It was early in the morning when song joong ki received a message from his manager, Mr. Lee, that he has been offered a script for drama by writer Park Jae beom.
"Anneyoung hyung, I just saw your text about the script by park Jae beom. It's strange he is offering me a role in his work. Most of his works which I have seen have been comedy" He called his manager.
"Annyong, joong ki. Yes he offered you a script he personally asked me to deliver it too he is hoping that you would accept this role. I am coming to your house in 5 minutes. We will discuss it then"
"Okay, hyung" he replied.


After reading the script, he was in awe by the writing style of the writer. "How could he write so well", he thought to himself as his Manger was making instant coffee for them.


"So, how is it? Do you like it? As much as I have seen the work of park jaeboem and Kim hee won, they are flawless individually and together. If you ask about my opinion, I think you should give it a chance" Mr Lee, who was manager as well as a good friend to song joong ki, told him.


"omo, Kim hee won is directing it? I am fan of her work." he asked
Yes, didn't you read the cover page? Mr Lee replied


"No, I didn't notice and than I became so engrossed in the script I forgot to ask."he replied shrugly


"Well, than tell me do you want to do it? They are waiting for our reply. And personally I think you should give it a chance. In this way, you can also distract yourself it would be a new change, you will meet new people, form new friendships. And you need it my dongseong you must break your shell you know how much we are worried about you." Mr Lee said


"I want to do it. But would the people out their appreciate it? I mean I don't want my other costars and production companies to suffer because of controversies surrounding me" he was still unsure


"People love you my dongseong they are waiting for your comeback. What happened wasn't anyone's fault. It was supposed to be happen. You must start a new chapter, my brother "
Mr Lee told him


"okay, than I hope your words are true. Tell them I am ready to accept this role. " He said thoughtfully
"That's like a man, my bro, I can't wait to see you on screen. I am just going to call park jaebum to tell him this Good news" Mr Lee said jumping happily.


"haha, hyung calm down, and yes tell him". He said with a smile


"okay, my bro now take care of yourself and stay fit. I am going to take care of tour this new project" Mr Lee said while picking his car keys and going.


"By the way, hyung who is the main lead? I mean the actress playing Hong chayoung's character. Have they decided it? " Joong ki, asked while drinking his coffee


"Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. She is a new actress who has been casted as hong chayoung, I don't think you will recognize her. It's JEON YEO BEEN. she is a good actress but new. Now take care and bye" Mr Lee said to him while leaving. But he froze at his words:


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