge form ready. Where is you friend who was with you last night?"
He asked looking around.

"My friend?"
She asked not understanding what he meant.

"Well vincenzo you know".
He winked
"But don't worry no one knows I know it could became problem so I made sure no one can enter your room last night from staff other than me ifyou call" .

"Well thank you so much doctor, but there was no need for it. He left at night, my unnie came she has gone outside I think so."
She replied  trying not to think about that man

"Oh okay, than I was worried for no reason. Well, I will hand your discharge slip to your Manger, than you are free to go, miss chayoungsshi."
He said to her and bowed.

She smiled at him calling her chayoung.

After going through all the discharge process,miss bora came to the room to find Yeobeen standing now, in causal clothes wearing black cap and mask to hide her identity.

"You are ready let's go than."
Miss bora asked her.

" Dy Unnie" ,
She followed her just as they were leaving hospital. Dr Kim came running towards her.

"You are going?"
He asked breathlessly

"Dy Dr.Thank you so much for your help."
She bowed towards him.

"Ani, it was my duty."
He replied.

She smiled and turned to go

"Wait miss Yeobeen-ssi, I will wait for you. You have a checkup after one week than I will take off your cast or if you want me to take it off earlier you can just come."
He pointed towards her hand.

"Well, there is no need. I Will try to take it off myself."
She gave excuse.

"No you must come. I will wait for you hong chayoung."
He left not forgetting to wink and giving his trademark smirk at the end causing her to smile slightly.

After reaching her home and making her worried mom sure that she is better now and her hand is alright too. She excused herself from her manager and her mother to go to her room for some rest. She laid on the bed and took out her phone. A whole day had passed and she Hadnt took out her phone not knowing what was going on. And as expected hundreds of unread messages popped up most of them from Vincenzo's GC as they got to know about Yeobeen being in hospital and all of them were worried about her messaging her in group as well as in private chat to know about her health. After replying every of the and making them assure that she is safe and sound now, she turned to off her phone but a certain chat caught her eye.

It was from song joong ki, several missed calls and unread messages asking her about her condition whether she had reached home or not, advising her to take medications and promising her that he will come to meet her tonight.
Tears were ready to fall from her eyes as she scrolled down the chat of the person she cares about the most. But she steadied herself telling her that she can't cry from now on no matter how must she want to she must remain strong in front of others especially in front of joong ki.

She put down her phone with heavy heart without replying him and it was the first till the date they had came to know each other that she didn't reply his message. She tried to sleep in order to get some peace of mind as from the moment she wakes up again it would be difficult for her.

Song joong ki was a bit shocked  when he saw that Jeon Yeo been seen his message but hadnt reply as it was the 1st ever time she had done this and she always told him that she hated seeing someone message and not replying.

"She must be so tired that's why she couldn't reply. Well I will go to her house later. "
He thought to himself.

Evening came and Yeobeen didn't came woke up, she was only awoken up by her mother who came to remind her to take her tablet.

"Yeobeena, yeobeena. Wake up Its your medicine time" .
She tried to wake her sleeping daughter.

"Dy emoni, I will take it".
She said lazily getting up from bed and going to wash and than took the medicine.

"Yeobeena, are your alright?why are you looking so dull? Is it hurt a lot?"
Her mother asked worriedly as it was evident from her daughter's face that something had happen to her.

"No, I am just tired that's why."
She replied

"Arasso, than take some rest more. I have made your favorite red bean soup. I will bring it here for you to eat. "

"Red beans, his favorite. "
A thought passed her head.

Her mother called again

"Dy amoni, no need I am fresh now I will come downstairs and eat"
She said again getting up from bed.

Her mother replied.

She was enjoying her mother's special red bean soup and searching channels when the door bell rung.

"Well who is it at this time? "
Her mother wondered as the clock was strucking 8 P.M
Her mother got up and went to open the door. She remained sitting there her heart telling her who was on the door and her brain telling her to not meet him and run to her room. But she remained there sitting idly. She could hear her mother's cheerful voice as she welcomed him and she could picture him hugging her mother.

"Maybe that's why she came down she is here having soup. "
Her mother said as they entered the lounge and pointed where Yeobeen was sitting but alas there was no Yeobeen there now.

"I wonder,she was there a minute ago, enjoying the soup. "
Her mother was wondering.

"Well maybe she has gone to wash her hands or something."
He suggested

"Yes maybe. "

They both sat down, a beautiful bouquet of pastel pink flowers with a get well soon letter in joong ki's hand. Minutes passed and there was no Yeobeen entering the lounge. Both yeobeen's mother and joong ki kept on talking but after 20 minutes her mother said.

""Why hasn't she came yet? Is she in her room, let me check it. "
She stood up to go to her room

"Wait emoni, I will go and check her".
Joong ki stood and said to her.

"Okay, as you wish my child. "
Her mother smiled sat again.

Joong ki went upstairs with the bouquet in his hand. He knew that the right most room belonged to Yeobeen, so he made his way to the room and knocked but no response. He knocked 3 or 4 times again but on hearing no response, he quietly opened the door. But on opening the door he found a sleeping yeobeena on the bed. He remained standing, a smile forming on his lips as he saw her sleeping, her hairs covering her beautiful face.

"Well emoni is right, she is truly a sleepyhead, how can she sleep in only 10 minutes. She must be tired".
He whispered to himself making her way towards her.

He put the bouquet he brought on her side table and sat quietly at her side as she was sleeping a bit in the middle of bed.

He kept on looking at her and quietly remove the strands of her hair covering her beautiful face. He tucked her hair strands behind her ear gently and caressed her face.

"Was she crying? "
He thought to himself as he saw strains of tears on her cheeks.

He gently moved his thumb under her eyes.
" What's bothering you yeobeena?
Just tell me"
He spoke as if she was listening.

He slowly brought his face down and kissed her forehead lightly and than her both eyes. He felt her move a little in her sleep

"Sleep well yeobeena,"
He said and quietly got up and went outside the room gently closing the door so that it wouldn't make sound.

Yeobeen could hear his footsteps making way downstairs and a tear escaped from her eye. She slowly opened her eyelids and her eyes fell on the beautiful bouquet on her sidetable.


She slowly sat up and picked the bouquet and ran her fingers through the flowers. The memory of the day when he 1st came to his house and brought a bouquet for her mother and appeared on her mind.


"Well I guess I am going to remember you with everything I encounter, Song Joong Ki"


She whispered to herself and forcedly closed her eyes as tommorow was going to be a huge day for her as before closing her eyes, an hour later, she messaged song joong ki that she wants to meet him tommorow at the same restaurant where they had their official 1st meeting.

Yeobeen woke up next morning and went downstairs and was greeted by her mother.

"Yah yeobeena, why did you slept so quickly last night? Joong ki came to meet you but he told me that you were sleeping as he came out of your room"

"I was tired emoni. "
She replied shortly.

"Do you have shoot today?"
Her mother asked bringing her breakfast.

"No, unnie has managed it. My next shoot is on day after tommorow now after I take of this cast. I will visit the hospital tomorrow."
She replied.

"Than, why don't you tell joong ki? If he is free he will come to meet you today".
Her mother suggested.

She just nodded her head and went to her room again after finishing the breakfast. She had messaged joong ki last night that they will meet at 5 PM. It was 10'o clock at that moment Since the restaurant was a bit far from her house and she had nothing to do at house she decided to meet yoonhye whose house was near the restaurant place. She asked her if she was home and than on receiving her reply she changed her clothes and went outside driving her own car to meet her.

She arrived at yoonhye house at approximately 12.30, as the roads were  crowded on the way to her home. She was greeted by the actress herself

"Unnie? How are you? How is your hand?"
She hugged her tightly and asked worriedly.

"Well let me sit"
Yeobeen said smiling.

"Dy Unnie. What a moment."
She went to kitchen and brought out two goblets of juice.
"Here Unnie drink this. "

She smiled at her hoobae plus dear friend.

"Unnie, now tell me how is your hand and what happened? How did it got damaged?"
Yoon hye asked worriedly.

"Well," at first Yeobeen was a bit hesitant whether she should tell her the real reason or not but she was like a smaller sister for her so she decided to tell her the truth and told her the whole story. At the end, tears could be seen on yoonhye eyes but they were tears when a person gets angry.

"Oh that damned people. They aren't even worthy of calling people"
She cursed at them.
Did you tell Joongki oppa? What was his reaction? "

She told her about his reaction and his promise that he will stay by her side. She also told her the conversation she had overheard between him and miss bora

" But yoonhye, I have decided. I have decided that I will leave him and I am not leaving him because of all that fans or netizens reactions stuff I am leaving him because I don't want him to suffer in his career because of me".

She told her after a pause and it was like a bomb dropped on yoon hye.

"But unnie why? Oppa told you right that he has no problem. You guys will get out of this mess together unnie,you two should stick together. It will break both of you unnie. "

She tried to advise yeobeena but she shoke her head.

"No, how much I try, I can't put of the thoughts of him suffering because of me. I know he will never tell me because he knows I will get worried but I don't want him to stop fulfilling his dreams because of me."
She replied.

"But unnie what about his mental suffering? He had it enough in past to and it was in our set and after meeting you that he broke his shell and tried to became happy again. You know how much he had gone through in the past  and you are making him go through all those things again. What about him himself? Why aren't you thinking about him? "
Yoon hye tried to knock some sense into her unnie.

She remained silent for a second and than replied in a low voice,

" I thought about him. I know it would hurt him so much maybe more than it's hurting me. It is difficult for me to. How difficult it was for me to tell me heart that I can't have him and that I have to leave him. I who couldn't even bear the thought of seperation from him, is now myself going to seperate him from me. But I have no other choice, if I don't do that regret will kill me. I don't want to ruin our careers especially his, he is on his peak now, I don't want all of these things to be seized from him just because of our feelings. It is the time he gets the fruit of his patience, his hardwork and how much you try to overlook it, I am the only thing standing between it. "

Yoon-Hye hugged her as tears started to drop from her eyes.

"Don't cry unnie, you have to be strong and remember we are always here for you."

After some time Yeobeen left to meet joong ki at the restaurant. She had booked the same private lounge where they had dinner with others.
She arrived at exact 5P.M and to her amazement joong ki was already present there.

"Oh you came".
He said as he saw her coming. She nodded and sit at the sofa opposite to him.

"How are you? How is your hand now? "
He asked worriedly.

"It's good now, I will go tommorow to the hospital to take the cast off and will resume my filming the day after tomorrow. "
She replied

"Are you sure? You must take some more rest. "
He said to her

"No, it's fine now. When did you come?"

"Well 10 minutes earlier, I thought it would be better to arrive earlier than late. "
He replied seating himself comfortably.
"I came yesterday to meet you but you were, he looked at her, you were sleeping. "

"Dy, umoni told me. Gumawo for those flowers. "
She replied looking down.

"Yeobeena is something bothering you? "
He said now again moving forwad on his seat and looking at her face

"Aniyo, "she shaked her head.
"Let's eat first oppa."

"OK, pick your choice. "
Joong ki knew that she wouldn't want to talk about it so he didn't pushed her. They eat the dinner talking about various things. It was mainly joong ki who was talking whereas yeobeen was only nodding her head or replying yes no.

After eating the dinner, Joong Ki came and sat beside Yeobeen at her sofa.

Yeobeen who was wiping with tissue unconsciously moved a bit back and her this movement didn't go unnoticed by joong ki.

"Uhm," she cleared and again started  wipe .
Joong Ki grabbed the tissue from her fingers and turned the direction of her face towards him. He wiped the area around her lips and asked

"Now tell me what's going on inside your mind?"

Yeobeen didn't reply neither she stopped him from wiping her face. Her face was still in his hand, even after he got rid of the tissue. He was gently caressing her cheek from his thumb.

"I uhm, I want to talk about something important."
She replied her mind wandering because of his touches.

"What's that?"
He moved a bit more forward, his fingers caressing the area around her lips. Their lips were only a centimeter apart and more than joong ki Yeobeen wanted to close that distance. She wanted to kiss him one last time, she wanted to savour his taste one last time. Unconsciously she closed her eyes and her face on her own moved a bit forward, her lips apart. Joong ki saw it as a hint and just when he was about to close the distance between them reality hit Yeobeen hard, and she abruptly open her eyes and stood up.

"I can't do this. "
She said to herself.

" Why?"
He asked.

" I want to talk to you about something important".
She replied ignoring his question and disappointment

She sat on the chair opposite to him. He to sat down on the sofa.

"Oppa, I want us,"
she paused as much as she had prepared her for this moment the night before, words weren't ready to get out from .

"What yeobeena?"
He asked raising his eyebrow

"Oppa, I want us to," she paused again and took a deep breath,"I want us to break up."
Her eyes remain down looking at her lap so that she can't see his reaction.

Oustide both of them heard thunder rumbling and it was like it rumbled on joong ki. He was in shock, even shock was a small word to describe him. He opened his mouth to say something but then closed again. He didn't know what to say. Minutes passed and both of them remained silent they could hear the pouring rain Oustide.

"Why? "
After what seems like eternity joong ki asked in low voice forcing Yeobeen to look at his face.

"I just, I just can't tolerate it anymore. I am not that strong like you. I can't bear people's hatred towards me their remarks and well it is too much dangerous for my work life too" .
Her words for hurting her more than they were hurting him

"Did you listen to my conversation with miss bora that night? "
He asked searching her face and she thought to herself that he knew her so much

"No, I don't know what conversation and night you are talking about."
She lied

"Look at me."
He pleaded her.

She slowly raised her eyes to meet his where hurt expression were evident.

"Why are you doing this? If you doing this because of me than you don't have to worry about me, I will deal with my work myself but don't do this, don't worry about my career..

He kept on saying and his words were cut short by Yeobeen's voice. Her tone a bit dark.

"Who Is saying that I am worried about you? I am not doing this because of you. Right I care about you and your career but my career is my first priority. I don't know about you but this relationship costs me my dreams and my career and not only that I am also getting a lot of hatred because of it. I can't bear it anymore. All of it will affect my professional live and that's the last thing I want. I am an actress who just gained recognition now I don't want all of it to be taken away from me. You know how I'm our society, most of blame falls on girls and they take the blow. I don't about your career but I know it will damage my career."

Her fists were clenched hardly and she was standing up facing towards other side, her back facing joong ki as she didn't want him to see tears that were forming in her eyes, she didn't want him to see the expressions of guilt she had when she was spewing those hurtful words. She was pretty sure that her palm would now have been bleeding as she felt her nails digging deep in her skin.

He didn't say anything. Neither she turned to face him she remained still in her position and he remained still in his position.

After minutes passed, he broke the silence,

"Well if that's what you want than I am ready. I have always told you that I will remain by your side as long as you want me and I only wanted to see you happiness and if I am the barrier between you and your dreams, your happiness, your career than I am ready to step back. My only wish is to see you happy and If you don't want me than Its okay. It doesn't matter if I am by your side or not. The only thing that matters to me is you and your happiness. "

If Yeobeen words hadn't hurt herself  much  than joong ki response made sure to broke her. She quickly wiped her eyes and turned to face him. His face were expressionless. There were no sentiments on his face, neither anger not sadness.

"I will leave first."
He said quietly getting up.

She whispered tears falling from her eyes.

"There is no need, I know all those words you said were a lie but what you said was true and I think this decision is better for both of us. "
He replied

AS much as he wanted to wipe those tears now he can't do it anymore as he lost that right now

Yeobeen sat down she could hear the door closing and him leaving and

As much as she wanted to stop him from leaving she can't now anymore as she lost that right herself.

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