Jeon yeo been was sitting quietly in the same lounge on the same seat she had been sitting 2 weeks ago, but the only difference was that 2 weeks ago she was happy carefree whereas 2 weeks later she was scared nervous.
Song joong ki was sitting beside her whereas his Manger, Mr Cho was sitting in front of them and her Manger, miss bora, she wasn't sitting, she was waking to and fro, a strange expression on her face which predict anything but good.

There was silence in the lounge and it was broken by Miss Bora's voice.

"Do you guys have any idea what would the outcome be? And how how could you even think about dating without even telling us".
She pointed at her and Mr Cho.

"Because they knew that this would be our reaction."
Mr cho said under his breath but all of them heard him, a laugh escaped  from joong ki lips, and both of them earned a deathly look from miss bora.

"Be serious both of you and Mr cho you should scold them too why are you just sitting here. Do you guys have any idea how serious the matter is. Reporters were already gathering in front of your house when we arrived that's why we asked to open the back gate. I can't even imagine the outcome if the saw us."
She said angrily

" Uhm, yes guys, what miss bora is saying is absolutely right. If you guys were dating you should have been prudent."
Mr Cho also reluctantly got up

" You should ask them why are they dating too? There should be no room for dating for both of you especially yeobeena" .
Miss bora turned towards him.

"We are dating because we like each other. We like each other a lot and I have no mind in near future to stop dating with her. Kindly give us a moment alone please."

Song joong ki broke his silence and stood up and without warning took hand of yeo been and made her come with him.

"Where are you two going? Here we are discussing about you two not dating and you are taking her with you"
Miss bora interjected.

"I have made myself clear."
He said politely and went to his room leaving a baffled Mr Cho and furious Miss bora behind.

"Why didn't you say anything to them? Only I am doing the part."
As there was no one else so she vent her anger on poor Mr Cho.

"Well I scolded them too. But why are you so against at them dating?"
He asked curiosily

"Aren't you?" She asked.

"No I am not against at their dating. I think they should only take care and be secretive but as far as them dating there is nothing wrong in it".
He replied

"Yes, you are song joong ki's, the popular star manager that's why this is your stance but I am jeon yeo been's manager, who had already became popular two months ago, she is a newbie and both of us know that in our industry being a newbie is not a great thing. I am afraid for yeo beena, she will receive so much backlash because of dating with such a popular star."
Miss bora sat down on the couch and said.

"You are right but we should just let them decide. This is not a place for us to interfere."
He said and miss bora closed her eyes feeling no need to reply.

"Why are you so worried, yeobeena?"
Song joong ki asked jeon yeo been who was sitting on his bed and he was sitting on the floor in front of her, her small hands closed in warmth of his big hands.

"I am not worried, I am just I don't know I am just's the 1st time for me."
Jeon yeo been whispered still looking down at their hands.

"I will be always there for you and I am here for you. I know it's difficult for you. It's the 1st time your relationship has became public you are afraid of people reaction but I am here with you and I will be always whatever the other says, as long as you are there I will not leave you."
He said to her raising her face by her chin making her look at him. A tear escaped from her left eye.

"I am afraid of losing you. I don't want to. I know people wouldn't love us as much as they loved you with Song hye kyo. Your couple was worldwide famous and after divorce both of you had to face consequences. I am afraid what if people compare me with her. I am not popular or beautiful like her. I am afraid what if people taunt you for liking someone like me only after a year of your divorce. I am afraid for you. People love you I don't want them to dislike you just because of me. I am afraid what if you recieve their backlash? I am afraid,"she paused a sob escaped from ,"I am afraid of not being with you".

He was just staring at her, they crying girl in front of him. He didn't know what to say to her to make her sure that history will not repeat itself. That they will not be separated and that for himself people's opinion doesn't matter to him as long as she is happy and isn't receiving any backlash.

He quietly wiped her tears off her cheeks and than cupped her face with his hands and kissed her both of eyes one by one. She was shocked at him as she was expecting some sort of answer.
His kisses trailed down the tears to her face. He lightly kiss both of her cheeks and went near her lips but paused, he looked at her beautiful brown eyes which were looking at him, again a tear leaked from those brown eyes traveling quickly from left cheek to her jaw bone and ran. He again kissed her left eye moving down to her left cheeks and than down to her jaw, he uplifted her face lightly from his right hand, his left hand on her nape and kissed her jawline first and than lightly bit it making yeo been tremble, a moan escaped from her lips and she grabbed joong ki's shoulder tightly.

He stopped and looked again at those eyes which were staring innocently and shockingly at him as he never had done such kind of thing.

"If you ever cry again in front of me due to this reason, this will be your punishment."
He said in a low voice, his hands still on her neck and cheek and her hands on his shoulders. His fingers gently carrased the area where he had previously bit.

"Joong ki," yeo been whispered,"you will be with me right? You said you can't see me unhappy so you will not leave me right? "

"I just want your happiness."
He said assuredly and was now taken by surprise as she quickly crashed her lips onto his. She was kissing him furiously as she wouldn't get the chance again. Her hands traveled up to his nape and she caressed it with her fingers making him tickle as it was his sensitive spot. He too lost his control and grabbed her slim and long neck with both of his hands and pulled him closer to her tightly, he too was kissing her hardly, he bit her lower lip in order to get an entrance to she gasped and opened making him succeed at his mission, he picked her from the bed, her hands grasping his shoulders and hairs, and than sat on the bed himself making her sit on his lap, both of yeobeen's leg around his waist. Her eyes were close she was letting him do whatever he wants and he just wanted her, he was kissing her lips, biting them making her gasp and making him want her more. Both of them broke the kiss at same time, their faces so close to each other, breath intermingling that she could smell his mint toothpaste.


Both were breathless and remain at the same position, his hands around her waist and her legs encircling his waist. Her one hand traveled from her neck to his shoulder and than down to his chest and the other hand around his nape.

"I want you," she whispered lightly blushing.

"Same but it's not right time sweety. The people sitting at lounge will kill us if they found out what we are doing."
He said kissing her jaw lightly making her shiver again.
She smiled and buried her head at crook of his neck hugging him tightly.
"Thank you for caring about me and my happiness."

He smiled caressing her hairs.
"I can do anything for you to make you happy."

Both of them came of out the room after half an hour making miss bora more angry she even thought about going to the room but Mr Cho asked her not to.
"We should let them solve it themselves."
He tried to tell her.

Yeo been straighten her hairs and clothes with her hands and joong ki too wiped lipstick which was left on corner of his bottom lips.

"Look what you have done."
Both of them were standing in front of the mirror yeobeen looking at herself and joong ki checked himself and pointed at his bottom lip.

"Oh biande," she blushed," let me wipe it".

"No, it's okay I will wipe it."
He smiled at her.

"Yeobeena," he looked at her,"if ever I do something wrong than please forgive me. Just remember that for me you are the most important and your wellbeing is the most important. Biande yeobeena"
She was shocked at his words and a came closer to him
"What happened, Joong ki?"

"Nothing, I don't know what I am saying. Let's go,"
he took her hand and came out in the lounge where one person was patiently waiting for them whereas the other was Impatiently waiting for them. The first thing miss bora noticed was their hands that were enclosed in one another's. As yeobeen noticed her piercing gaze she tried to take out her hand but joong ki held it tighter.

"Well we have decide," he announced, while waking towards the sofa,"that we will continue to date each other and yes we will take care of our surroundings and will be secretive but we will continue our relationship and that's it. I am not taking anyone's advice in this matter. We will both try to not gain to much attention or tarnish our representatives," he pointed to miss bora and Mr Cho,"reputation but we will continue to be with each other. But if the matter gets out of our hands and their are still problems than whatever you two will decide we will oblige."

"Well, if you guys have decided that what can I say? Let's go yeobeena"
Miss bora replied angrily.

"I will drop her".
Joong ki interjected.

"Don't even think about it. Just because we didn't say anything to both of you it doesn't mean we are happy. I will come up with a list of rules both of you must follow and the 1st rule is no public display of affection."
She said while waking towards them and separating their hands
"and 2nd rule is no dropping or picking one another from their house and not even entering their house."

"It's wrong", joong ki groaned and look at his manager for support.

"No she is right we have to be careful".
But he sided with Miss bora.

"Yes. We are going than, and one thing more, we will not release any kind of statement"
Miss bora told them.

"We are off than," she said taking yeo been by her hand,
yeo been waved them good bye and both went out from the back door.

Whereas on the other side all the Vincenzo Familia was curious on what's going on between joong ki and yeo been as they knew the rumors were true.
Kwak dong formed another group chat adding all the members except yeo been and joong ki.

"Have you guys heard the breaking news?"
He typed.
Taecyon too was online so he replied first.

"About joong ki hyung and yeobeena?
Yes I just read the article. Those people why do they have to publish it?"
Yoon hye too replied
"Yes I just read it too and reported it. Even if they are dating let them live in peace. Did you guys read the line saying it looks like joong ki have found love again only a year after his divorce. They were painting him as a flirt."

"Yes and the line saying yeobeen a newbie falling in love with her older divorced sunbae like those wordings. I hate that magazine I reported that article too. I don't if they have read it or not."
Kyung woo replied referring to joong ki and yeobeen.

One by one everyone came online and joined the discussion everyone worried about them and their future and Public reaction.

" As much as I have read comments." Yeojin typed,
" netizens especially knetizens reaction is not that good. I am just worried about both of them they like each other so much. What should we do to help them?"

"Well let's protect them. Everyone report that biased article. We should also tell joong ki and Yeobeena that we are here with them. Let's protect them at all platforms."
Taecyon suggested

"Yes we should do that".
Everyone agreed to him.

When yeobeen sat in car with her manager she was afraid as she looked so much angry. Half of their journey went in silence which was broken by Miss bora.

"Yeobeena, you are not just my employer you are like a sister too me,, a dongseong, to me your well being is my top priority. I know you like him and he likes you too but you guys would receive so much backslash. It is not easy to date in this industry yeobeena. I am afraid for both of you.
He too will recieve criticism just like you. Can you both see each other being unhappy because of other? "

Yeobeen hadn't thought about her that much she was only thinking about joong ki. She knew some people doesn't like him and for them it would be the best opportunity to destroy his image

"I don't know unnie what to do. Just the thought of us seperating breaks me up. Whereas on other side  I don't want to see him suffering because of me"
She sobbed

"Don't worry yeobeena, I will not force you. I just want your happiness too. I just want to warn you that life is not bed of roses and both joong ki and you know it well I don't want you guys to go through the same trauma again."
Miss bora held yeobeen's hand and replied.

" Hyung, Am I doing it right?"
Joong Ki asked his manager Mr Cho who had just made coffee for them and brought it.

"I don't know what to say too joong ki. I am just afraid for both of you."
Mr Cho replied.

"Me too. I am afraid for yeobeena. I promised her just now that I won't leave her and will be always there for her but what if my presence make her life miserable. I don't want her to go through all the bad phase again."
He was unsure.

"Just keep going with flow. Everything will settle itself. Just do what your minds tell you, just go where your happiness resides."
His hyung told him.

My happiness resides with yeobeen's happiness.
He didn't reply but just thought to himself.

Days passed but neither rumors nor people's comments died down. At 1st Yeobeen tried to ignore all the bad thoughts but after some time she couldn't help but to think about people's reaction especially the bad comments. They were calling her names, calling her home wrecker attention seeker and so on. Some fans, especially the internetional fans, were also loving the news, they had formed several couple names for them, calling them jeonki, Song Jeon etc but the reaction of kfans wasn't that good and not only fans people inside industry were also not much happy and Yeobeen 1st noticed it when she resumed her filming of glitch when she found that some of the staff's behavior had changed towards her. Most of the staffs and cast were same with her, not mentioning anything but she could sense Change in some of staff members. Yeobeen also had recieved an advertisement offer prior to the news but as the news broke out the director of ad called to apologize her manager that they had found another model. Yeobeen tried her best to not think about these things, to remain happy as long as song joong ki, her family and the Vincenzo famalia is with her but everything was so new to her. She was receiving much love since past 2 to 3 months but now instantly everything changed and people were trolling her. she was accompanied to not being known not being popular but it was not habitual for her to being called by names or to be hated by somepeople.

Whole Vincenzo family were always by their side. Song Joong Ki told only  them in groupchat that the rumors are true and everyone perceived the news extremely well and became happy. Making plan for them, their futures and promising both of them that they will always protect and help them.

Days passed and Yeobeen mental condition was deteriorating . She could stop thinking about everything going around her. Song Joong Ki and yeobeen's family also noticed change in her as she became quite those days and everyone tried their best to make her happy again especially joong ki. He made sure to call or message her daily. Asking about her, her work everything to lessen her tension.

However One day Yeobeen reached her breakpoint. Even the start of the day was bad for her, at first she wasn't feeling very well and she also didn't receive any message or call from joong ki, than she got late for her shooting site and because she couldn't act properly that day, the director called her day off ordering her to take rest. She was angry at herself and her fever was rising too. She also got the news from a platform that joong ki was offered a drama but the offer had been taken back. No reasons were written but she knew what the reason was and the reason was her and their dating news. It made her more bitter and worried.

Just as she reached her home, she found a postman at her door.

"Anneyong, this is parcel for Yeobeen sshi? Does she live here?"
He asked as she neared the gate.

"Dy, kindly give it to me".
She replied wondering who sent her parcel. She recieved the parcel and went inside.

Her mother was not at home, she sat in the couch and opened the parcel. There was a big brown envelope inside the parcel and a small flask shape envelope. She opened the brown envelope and found photos and a letter inside it. She was shocked to look at those photos. Someone had destroyed her photos with red and black marker. Those photos were of her childhood, teenage and recent pics. There were curses written on those photos and a photo was fully destroyed with red color.
It was her favorite photo with song joong ki, they had taken it during hanbok scene and joong ki was looking at her in that photo. Tears began to leak from her eyes. Her hands tremble as she began to read the letter which was full of hatred and curses for her. A part of it was:

"Get away from our oppa's life. He doesn't love you he doesn't even like you. He is only tolerating with you because you were his costar. Don't you destroy our oppa's image just because of your selfish reasons. You only want to get success and that's why you are using our oppa to get succeed. No one knows you and some people know you only because of joong ki oppa. You are an attention seeker foul woman. Our oppa only loved 1 woman you are nowhere in his life. You only brought him misery. He is losing his offers because of you.Leave him alone, you ."

The letter was all written in red as if written in blood.

Tears were flowing in her face. She was so much hurt. All of this only acts as a catalyst to made her day more worst and it succeeded. She turned her attention to the other wrapper.

The following words were written on it.
"It's a present for you. You deserve this not our oppa. You trash".

She thought not to open the wrapper as she wasn't expecting anything good. But she still opened the envelope, thinking that it couldn't made her day more worst. But she was wrong, as when she opened the package,liquid sweeped our her fingers.

"Ouch," she abruptly stood up, the liquid spilling on the floor. A stinging sensation bite her fingers and she cried in pain.

"Ouch, eomma, eomma."
She winced in pain as her fingers turned red. The liquid in the package was an acid. Thankfully only Yeobeen left hand index and middle finger came in contact with the liquid but the pain in those fingers was unbearable. She didn't know what to do, as her mother wasn't home. She started to cry aloud, wincing in pain.

She looked for her phone and called the last number she talked to and it was her manager.

"Unnie Unnie," she sobbed her voice full of pain, "can you please come to my house?"

"Yeobeena, what happened why are you crying? I am coming, I am near to your house supermarket. I am coming. "

"Unnie, please quickly. "
Phone slipped from her hands as her pain increased, she quickly went to kitchen and opened the tap and put her fingers under cold water. Her pain increased as water came in contact but she bear as she had read once to first wash your hand with cold water for a long time if you came in contact with acid.

She heard her manager's car horn and was thankful that she forgot to close the door. Her manager quickly came inside the house calling her name.

"Yeobeena, yeobeena".

"Unnie, I am here."
She tried to shout but failed but her manager heard her.

"Yeobeena, what happened?"
Her manager asked as she enter the kitchen.

"Oh my God, yeobeena what's that? What happened? Stop it. Let's go to hospital now."

"Unnie,"she winced in pain.

Her manager quickly helped her to get in the car and drove fastly to the nearby hospital and went to her with emergency. The pain was becoming unbearable for her and her eyes were closing as all of the day's fatigue and mental tension came back to her. She was going into drowsiness, she heard a faint sound calling her name and a female tapping her cheeks and after that everything went black.

Jeon Yeobeen woke after 3 hours. The doctor had tended her wound and injected some antipains, IV drip and sleeping pills and that's why she woke up from her drowsiness much later.

She slowly opened her eyes, not recognizing her surrounding. Her eyes were still heavy. She tried to turn her head and found a young good looking man in a white overcoat.

"Miss Yeobeen sshi how are you feeling now? "
She heard him asking.

She tried to speak but couldn't find the energy, so she just nodded her head.

"No don't waste your energy. I have injected some medicenes that's why you are feeling like this but you will feel better in half an hour approximately."

She just smiled and looked down at her left hand which was wrapped fully in bandage. Worry crept over her face and she quickly turned her head towards the doctor who was looking at her as if knowing what she was thinking

"Don't worry Yeobeen-ssi,your fingers are fine. If you were a bit late than there would be chance of full burns but your arrived in time. They are a bit swallowed and red and a bit of skin is damaged but dont worry, I have prescribed the medications. Your fingers will be perfectly fine within two weeks."

Relief swept over her face and she fully smiled at the young doctor and bowed her head to thank him. The young doctor whose name was, Kim gon, smiled at her patient.

"Well, you should take more rest. I am type of doctor that wants his patients to heal quickly. I will tell your family members waiting outside that you are fine but they can't come inside now."

"Kamsamida,"Yeobeen replied in low voice and the doctor left leaving her alone again.

The doctor came outside to find her manager and mother waiting.

"Well she is perfectly fine. You shouldn't worry. I have told her to take rest. You can meet her later."
He bowed to them respectfully

"Thank God,"
her mother said tears in her eyes,my yeobeena.

"Emoni, she is alright don't worry" .
Her manager said consoling yeobeen's mother.

"I don't know how to thank you bora, you saved my daughter. Kamsahamnida."

"Aniyo, she is just like my sister."

"You should go home now bora, you are here from morning. You must be tired. Here take my keys and rest up. I will call you if anything happens."
Yeobeen's mother said

"Emoni, how will you manage alone?"
Miss bora asked

"It's alright, I have to just sit. Go and take rest."

"Dy Emoni, make sure to call me if something happens, I will come back after 2 to 3 hours."
Miss bora replied taking the keys.

"Excuse me, you are miss Jeon Yeobeen-ssi family right?"
Kim gon, who was on round came to, miss bora when he saw her leaving.

"Dy, I am her manager."
She replied back.

"Well, I just want to discuss something with you. I don't know if it's right place for me to say but it looked like miss Yeobeensshi has a lot on her mind. I know the wound was severe but it wasn't that worst to made her lose her consciousness and even after regaining her consciousness she is not looking well. I am not well known to that field but I think she is suffering from some kind of depression or problems. I think you should consult her with a doctor."

Kim gon said to miss bora. She was silent at first and then replied.

"Yes she had a lot going on in her life. I hope she becomes better."

"Well see you than"
The doctor bowed and went back to his duty making miss bora fell in deep thoughts about Yeobeen.

Song joong ki, was too much busy from the start of the day that he forgot to call yeobeena. When he came back home,later at night, he tried to call her but no reply. He had also previously sent her many messages but she hadn't response to them also.

"Where is she? I wonder if she is alright. However busy she is she always make sure to sent me one message."
He thought to himself worriedly.

He too noticed a bit change in her behavior, not that she didn't talk to him like earlier but there was a small change in her. She wasn't that happy or enthusiastic as she had been before. Joong Ki always thought that she had tight schedule and that's was the reason of her behavior.
He too was worried as people were not recieving the magazine rumors very well. But since he was in this industry since last 13 years and many rumors had been made so he tried his best not to worry about them. But whenever he saw people bashing and calling Jeon Yeobeen his worries increased because he knew no matter  how much strong she was, she couldn't take all those words and especially since it was her first time.

"I wonder if she is alright? What if she is not talking to me after reading people's comments?"
He became worried and waited for her reply but no response.

At last he called her mother and thankfully she picked up the call.

"Yeoboseyo, emoni? How are you?"
Joong Ki asked yeobeen's mother as she picked the call.

"I am fine my son. What about you? Are you fine?"
Her mother asked.

"Dy emoni. I am good too. Emoni where is yeobeena. I tried calling her but she didnt pick up. Is she busy?"
He explained.

"Don't you know?"
Her mother asked him.

"Know what emoni?"
It was like his suspicions were coming true.

"My yeobeena", she sobbed,"my yeobeena is in hospital. I don't know what happened she just collapsed and injured her fingers."

"What? Why did No one told me?"
He shouted getting up

"Miss bora was there with her. She called me too."

"Where are you emoni? I am coming now."
He took his keys and ran out.

Her mother told him hospital address. He reached the hospital within 30 minutes by driving in a high speed, escaping an  accident nearly . He got information from the desk and ran upstairs towards the room where Yeobeen was admitted. He found her mother in front of the room.

"Emoni", he said running towards her. "What happened to her?"

"I don't know my child she replied, I wasn't at home  miss bora called me to tell that she had collapsed and is in hospital. She had also injured her left hand by spilling acid. The doctor said that she is alright now but she must rest."
Her mother explained now sobbing.

"Well emoni, don't worry. She is Jeon Yeobeen she will get better."
He said side hugging her mother.

"Emoni, you can go home now. I will stay here."
He purposed after some time.

"No my child. I am alright and what if people recognize you. It can come again in news."
Her mother wasn't on social media so she didn't watch people's reaction but she knew that a news had broken out.

"No Emoni. It doesn't matter and you should take rest now. Whenever she wakes up. I will call you. I promise."
He pursuaded her.

"Should I drop you?" He asked.

"No no, I will go in a taxi."

"Are you sure emoni?"

"Yes my child,just take of care of yeobeena and call me whenever she wakes up."

"Dy Emoni. Don't worry."

He made her assure. Yeobeen's  mother left and now it was only joong ki sitting, lost in his thoughts, looking into various factors which could made her collapsed. His solitude was disturbed by footsteps of a doctor which was presumably Jeon yeo been's doctor.

"Excuse me, where is the woman which was previously sitting here?"
Kim gon asked him.

Joong Ki looked at the good looking doctor who just came
"Well she left. Are you Jeon yeo been sshi doctor?"

"Dy I am,"Kim gon replied," and you are?"
He had recognized joong ki by his voice but remain ignorant.

"Well," he didn't know how to introduce himself,
"well I am patient's friend. When can I meet her?"

"I am going to see her you can come with me if you want."
Kim gon said going inside the room and joong ki joined him a minute later.

Jeon yeo been wasn't sleeping but her eyes were shut . She didn't want to think about anything but failed to do so. Tears strained were on her cheeks. She heard the doctor's footsteps and quickly wiped her cheeks and turned her head towards him.

"Well, miss Yeobeen sshi. How are you feeling now? Have you slept?"

"I am alright now doctor."
She replied in a small voice smiling a bit. She tried to get up from her position but failed as she was buried in a heavy blanket and her one hand was bandaged.

"Wait let me help you".
Kim gon said coming closer to her and helped her sit up by picking her from her shoulders.

"Thank you so much doctor."
She smiled beautifully at Kim gon thanking him.

"Aniyo, actually I am your big fan, Hong chayoung sshi."
He replied laughing.

"Haha wow, I liked it."
She laughed too. It was the 1st time in the whole week she had laughed.

Just than joong ki quietly entered the room and he didn't liked the sight he saw, the handsome doctor had his arms on shoulders of yeobeen's and both of them were smiling at each other.

"Well Hong chayoungsshi, someone has came to meet you."
Kim gon said to her.

She asked smiling at him calling her Hong Cha-Young

"Your Vincenzo,"he and whispered in her ear.

The smile on yeobeen's lips faded as soon as she turned her head towards the door and found joong ki standing there.

"Well, he said he is your friend and wanted to meet you. I guess both of you can meet now."
Kim gon said now loudly as he too noticed joong ki entering and was going towards the door.

"Uhm doctor,"
Yeobeen called him from behind in a strange voice
"I am not feeling well. I don't think I can meet anyone today."

She didn't know what made her day that but her words didn't hurt her that much as much as they hurt the man standing on the door. He was staring shockingly at the woman sitting on the hospital bed, her eyes not reaching above to meet the eyes of man who was staring at her, his eyes full of hurtness, like someone stabbed him in back. He couldn't find courage to come forward and ask the girl why did she say those words, why her attitude changed as soon as she saw him, why her smile left her face when she found him at the door as she always used to smile after seeing him.

Between those two conflicted people, Kim gon, was standing looking at those two people who looked in a deep relation but extremely hurt.

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