Chapter 15


Song joong ki emotionlessly closed the door behind him and to the parking lot where his car was parked. He slowly made his way to his car and sat inside it. He looked around the parking lot and a memory came two people came back to his mind in which a bit drunk Yeobeen was standing with him. Thanking him that he was there for her and apologizing for making him wait as her car hadn't came. Memories of that day become to flourish inside his head and he hardly clutched the stearing wheel. Tears escaping from his eyes as he looked around.

"Why this always happens to me? Why I always end up suffering by my heart?"
He was punching the stearing wheel, tears falling from his eyes like a pool.
"That's why I didn't want to open my heart, that was the reason I didn't want to love someone again because I knew, I knew I am an unlucky person and no one can stay with me. Why did I allow her to come closer to me, why did I allow her to make my heart open towards her,why did I fell In love with her."
He was cursing himself and it was the moment of revealation from him when he realized that he doesn't only like her, he loved her. He loved her more than he could have imagined and maybe that's why for him her happiness was the top priority.
Maybe our love story is like that of Vincenzo's and chayoung's too, he thought to himself bitterly, they too couldnt live with each other although they loved each other so deeply.

Whereas on the other side after several minutes passed Yeobeen slowly got up, wiped her tears and went to the parking lot, memories of their 1st day here flooded in her mind causing her tears to be back again.

"No more crying yeobeena, you did it yourself."
She jerked her tears off and made her way to her car.

Although Yeobeen had told Yoonhye to not tell this news to anyone but as much she tried she couldn't keep it secret from their geugam family she quickly opened the group chat where everyone except Yeobeen and Joongki were included and messaged

"Guys, I want to tell you something, it is so huge. Please everyone come online quickly"

Kwon Seung wo 
was the 1st to came online,
What happened what's the hurry?
He asked.

Let everyone come first."
Slowly everyone became to father except Taecyeon who they presumed were busy

No tell us what's the news hurry" .
Kwak Dong Yeon messaged with several emojies.

"Guys, this news mustn't get out otherwise Yeobeen Unnie will kill me. She told me to keep it a secret but I can't keep it from you guys. We have to think about something together to make things alright again.
Yoonhye typed

"Well spill the juice, palli."
Yang Kyung won message came

Yoonhye without giving reference to the package and miss bora and song joongki conversation told them about Yeobeen's decision to break up with joong ki. She told them that she took the decision because of netizens and her career.

Apparently she is saying that she is doing it for her career, but i know she is lying."
At the end of message Yoonhye typed

Silence fell in the group which was broken by Kwak Dong yeon

" What a big mess, are both of them mad why are they breaking up?"

Joong Ki oppa isn't, yeobeenie is."
Seo Yeo hwa typed

"But guys all of us saw how much they liked and cherish each other, we should come up with a plan to do something. I know both of them are going to regret later".
Kim yoong won messaged

By that time Taecyeon had also came and was reading their conversation
"What did I miss guys?"
He messaged before reading the convo
"Oh my God looks like I have missed a big thing. Is yeobeenie mad? I will talk to her"
He said after reading the whole convo

"No no, Taecyeon oppa, she will kill me"
Yoon-Hye hastily replied
"And I think she has already told joong ki oppa, she was going to meet him today."

"Than what's our plan guys?"
Taecyeon asked all of them

"We should do something to make them realize especially Beenie that breakup is not the solution."
Lee hang na replied

"Wait guys, I have an idea. Let's give them some time, and If they don't get back together during that time than we will think of something to make them get back together as this is our duty."
Kwak Dong Yeon suggested and all of them agreed to wait for sometime and gave those lovebirds sometime.

Both Jeon Yeo been and song joong ki became their one Year earlier self, silent and lonely and everyone around them could easily notice the change.
The specific smile of Jeon Yeo been's face and happiness in joong ki's behavior all was lost since that evening. Both of them had started their schedule and became busy trying to forget everything that happened but every night before going to sleep as they lay on their respective beds, thoughts of one another crossed their minds making their hearts pained more,making both of them remember their beautiful moments.

Before resuming shooting Jeon Yeo been didn't forget to go to hospital and take her cast off and again there she saw Dr Kim who helped her.

"Here, miss Yeobeen-ssi, it's done now.
Now don't you ever hurt your hand again. "
He said with a smile on his handsome face.

"Dy doctor."
Yeobeen showed her beautiful smile.

"There is no need to call me doctor, you can call me by my name."
He said

"Well you too call me using formal tittle so that's why"
Yeobeen replied.

I have no problem in calling you Yeobeen too, yeobeena. 
He winked

"Are you flirting with me?"
Yeobeen smiled at him. She didn't know why but that doctor always made her smile like that person

"No, I don't want to end up as a fertilizer of vineyard. "
He winked at her causing her to laugh sadly

"Well I should leave now."
She said getting up.

"Yeobeen, "
He called her


"Are you free this Sunday? Actually when I told my little sister that I met you, she became so excited she is a huge fan of yours and I promised her that I will bring you to meet her. Mianhe but If you are free than let me give you treat."

"Haha we aren't that close that you give me treat but yes I am ready to meet your sister as you have promised."
She replied smiling

"Good, than it's done" .
Both of them exchanged each other's number with Yeobeen promising that she will come to meet her sister.

They only met a month ago and  both of them instantly became very good friends. There were 2 people who were always by Yeobeen's, they always hang out with her, accompany her, talk to her and in the last month they were the closest persons to her one was none other than Yoon hye and other was her new friend Dr Kim. Since most of time the three of them used to hang out together so, Dr Kim and Yoon hye also had became very well acquainted with one another.

Whereas on other side song joong ki tried to hide himself again his shell, he didn't anymore attend the get togethers or parties, he rarely used to go to hang out due to his busy schedule as well as because he didn't want to. With much efforts of Kwak Dong Yeon and Taecyeon they managed to take him out for meetups.

Life was apparently going smoothly for both of them, the rumors had died down and the one thing they notice was that netizens were still commenting on them,some wanting them to be together and some as usual trolling them. They didn't knew the effect of their bashing on lives of two lovers.
Yeobeen had recieved an offer to star for a commercial and joong ki too recieved offers for commercials. There faces were always smiling and happy with their friends and family but deep down their was a sense of longing in them for one another. No one even Vincenzo's cast mentioned song joong ki in front of Yeobeen and vice versa.

Everynight the memories of one another occupied their minds, both strolling down the other's chat, sometimes seeing the online sign above the chat of person, not knowing that the other person was doing the same thing they were doing and it was missing each other.

Days changed into weeks and weeks changed into months. 3 months has passed since the break up of song joong ki and jeon yeo been. The shooting for Jeon Yeo been's new drama was nearly completed and she was free most of the time now, she spend most of her time either at home or with yoonhye an Kim gon, she was also in contact with other vincenzo family and friends but they were the most frequented persons in her life nowadays.

She had also talked with joong ki's sister in law twice or thrice after their breakup. When she learned about their breakup, she called her to tell that even if her brother in law and yeobeen's relationship didn't work they could still remain as good friends and she gladly accepted the offer as she too deep down wanted to talk with his family too who treated her like their own daughter

Song joong ki too was busy in his life, his shooting schedule was very tight and he also had to go to coloumbia for some scenes,but due to Covid restrictions he couldn't go and this his schedule became even more tighter. He couldnt even find time to sleep properly but one thing he always make sure everyday was checking on Yeobeen. He always used to search her, to find out how is she doing, is she fine or not and everyday hi breathed a sigh of relief after finding that life is going smoothly for her.

Jeon Yeo been, Kim Yoon hye and Kim gon decided to meet today after whole 2 weeks because of busy schedules of Kim gon and Yoon hye and when they were available Yeobeen became a bit busy. They decided to meet at a new restaurant, Yoon hye suggested, Yeobeen arrived a bit earlier as the place was near her house after waiting for around 10 minutes Kim gon arrived. Yeobeen waved at him to get his attention and he sat opposite to her,

"Well looks like you are busy today as well."
Yeobeen pointed towards the labcoat he was wearing

"Aniya, an emergency came that's why I had to go otherwise it was my off today. "

"Aigo, our hardworking doctor."
She .
" How is Ara?"
Yeobeen asked, Ara was Kim gon's little sister as well as a huge fan of yeobeen

"She is good as usual she was pestering me that she wants to meet you again."
He rolled his eyes.

"Well than why didn't you bring her"?
She asked laughing now.

"She had some school function. It still looks like yesterday when we both met at the restaurant with her. I sometimes wonder how we became that good friends over a short span of time. "
He said thinking about past.

"Yes", she replied, "maybe I needed a really good friend that time and God sent me it in form of you."
She replied

"You are flattering me".
He laughed.

"Dy Dy, by the way where is Yoonhye? She told us about this place she isn't there herself."
Yeobeen asked.

" Yup, let me ask her."
He said opening his phone.

" Uhm Uhm, looks like you two have become really good friends too are you just friends or.. "
She laughing. Talking with Yoonhye and gon always made her smile like she used to do back that's why the both of them made sure to hangout with Yeobeen once a week.

" Well there is nothing like that between us,"
He rolled his eyes as he knew she was teasing him causing her to laugh harder.

Her laughter was interrupted by a male's voice
"Yeobeen noona? "

She turned towards the source of voice and it felt like everything around her stopped.

There he was standing, the face she had missed the most, the face she wanted to see the most but couldn't, there he was standing in front of her  smiling dashingly. She unconsciously stood up from her chair, she wasn't looking at the person who had called her, Kwak Dong Yeon, she was looking at the person standing beside him, the person, due to which everynight she cries, the person who was and who is her love. She was just staring at him and slowly he too looked up to see the girl in front of him who was gazing at her and he could feel her gaze, both of their eyes met, and goosebumps run through both of them as that eye contact was making both of them remember each other. Both of their eyes' were trying to tell the other person eye's that how much they wanted to see them, how much they missed them.

Yeobeen came back to reality when she heard Dong yeon calling her again,
"Noona, are you alright?"

Both of them quickly broke their eye contact and Yeobeen transferred her attention to Dong Yeon who was asking her,

"Dy Dy, I am good. How are you here?"
She asked trying to calm her heart, a forced smile forming on her lips.

"Us, well hyung wanted to go out so I brought him here. Than I saw you sitting so I thought we should meet, you know we are meeting after a long time right?"

On hearing this song joong ki threw a strange look to Dong Yeon as it was song Yeo who practically pulled him out of his house to come here

" Yes, Dy."
She replied in a small voice, awkward silence fell among all of them, Kim gon who was sitting and the other three who were standing and the two of them stealing glances at one another.

"Uhm, have you been well?"
The silence was broken by joong ki voice. Although he was looking down but she knew that this question was pointed towards her.

How can I be, when you are not with me.
She thought to herself.

"Dy dy, what about you are you good? Is your health fine? "
She forced a smile.

How can I be, when you left me.
A thought passed his head but he faked a smile and replied yes.

An awkward silence again fell which was than broken by cheerful voice of Dong Yeon,
" Well why the environment is so tense? Let's sit yeorobun."
He laughed at his own joke

"Yes, let's sit",
Yeobeen nodded. Kwak dong Yeon was eyeing the seat beside Kim gon but before he could sit there Yeobeen quickly made her way to the chair and sat down.

"Well, I think we are meeting 1st time? Who are you?"
Kwak dong Yeon asked Kim gon as he noticed him sitting.

"I am Dr Kim gon. I am yeobeena's friend and yes we are meeting 1st time"
He politely shaked hands with him and replied.

"Oh, dy. Its nice to meet you."
Kwak dong Yeon said with a smile.

"Same here,"he replied too," how are Mr, Joong Ki sshi. It had been a long time since we last met."
He turned his attention towards song joong ki who was busy fidgeting with his phone.

"Oh dy, I am well too" .
He replied faking a smile.

Kwak dong Yeon was eyeing suspiciously  all of them, it felt like he was in middle of some teen aged drama, lovers who broke up and two extra persons which were him and Dr Kim gon.

"Uhm, so noona," he again tried to break the huge lump of ice formed," how is everything going?Has your shooting been completed?"

"Everything is good. No only a few days are left after it, it will be finished."
Yeobeen said trying to compose herself, "well what about you? What are you doing nowadays and how is everyone else?"

"I am currently reviewing a script I received, everyone is great too and were missing its like you have forgetton us completely, you don't meet us anymore."
He made a sad face at end causing her to smile.

"Aniya, I was actually quite busy that's why, I promise I will meet you guys sooner after the shooting ends".
She replied.

"But Yoonhye was telling us that you guys meet each other nearly everyweek. All three of you. I guess you have forgotten us after making new friends"
At the end he pointed towards Dr Kim.

"Haha Ani," she smiled
"how can I forget you?"

She said the last line in a low voice, apparently she was talking to dong Yeon but everyone knew towards whom the last line was pointed to.
A sad smile appeared on song joong ki's face and he turned to look at the girl.

"By the way, are you guys on some sort of date?"
Kwak dong Yeon pointed towards Kim gon and jeon yeobeen who were sitting beside each other.

Jeon Yeobeen, who was drinking water to calm herself, coughed loudly. A bit of water spilling from .

"Aniya," she said loudly,"we are," she coughed again, "we were just meeting up, Yoon hye is coming too."

"No need to get worked up noona, there is nothing wrong even if you guys are dating."
Kwak dong Yeo smiled at them and Kim gon who just pulled a tissue and swiftly wiped the water drops beneath yeobeen's lips making Yeobeen herself a bit taken aback nodded her head in agreement,

"Yes, look Beenie he is saying the same thing, Yoon hye was also saying to us this the other day."

At that moment, Yeobeen literally wanted to either kill herself or kill the person sitting beside her,

"Why is he referring to me as Beenie he is doing it first time and when did Yoonhye say something like this, I Don't remember."
All thoughts were forming in her head but on outside she just smiled and nodded trying to change the topic

"Well, noona looks like you are blushing, look hyung isn't noona blushing?"
Dong Yeon said nudging joong ki who was looking at the bottle of water in front of him as if a deep secret file lies in the bottle and he was thinking how to bring it out without spilling the water.
On dong Yeon words joong ki turned his gaze first to Yeobeen and than to Kwak dong Yeon.his gaze was full of anger, it was like he would kill dong Yeon any second. He quickly grabbed the bottle of water and stood up.

"You guys talk, I will catch up in a moment."
He said clenching the bottle hard, which was squealing under his hard grip and quickly stormed off the table going outside.

"Well what happened to him"
Kim gon innocently asked

"I don't know looks like something was bothering him."
Kwak Dong Yeon replied whereas Yeobeen thought
"Something never changes" as she heard the squek of plastic bottle and a sad smile appeared on her face

Kwak Dong Yeon secretly smiled and opened his phone under the table and typed


Mission succeeded


And sent the message to their group chat where everyone was waiting for his message eagerly.


(P.S: sorry guys if you find this chapter short or boring. I wanted to write this chapter in a bit facepaced manner.

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