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Since the weather that day was so good, so Yeobeen wanted to go out. They first stopped by at yeobeen's house so that she could change and get ready properly. When yeobeen's mother saw Yeobeen coming with joong ki, she was shocked.

"You together?"
She was formulating words but only this came out.

"Yes eomma, finally your daughter decided to come back to me".

Joong ki came forward and hugged her mother from behind.

Her mother was happily shocked as she hugged joong ki's arm back and Yeobeen was standing in front of them seeing both of them like this made her smile.

"Aigo my child, I missed you so much."

Her mother said to joong ki as the three of them entered the lounge.

"Aish, you guys haven't met for only three months."
Yeobeen rolled her eyes smiling.

"Yes but still we missed each other. I wanted to come one day but I was scared of your daughter what if she throws something at me?"

Joong ki said sitting beside Yeobeen's mother.

"Well now she is saying that it's only three months but in whole of these three month she is the one who missed you the most. You know I could hear her sobbing every night or looking out of her window as if waiting for you"
Her mother spilled her secrets.

"Aniyoo, I didn't. Yah both of you."

She became indignant and ran to her room to get ready and both of them laughed hard.

After changing into simple comfortable clothes she came down within 10 minutes to find those two people deeply in conversation to each other .

"I am ready. Let's go."

She said coming in front of them and waving to get their attention.

"Oh yeah, let's go."

Joong ki said standing up and hugged her mother.

"Goodbye emoni."

"Goodbye my child."

She said as both of them left.

"Where are we going by the way?"
Yeobeen asked as they sat in car.

He smiled.

"Haha, the place must be good."
She replied.

"You can sleep if you want. Pull the handle beneath your chair, it will get comfortable."
He said to her driving the car.

"Dy song bajang,"
She smiled doing as he told and half lay down on the seat watching him quietly.

"I know I am extremely handsome."

He said his eyes on the road as he noticed her eyes on his face

"Cocky aren't we?"
She chuckled at him.

"Well of course, I mean look at the girls out there, all love me and want me"

He replied smirking causing her to pinch his arm lightly.

"Well, if that's the case than I am pretty too." She said sitting up,"boys out there want me too and a friend of Nana eonni was asking her if I am single. She was telling me he is really hands

Her words remained in her mouths, as he grabbed her by name and kissed her, her bottom lip. His one hand on the stearing wheel holding it tightly and other on her nape. Although the kiss lasted for only few moments, she still enjoyed it.

He smirked as he released her and his eyes went on the road again.

"Jealous huhm?"

She smiled at him her fingers tapping over his free hand.

"Well I am not. I don't feel that I need to be."
He replied smiling at her.

Her fingers moved towards his hand.

"Well because I know, he grabbed her hand interlacing their fingers, you can't like any other man because you already loves me."

He smiled looking at her and she rolled her eyes.

" Dont presume, focus on driving. I don't want to get into an accident."

She replied laying back on the chair, her face still smiling. Her fingers gently caressing the hand of the man sitting beside her

She slowly opened her eyes to find him looking at her, his head resting on the seat

" Wake up sleepy head"
He flicked her forehead lightly

"I didn't know I was that much sleepy. Have we reached?"

She yawned and stretched her arms, her eyes landed on the beautiful sea in front of her.

"Woah beach? How did you find out that I wanted to come?"

She turned towards him, her eyes shining.

"Well, I didn't know. I guess we are really able to communicate well without even talking. Let's go"

He smiled at her

Both of them adjusted their masks and caps, not too many people were present there. Only few people could be seen walking here and there.

"What if someone recognize us?"
She asked.

"Well let them."
He smiled at her and took her hand.
Let's go.

Both of them were in their casual clothes, walking barefoot on the soft sand, hands in grasp with one another. Yeobeen looked at their footsteps made on sand. Her's were tiny and in contrast joong ki's were big.

"We have came a long way ahead."
She said breaking the beautiful silence.

He wasn't sure weather she was referring to their relationship journey or this one. She wasn't sure either.

"Yes, but we still have a long way ahead."

He replied not knowing to which criteria his answer fit as the sea was a bit far from them too.

They were in the middle of their journey.

"Yes, but we will reach our destination as long as we remain by each other side."
She replied looking ahead and he nodded in agreement.

"I promise you this time I wouldn't leave you no matter what happens. What calmaity befall us, I will always stand by your side. Because I have learnt, I have learnt that people speaks no matter what. When we were together they were bashing and when we weren't with each other they didn't stop. If they would see you or me with another person, they would start again"

She paused

"We, humans, can't remain happy in ours and others happiness. We always think that maybe the other choice would lead us to more happiness or satisfaction. We are greedy. I thought so too, I thought that maybe parting from you would be the best for us. You would be happy when your work is going smoothly and I would be happy because of you. But now I have realized that I shouldn't look for the other path or for "what if" or my future. I should only cherish my present. I should only worry about my present and care about my present. What I need most, what I want most and and"

She paused again as they reached near the sea, the calm waves sound and the cold breeze making the scenery more beautiful. Sky was pinkish red as the sun was getting ready to set.

She turned to face him, lowering her mask, her back towards the sea as she held his both hands.

"And at this moment, it's you. They person I need the most, the person I want the most and the person, the person I love the most. It's you, Song joong ki."

A smile formed on her lips as she completed her sentence. Both looking at each other, immersed in their own world.

He interlocked his right hand with hers and pulled her closer, his left hand on her nape as he kissed her forehead. To show his love, to show his respect, to show his care for him and last but not least to show his gratitude to her for loving him.

"Gumawo for loving me. For taking me back to where I belong. For accepting such a broken soul. For mending my broken soul. Thank you so much."

He said a trickle of tear evident in both of their eyes which he successfully hided whereas she let it fell. He pulled her body closer to his by grabbing her shoulder and she too wrapped her arm around his waist pulling him closer to her as they resumed walking near the sea. Both not forgetting doing their trademark sign before, a fist bumb

After seeing the sunset together, both of them had dinner at a small but nice restaurant with open arrangement near the seaside.

"Yes, it hits the spot."

Yeobeen said as she emptied her 2nd cane of bear as they walked again near the shore, the dazzling moonlight glistening on the waterr

"Give me one more."

She said to the man walking beside her with a shopper of cans in his hand.

"No, yeobeena, you know you can't survive too much drinking. We have to go back too."

"I promise I will not ask after this one"
, she looked at hin with puppy eyes and pouted, please song bajang.

He tried his best to stop the smile forming on his lips.

"This is the last one yeobeena. "
He passed her the cane opening it.

"Gumawo, "
She replied as she sat down on the sand.
"Wow it's so comfortable."

"Your clothes will get dirty."
He said still standing looking at her.

"It doesn't matter, you come here too."
She patted the sand beside her and pulled him by his arm making him sit.

"Isn't it so beautiful?"
She said looking at the calm and beautiful view in front of them. The sea was calm and the moonlight was increasing its beauty.

The silence, the scenery and the company, he thought as he looked beside him, everything was worth it.

" You know it's my first time" .
She said chucking down the cane.

"First time what?"

He asked his arms around his knees as he turned to look at her face.

First time experiencing this, you know coming here like this with another man other than my brother or colleague."

She explained looking forward.

"Well you mean first time coming to such place with your boyfriend."

He elaborated.


she turned towards Him as if going to tell him a secret but stopped.

"Actually what?"
He asked as he saw a calculating look on her face.

"Nevermind, you will make fun of me."

She replied turning her head on front again taking a sip from cane.

"No I will not I promise."

He said curiosity killing him.

She looked at his face for a moment than decided to tell him

"Well actually, I don't have much of dating experience. I never find the time too. I had a boyfriend in university days but we broke up after 2 or 3 months. After that I never had any proper or real relationship. I once or twice went to blind dates but they didn't work. I guess the boys didn't find me pretty. "

She said at the end turning her face again towards the sea with a sad gaze.

"I am glad than" he spoke after some moments," I am glad that they didn't find you pretty. "

Yah, she brought her hand forward to hit him but her grabbed it gently.

"No more violence, sweetheart."
He chuckled.

"Don't give me names."
She rolled her eyes.

"But wait,"he spoke after some minutes," was last night really your first time?"
He said thinking.

"First time what? "

She didn't understand his meaning at first as she sipped the drink but as soon as she understood it she choked on the beer.

"Oh yah,"
This time she made sure to hit him.

"Thank goodness, you understood otherwise I was just going to elaborate."

He said cheekily smiling.

Her cheeks turned a dark shade of pink and she was glad that it was night and no one could see it.

Joong ki didn't know why but it made him happy not that he was man with conservative mind, he was quite liberal and he thought that maybe like him she had past relationships too but this made him feel lucky.

He smiled at the girl sitting beside her, her cheeks covered by her hands. He tucked one of her loose hairstrand behind her ear gently making her look at him.

"Mianhae, is it still hurting. But you should have told me, I would be more gentle than."

He whispered caressing her cheeks and she felt hotness rising in her cheeks, she didn't know why but all of it made her extremely shy.

"Come on yeobeena, you are 33 year old grown woman."

She scolded herself and with half smirk half shy smile she turned his gaze away from him towards the sea and after some moment replied.

"Aniya, I,I liked it."
She whispered in a voice barely audible

He couldn't believe what he just heard, Yeobeen was the one mostly shy in their relationship especially in matters like these. He grinned ear to ear on her answer.

"Don't smile."

Although she was looking in front and smiling too, she said as she noticed him from corners of her eyes.

"Dy sweetheart,"

He still smiling.

"Yah, I said no such names."

She turned her head towards him.

"Don't smile"

"Haha okay okay, I won't call you such name neither I will smile. Okay"

He said hastily as he saw her annoyed face.

She turned her attention towards the beer and chucked the whole of it with one gulp.

"I wanted to drink it."
He said in dismay.

"Oh Mianhae, let's go we will buy another one on our way back."

She said standing up and pulling him too by his arm.

A thought came to his mind, as he smirked,

"Well that's not the only way to drink it"

He said tucking her hairstrands behind her ear which were coming down because of breeze and brought his face closer to hers

"Aish , don't be cheesy. We are not shooting a drama here. Don't use your dramas' lines."

She said punching his stomach lightly which made him fall back.

"Ouch wait for me"

He said as she resumed walking with a smile on her face.

"By the was, it was too much cheesy right?"

He said as he caught up with her, his arm wrapping around her slendar neck.

"Yess too much, don't even think about doing it again."

She said laughing.

"Haha don't worry, I won't I cringed at myself too. Aish, I wanted to know how sijin managed to do it. I want to learn some of those flirting skills from him. I wish."

He said exhaling his breath at end.

"Don't do this and don't even think about flirting with other girls like him, I am not soft hearted like Kang moyeon, I will hit you hard so that you wouldn't even look at other girls again that way"

She said making a fist in air and he chuckled.

"Yes yes, I know you are tenacious just like Hong chayoung, poor me."

He pitied himself at the end. Both of them laughed hard as they made their way back.

"Oh yes, did you think of something?"

Yeobeen said as they were in car going towards her home.

"About what? "
He asked.

"About how to avenge our dear Vincenzo family. Aish all of them, how they made fun of us especially me."

She said blowing her cheeks as he smiled beside her.

"Well why don't we give them the taste of their own medicine".

He said his eyes on the road.

"Well what do you mean? "

She said turning her head towards him, her eyes shining bright as she listened his plan.

"Wow, daebak."
She clapped her hands to appreciate him.

"But we need someone from inside for the plan to go smoothly. "
He said

"Kim gon, I will tell him. He and miri are best friends so he will tell miri and miri will tell others."

Yeobeen said after thinking for some moments.

"That doctor right? "

He asked trying not to sound jealous.

"Yes, we are really good friends. "

She smiled.

"Yes, I noticed on lunch that day. You guys looked so close, the way he was cutting food for you, wiping your face".
He scorned at end.

She laughed loudly at his tone.

"Don't be jealous" she paused"darling"

Her eyes twinkling.

He nodded his head as he too laughed out loud.

"Okay, than include him in our plan but let's include yoong wook hyung too. I know he won't tell anyone and it would be easy for him to bring atleast half of them."

"Okay, tommorow is Sunday, most of them would be free, let's do it. I can't wait to get my revenge on them. "

Both of them shared a devilish smirk.

The next day, Yeobeen woke early, she first decided to go and meet Kim gon to tell him about their plan and there she was sitting in his lounge sipping tea.

"So you will do it right? "
She asked him taking a sip.

"I don't know yeobeena. I am not good at acting you know and they will get too much worried. "
He was hesitant.

"Liar,"she punched him on his arm, you are perfect at acting."I know how you were acting that day in restaurant."

He winced in pain

"Yeah, it was because Yoon Hye asked"
He spoke before he could stopped himself and her hands stopped.

"Yoon Hye what?"

She rose up from her chair.

"Don't tell me you guys planned that too?"

"Aniya Aniya, you are thinking wrong."

He too stood up stepping backward as he saw Yeobeen coming forward with anger in her eyes.

"You, you both. I can't believe".

She throwed a big cushion at him which he dodged

"Mianhae, but it was for your own good."
He said from a safe distance.

Aish, all of you.
She throwed another cushion at him.

"Well, I am giving you a chance to redeem yourself. "

She said sitting back as if she was a queen.

He smiled and too slowly came to sit.


"Help me, do what I said and than I will forgive you."

She turned towards him.

He thought for a moment and than agreed.

"Okay, as you order your highness."

He smiled at her and she punched him again on arm.

"Ouch what was that for? "
He asked.

"Well, for you betraying me".

She said sticking her tongue out.

When she was convincing more like ordering Kim gon to, Song joong ki on the other side was convincing his hyung Park Seok do to help him.

"Please, hyung. Look you guys pranked us too. Now it's our turn but we need help from inside. So please help us. I know you won't tell anyone."

He said with his cute eyes.

"okay. I will help you guys as it would be a reunion for all of us too."

"Thank you so much, hyung."
He hugged him from behind.

"Aigo Aigo, our chayounga made our Vincenzo smile returned again."

He blushed at his remark as both of them laughed.

Joong ki picked Yeobeen from Kim gon's house as he went to hospital as a call came but made her assure that he will come back by noon so their plan will go smoothly.

"Well how did it go? "

She asked joong ki as she sat in car.

"Perfectly fine. I didn't even have to plead. He agreed to it. What about you? "

He replied as he resumed driving

"Well I didn't have to plead to. He agreed too. Did you forget who I am? "

She replied in matter of factly tone.

"How much violence did you use on him? "

He asked chuckling and she punched his arm.

"Well I didn't, why would I use violence? You know how caring sweet gentle and beautiful I am."

She said smirking putting her hands under her chin

"Yeah yeah I know but you left one word."

He replied turning his eyes to look at her face for a second.

" what?"

She was expecting some kind of compliment.

"Assaulter or a big hitter."

He said laughing out loud as her expression changed.

"Yah yah, don't hit me. I am driving".

He said quickly as she brought her hand closer to his arm.

"As you say, darling."

She said in fallen tone and he looked at her in surprise.

" Woah, how did she listen so quickly?"

He thought to himself but his thoughts were proven wrong when a light but strong punched hit him on his arm.

"Ouch "
He screamed.

"Why? Did you think this attacker wouldn't attack you? "
She asked him smirking.

"Aish, I should wear some bands on my arms whenever I drive with you".

He rolled his eyes as sweet laughter erupted in his car causing him to laugh too.


After coming back from hospital and receiving message from Yeobeen, Kim gon called Yoon Hye, trying to make his voice extremely worried.

He heard Yoon Hye cheerful voice on the other side of phone.

"Oh yes, Yoon Hye, where are you?"
He asked impatiently

"Well I am at home. Did something happen? What is it with your tone"
She asked.

"Yoon Hye, actually yeobeena."

He left his sentence to make the environment more tense

"What what happened to Beenie?"

He could hear her worried voice.

Yoonhye, yeobeena actually,"

He paused to create suspense

" Actually, she is gravely injured,her manager asked me not to tell anyone. But I thought I must tell you. Her condition"

He paused trying to stop his laughter

"What what do you mean? She was alright till Wednesday . Why didn't you tell me where is she?"

She was shouting on phone.

"Her condition is not that good, she is currently bedridden, I don't think she will be able to.."

He paused to take a great sigh.

"What do you mean? I want to see her please take me to her".

He was sure she was on verge of tears and he felt bad for her.

"Well okay, get ready I will come to pick you and yes song joong ki is with her. Her manager called him and she was saying that you can tell only your Vincenzo family. They word mustn't get out."

"What oppa is there with there? Does she know? "
She asked.

"No she has not came to her senses since 48 hours."
He sighed.

"Omg, I can't believe why didn't we know. Please take me to her."

She pleaded on phone and he assured her and gave her time so that she could tell her Vincenzo family too.

She opened the chat box with trembling hands to tell them but the news had already broken on them by Kim young wook

Kim young wook:" please everyone come online quickly and those who are online please tell the offline one's to come online. It's a really grave matter."

After 10 or 15 minutes nearly everyone was online except Yoon Hye.

Kim young wook: "who is missing? "

Yehwaso: "Yoon Hye, I tried calling her but her number is busy. "

Kim young wook : "maybe she already knows. "

Dongyeon: "what's the matter hyung? Is everything alright? "

Young wook: "no nothing is alright, yeobeena"

Taecyon:" Beenie what happened to her? We are getting worried hyung tell us quickly "

Young wook :"Beenie got into accident on Friday's night and her condition isn't good. She hasn't come to her senses. Joong ki is with her. Her manager called him. He told me today and he asked me to tell you guys too. He was crying really bad. He only asked me to tell you guys because the word shouldn't get out. He was saying me to come and he told me to bring you guys too. "

Silence fell in the group no one typed no one replied anything. After a few minutes, Lee hang na break silence

Lee hang na :" than what are you waiting. If you are going please take us too. I want to see her. My child. "

Taecyeon:"guys let's go together, half of you come with me. Half go with seokdo hyung. "

By that time yoonhye too joined the chat.

Yoonhye: "guys I wanted to tell you the same thing, Kim gon just called me to tell. He is coming to pick me up. Some of you can come with us too. "

After deciding their seating arrangement and sitting in the respective cars, each of them disguised so that no one could recognize them.

All of them left for joong ki house as park Seok doo told them that he will take us to the hospital.

Everyone was in complete silence, no one tried to say anything. Yehwaso and Yoon Hye were crying a bit and tears were evident from dong Yeon eyes.

Taecyeon felt that it was the most difficult journey of his life, the distance from his home to joong ki home.

All of them reached joong ki home, almost at the same time,parking their cars far from his house, they went to the back door cautiously.

It was already opened and all of them one after another entered his apartment which was whole dark.

"Joong ki hyung",
Dong Yeon who was on front looked out for him calling him.

Everyone one too looked here and there searching for him.

Taecyeon first noticed him sitting in the lounge his head in his hands.

"Hyung what happened how is Beenie?"

He asked coming by his side. Others too gathered in lounge beside joong ki asking him questions but he wasn't replying, his face was still in his hands as they heard a faint sob like sound escaping from his mouth.

"Yeobeena, yeobeena."

"Oppa, what?"

Hwaso shouted

Joong ki couldn't control his laughter anymore and a huge snort escaped from his mouth followed by his laughter.

"Yeobeena is perfecly fine"

He laughed loudly as a they heard a huge party cracker being exploded and lights came illuminating the lounge Yeobeen was standing perfectly fine, laughing loud, holding a cake with huge "fools" written on it.

"What the hell is this?"
Dong Yeon said, he was the 1st one to come in his senses.

By that time joong ki went and stood beside Yeobeen, his arm around her shoulder.

"How was the prank guys?"

Yeobeen asked laughing out loudly

Kim gon too was trying his best to control his laughter at the dumbfounded expressions of all the people there.

"You guys pranked us?"

Lee hang na screamed pointing at both of them.

"Well, it's not prank it's revenge. You guys pranked us too. Byung Hee oppa, yeohwaso, when did joong ki get hurt?"

Yeobeen said pointing towards both of them.

And the reality dawned on them that those two took their revenge.

Yeobeen put the cake down as hwaso and yoonhye came to hug her, behind them hang na following.

" Aish, we thought something really happened to you"

All four of them were hugging tightly, Yeobeen between them

"But wait, you guys are together, this means our plan succeeded right?"

Byung hee said as he pointed towards joong ki and Yeobeen and both of them smiled looking at each other.

"Wow wow, although I want to kill both of you at this moment because you pranked us really bad. But I am so happy."

Taecyeon said coming forward and hugging both of them. Im chulsoo, Byung Hee, Dong Yeon, Lee Dal, chaesin following behind.

"You guys pranked yeobeena bad too."

Joong ki said as all of them settled down

"But you guys should be thankful to us noona and hyung. You know how much we wanted to see you guys back together"

Dong Yeon replied

"Yes, that's why, we thought we should do a get together and here we are all together. Thank you hyung and gon sshi for helping us"

Joong ki replied at the end thanking them who shot daggers at him

"Oh no,"
both of them mumbled under their breaths.

"You, Kim gon, you were included in their plan? Wow, you lied to me. Aish"
Yoonhye stood hastily coming beside Kim gon and punched him hard.

"Mianhae, I owed it too yeobeena."
He apologized trying to stop his smile.

"Aish , we didn't expect it from you. "
Kim Hyung Mook said to him

"Well, my dongseong wished it. I helped you guys too so I thought someone should be by his side too. "

He replied laughing.

The whole room was erupting with laughters. All of them quarreling each other that whose plan was better and who got pranked easily, teasing Yeobeen and joong ki as deep down all of them were extremely happy that all of them became one family again. All of them had dinner together and it was the best meal all of them had after a long time not because of the food but because of the great company surrounding them.

Everyone left late that night, some half drunk some in senses, those in senses supporting drunk and like always dong Yeon was the most drunk Yeobeen this time was not that drunk

"Aish, next time I am not letting him drunk even one bottle."

Kim Seok jin said as he saw dongyeon with his head down on table

With great difficulty they hopped him in taecyon's car and one by one everyone left planning to do a get together again soon.

After everyone left Yeobeen plombed down on the sofa.

" I want to drink more."

"Don't even think about it",

Before she could grab the bottle, joong ki appeared from door, taking the bottle far from her reach.

"Whyy? Please"
She pouted her lips and pleaded with puppy eyes.

He tried his best to not kiss her lips and smiled.

"No more yeobeena, you have to go home too. What will I say to emoni that I will always bring her child back drunk? "

He sat  beside her.

"I don't want to go home. I want to drink more. "
She said still pouting resting her head on joong ki's lap

"Aish, why are you testing my boundaries? "

He mumbled gently caressing her silky soft hairs.

She turned her face to his direction looking at him.

"Nothing, let's go. I have to take you somewhere."
He said still caressing her hairs.

"At this time?"
She asked

"Yes at this time, now get up. "
He made her sit and than grabbed her hand to go outside.

"Where are you talking me?"

She asked as he drove the car away. It was going to be midnight soon. Their were not too many cars and silence was spread.

"You will like the place".
He replied shifting his attention to the road.

After 15 minutes, they reached their destination.

"Wow, you brought me here"
Yeobeen said as she got out from car and noticed the place. Running to the place they always used to occupy

"Yes, here where we first met."
He said coming behind her and hugging her.

"Romantic aren't you?"
She hugged him back holding his arms

He just smiled and rested his chin on her head.

"It's beautiful isn't it?"

She said breaking the silence looking at the perfectly calm river and silent garden around them.

"Yes, it's beautiful."

He agreed.

"This is the place where we first met. At that time, I didn't even know that the drunk girl who was blabbering would become my love one day. "

He continued.

"Nadu, I didn't know that the person to whom I made promise would become the most important person in my life one day"

She replied

"I think, I think our meeting was written already. Our working together, it all was written and it is a beautiful fate"
She turned her back to face him.

He encircled his arms around his waist, his one hand tucking her loose hair strand behind.

"Nadu, I think we didn't meet by accident, we were fated to meet since our first meeting and falling in love was our choice because you know I had read somewhere

" Love is matter of fate coupled with choices"

And I fully agree now. Thank you so much for accepting me and loving mein jeon yeo been."

He said at the end resting his forehead on her forehead

"Thank you so much for loving me too, Song joong ki."

She replied cupping his cheeks to kiss him.

"Let's always support each and always be by each other side. Let's promise "
She Said after giving him a peck.

And he sealed the promise by kissing her lips, gently softly handling her as she was supposed to be handled and se too replied back his kiss softly, full of passion and love as he deserved.


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