Jeon Yeobeen herself was taken aback by the words thar just escaped her mouths. At that moment the one person she really wanted was him, the person standing in front of him, she wanted him to wrap his arms around her and tell her that "everything's gonna be okay. You are strong yeobeena, you can bear it."

But seeing the man made her remember all those curses, the letter and the horrific gift. All those words start reply in her head and she forcefully closed her eyes in order to get rid of those ominous thoughts and to stop the tears forming in her eyes to leak.
She slowly raised her eyes to find the man standing shocked on the door,looking at her, as if someone told him an impossible thing. Both made eye contact with the other, one whose eyes were asking unlimited questions and the other whose eyes were getting teary, as if apologizing for her hurtful words.

"Uhm," the person between them,Dr. Kim gon, cleared his throat in order to minimize his awkwardness and make those two people staring earnestly at each aware of his presence.

Both of them quickly break eye contact, Song Joong ki turning his attention towards the doctor and jeon yeo been secretly wiping her eyes.

"Well, Joongki sshi , biande but my patient is not feeling that well. You can meet her tommorow or later at night if she is feeling better, but I wonder if you will stay here."

"No, it's okay, Dr," he paused to look at his name, "Dr Kim, I only wanted to make sure with my own eyes if she is better or not and I also think she should take more rest. Uhm, I will spend the night here if it's okay Dr."

Apparently he his last sentence was said to Dr Kim but his eyes were on yeobeen's face whose eyes were closed and she was laying, her face expressionless.

"Well," Dr Kim awkwardly looked between both of them not knowing what to answer," well yes the it is private room and one attendant is allowed at night. So you can stay here."

"Thanks Dr."
Joongki bowed towards him and he smiled in reply.

"Well,"Dr Kim walked towards Yeobeen
"Take care miss Yeobeensshi. If anything happens just press the button, I will be here. See you in the morning."
He said while correcting here blanket which was a bit down.
She just smiled and nodded her head in reply.

After his departure, an uncomfortable silence fell in the room. Song Joong Ki was still standing not knowing what to do more while Yeobeen apparently had her eyes closed but still she was waiting for him to say anything or sit on the chair near her.

Uhm, he cleared his throat loudly and came closer to her, he quietly corrected her position as she was half lying and half sitting and made her lay down in the bed, corrected her pillow and blanket, he stopped as he saw her injured hand wrapped in bandages, without saying anything he picked her hand and gently put it above her. She was just seeing him do all of these things. Both were silent waiting for the other to speak first.

"Well, I am outside. You can call me if you need anything. I will come back later."
Joong Ki broke the silence and walked away to leave the room. She wanted to tell him to stop right there, to not leave her alone, to be with her here in this room beside her where a chair was waiting for him, she wanted to tell him that she only wants him at the moment. But she couldn't, she couldn't find the courage to do so after the words she had spoken,she couldn't stop him.

He too was waiting for her to call him back, his hands on doorknob, waiting for her to say that she wants him with her. But on hearing no response fron her, he left the room hastily and closed the door behind her.

Yeobeen heard the closing door, she slowly opened her eyes and tears began to flow from her eyes,it was like the closing of door opened the pump of tears in her eyes. She was crying at first without sound and slowly she started to cry with small sounds.

"Biande oppa, I am sorry joong ki, biande"

She was repeating those 2 lines and crying hard not knowing that the man who just left was standing on the other side of door, listening to her cries, he couldn't make out the words she was saying but he could easily hear her crying out loud. He supported his back with the door and sat down on the ground his head between his hands, a lonely tear escaped his left eye and he didn't know what to do as if his mind was blank.

"I will not come now yeobeena, you need sometime alone to think about yourself and I need some time alone to think about myself. I know you are stressed out"

He said loud as if speaking to her and sat on the couch in front of the room.

Inside the room, Yeobeen was still crying a bit because of emotional stress as well as she could now feel pain in her fingers. The nurse had told her that she her fingers would pain for somedays.

She was waiting for him to come inside, so that she could say sorry to him for her words but hour passed he didn't come. After waiting for more than hour she decided to go and look out for himself.

"Has he left? A thought crossed her mind."
"No yeobeena, he can never leave you alone in this state."
Her mind and heart replied.

With great difficulty, as there was nothing to hold on and her one hand was injured, she tried to get out of the bed. At first she put her feet on ground and than tried to stood but failed as her legs were numb due to her continuous being in bed.

"Ouch," she again tried to get up but at the time she stood, the room door opened and he came inside the room, his hands full of juices, her favorite habrito's jelly and candies and chips.

"What are you doing why did you get up?"
He hastily put the snacks on the table and and came towards her as he saw her standing. He grabbed her arms to support her.

"Do you need anything? Do you want to go to the restroom? You could call me if you wanted to go. You shouldnt stand by yourself."
His eyes and tone was full of worriness for her and she was just looking at him, her eyes full of gratitude.

She steadied herself by holding his arms tightly and than quietly came closer to him and wrapped her arms around his back. He was stunned by her sudden hug.

"I was going outside to look for you".
She whispered.
"1 hour had passed and you hadn't came I was worried and I was missing you."
She continued burying her head in his broad shoulders

He too wrapped his arms around her, his one hand smoothing her hairs and the other gently caressing her back.

"Mianhe," she said after minutes passed in a slow voice.

Joong ki could feel tear falling from her eyes onto his shoulder

"Biande, I am really sorry, I was, I was just so stressed out. I didn't know what I was saying. Mianhe. I know it hurted you. It hurted me too."
She was now crying hardly, sobbing at pauses.

"No, kinchanayo why are you apologizing. It isn't like you said something bad to me. I know your routine is very hectic nowadays and you are worried too about the news articles that are coming out and netizen's reaction. I know you are talking them too hard. There is nothing wrong in you asking me to keep you your space. We both are human and everyone of us needs sometime alone. I knew this and I gave you the time to search yourself and solve the solutions of problems that are hurting you within yourself."

He said now breaking the hug and wiping her tears from her face. He cupped her face her cheek lightly.

She smiled slightly at his answer.

"You know what's the thing I like the most about you?"

"What is that?"

He asked circling his arms around her shoulders

"You are the most understanding person I have ever met. You don't put burdens of your choices or wishes on people. You make them free in their choices, what they want and that's the thing I love the most about you. Thank you for understanding me always. For respecting me and my choices."
She replied looking at his eyes.

He than helped her lay back in the bed and sit at the chair beside her bed, her injured hand in his hands.

"What happened yeobeena? Do you want to tell me? If it's something personal it's okay, I don't mind. But please take care of yourself. You know how much I hate seeing you laying here in the bed."

She just looked at him and remain silent, the morning episode going through her mind, the letter, the gift.

"You are like this because of people out there right? Did someone say something to you, did someone abuse you or anything like that just tell me if you want we will take legal reaction. "

"No oppa, it's she paused it's nothing like that. I just I was too stressed out because of shooting."

She thought it would be better to not tell him about the package.

"Oppa, I have heard she looked directly at his eyes, I have heard that you lost a drama offer?"
She asked for confirmation

He didn't reply at first.
"Yes, but it doesn't matter. The director only wanted to cast me not that I had read any script or something. But it isn't because of what you are thinking"
He replied as if he had read her mind.

"You don't need to lie, I am a part of this industry too and I know how it work. By neglecting facts, you only deceive yourself. "
She said in a low voice.

"I too lost some offers after the rumor broke out and I also noticed change in behavior of people, so I know. But I am glad that at least you are not getting a blow in your work life"
She continued

"Are you afraid that our relationship will affect our work? Because today it is only a rumor but when in future we will confirm it, it will be official and the people reactions outside and inside industry would be open too. If you are afraid that it will affect you than just tell me what you want. I will listen to you and I will do what you want. I just want to see you happy and satisfied. "

Only he knew with how much heavy heart he was saying these words but for appareance he kept a slight smile on his face.

"I don't know what I really wants. It's just like my mind has became blank. I can't even think about seperating from you but the people remarks really hit me hard. I know it's childish. I am behaving like a child. But it's the 1st time for me. I have been in this industry since 6 years. I have gone through all the hardships, struggles but I never face a situation like this that's why maybe I am getting this emotional. Biande and the package really broke me. What if the words written on letters are true. What If I bring misery in your life"

Without remembering to stop herself she kept on saying

"What package are you talking about"?
He asked suddenly

She didn't know what of he was asking about as she didn't realize her mistake.

"The package, you just said that a package came and a letter words written on letter. What is all that? "

He was asking pressing the matter as he knew that many people who weren't even worthy of being called fans sometimes sent horrible things when scandals breaks out.

"No, it is", she paused, "it is nothing" .

"Tell me truth Yeobeen. You know I prefer truth in relationships."

"You will not like the truth joong ki. It Will hurt you. "
Her eyes pleaded.

"Just tell me."
He looked at her eyes and starting to caress her hands.

She told him everything from the start of day, how she felt her day was started bad, the change in behavior of some people, the news she got about his drama and last but not least the package. Tears began to brew in her eyes as she told him about the contents of letters, words on the pictures and the acid incident. Joong ki was in rage, he was controlling himself very hardly when she told him about the acid.

"That's the story. I knew it would hurt you so I decided to not tell you."
She said with tears in her eyes.

Joong ki didn't reply neither he was looking at her. He was just looking down as if deep in thoughts his one hand clenching the other tightly, ears red.

"Joong ki" , she whispered after moments passed.

"Hum," he said now looking at her as if being woken from a trance.

"Why aren't you saying anything?"
She asked.

"What can I say. I don't know what to say. "
He replied in a small voice.

"You need not to worry joong ki. It is not your fault. I am alright now look".
She tried to said and make him look at her.

"No, I am not worried. I was just a bit shocked. "
He said although not telling the truth as from inside it was like a volcano brewing within himself.

Yeobeen lift her uninjured hand and slightly moved forward to caress one his cheeks. Tears shining in her eyes.

"I am afraid to lose you joong ki but I am afraid what if being with you hurts you. What if I bring darkness in your life again, what if something happens to us and our relationship and you became a lonely person again."
She paused.
"Do you remember when you told me that you like me but you are afraid for us, for people's and media reaction. You were afraid that it would hurt us. I think that you were right. "
She said whispering.

"And do you remember what did you reply than yeobeena?"
He asked
"You told me that if we are happy and we want each other it doesn't matter what other thinks, you don't care about other as long as I want you and we are happy. "

"Yes I remember", she tried to smile with tears brewing in her eyes.

"Than yeobeena tell me. Are you happy with me or do you want us to stop here?"

"I can't, I can't even bear the thought of being seperated from you. "
She replied
"I know it's hard for both of us. But I will try to not pay heed to such things. I will try to enjoy mein present and the things around. I will live our relationship the fullest, but please never leave me alone. I can only endure these things till the time you are beside me. I can't lose you. "
She said with tears again flowing from her eyes.

Joong ki quietly got up and sat beside her one the bed as she made place for him.

"As long as you are happy and you want me, I will never leave you "
He thought to himself

"Did you forget what I said?, That I will give punish you if you cry again"

He said his body towering over her body as he kissed her forehead. His one hand on the pillow to maintain his position and other hand holding her neck. He kissed her on both of her eyes and move down to nose just as he was about to kiss her lips, the Door opened loudly.

Yeobeen pushed him away from her uninjured hand with all her force causing his back to collide with the chair.
"Ouch", he groaned in pain.

The incoming person was none other than, Yeobeen's manager, miss bora.

"Ohh," she quickly covered her eyes, "are you guys done now? For God sake this is an hospital not your private bedroom"

Both Jeon Yeobeen and song joong ki laughed at her.

"Well it is a private suite, so I thought we can do what we like".
Joong ki winked causing Yeobeen to smile harder.

How much I missed her like that.
He thought seeing her smile

"Aish, both of you".
Miss bora rolled her eyes
"What are you doing here joong ki sshi? "

"Well emoni told me about yeobeena so I came here to see here and make sure that she is well. I sent emoni home so that she could rest. "
He replied

"Well if you were going to Sent her home than you should have at least call me. Why did you yourself stayed here? "
Miss bora was irritated

"Well, you didn't call me either that she is in hospital and I wanted to spend time with her and I still want to spend time with her so you can go home and rest."
He replied back

"Well, no I have rested for a long period. I will be here with her now you can go home and rest. "
She said to him

"But I dont want to take rest. I want to be here with her tonight only. "

"Joong ki sshi did you forget about the rules of dating? I and Mr Cho are still making them but one of the rule is to listen to your's and the other person's manager."

Miss bora said matter of factly

Yeobeen laughed hard at the rule. She was enjoying watching the two of them bickering with each other.

"Aish, hyung. I will take to him later but don't add such rules like them because we aren't going to follow them. You both are adding the things you like only the last rule would be meet and talk only once in a year."
He was annoyed

"Well how did you know? We think of that? "
She joked

" What?"
He shouted and both of the girls laughed hard at his reaction.

"Well don't worry about it but you have to follow this rule. Now go. You guys can meet tommorow but you should go now. It is getting late and no one must know that yeobeena is in hospital. Your presence will attract attention."
Miss bora told him.

"Well okay I am only going because I will spend the whole day tomorrow with her. But I am still annoyed at both of you".
He made irritated face.

"Well you guys, say your goodbyes to each other. I will wait outside. "

"No unnie there is no need to go outside."
Yeobeen replied

"Well your this act is highly appreciated miss bora"
On the other hand joong ki applauded her as she left the room.

"Than, I will get going"
Joong ki came closer to her and gently caressed her cheeks.

"Take care joong ki."
She replied putting her hand above his hand which was caressing her cheek.

"You too take care and remember the promise you made to me. Be happy and have faith in yourself. "
He said kissing her head and hugging her.

A knock sounded on the door.
"Aish your unnie, I don't like her when she do that. "
He groaned making Yeobeen smile as she knew he was joking.


"Bye yeobeena. "

Joong ki went outside to find a standing miss bora waiting for him to come outside.

"Well, please take care of yeobeena and please call me if something like this happens to her. "

He said and bowed to her to excuse himself.

"Joong ki sshi", miss bora called him as he was going.
He turned at her voice and saw her coming towards him.
"I want to talk to you. It's serious. "

"What is with the tone of your voice it's like you are going to drop a bomb or something. "
He joked to lighten the mood.

"I am not joking".
She paused and than looked directly in his eyes.
"Actually, I want you guys to stop seeing each other. I know it's not my place to say but it's for both of yours own good. Even if it is for some time only, you guys should stop for the moment."

It was like she really dropped a bomb on his shoulders.

"What are you saying, miss bora? You both said it was alright."
He said in a small voice as if he had misheard her

"You have heard mein correctly and I am not saying this as Yeobeen's manager or her unnie, I am saying this because you are dear to me too. As I don't want Yeobeen's life to become hard and difficult again, I don't want yours too. I know you have emerged after a whole year you have regained your fame, your popularity, your happiness everything I don't want all of it to go downhill for you too. And I know you have realized what I am talking about".

"What did hyung told you? "
He asked in a grave tone turning his back towards her.

"He told me everything. How many advertisements which were confirmed for your shooting took out their offer, how two dramas directors directly called and told him that they can't cast you because of your rumor of dating with a newbie, how magazines pulled out their offers and he also told me how much it affected you. In front of yeobeena, you try to show that everything is good on your side and the news hasn't change you work life but we both know it is wrong. All of your last year hardwork, everything is going down the drain due to the news. People are lashing at you calling you flirty and names. People are calling you for dating someone even after a year of your divorce. I know all of this is wrong but the news has affected your personal life as much as it have affected yeobeena's. I think that it's better for both of you to remain distant from each other till the news die down."

"I can't, I can't do it and all of the things and words on SNS doesn't matter to me."
He said now clutching the railing on the wall

"You know you are wrong here. It is unrealistic that it wouldn't affect you. You are just good at covering it you are not showing it like yeobeena. And I know that you hate people bashi g yeobeena more than you hate them bashing you. I guess you knew the real reason of why Yeobeen is at hospital. "
She tried to tell him

"Yes, she told me."
His Adam's apple bobbed.

"It is the first one many of such things will come to both of you. Either you too must be that strong enough so that you can recieve any kind of criticism, bashing, trolling and also earning a huge blow to career or either you two should separate for time being. I don't know about you maybe you are strong enough but yeobeena isn't".

She gave him the choice.

"I don't know about anything but one thing is clear I can't leave her. If I leave her at this time, I have no right to come back in her life when everything is back to normal. I will never leave her. "

"Than are you ready to ruin your personal and professional life for her? Are you ready to stake your dreams, your careers just for her? You know becoming official with her and dating her at this moment means destruction of your career. No one will opt you, no one will like to work with you because of netizen's remarks and dislike and in our industry you know how much netizen's has hold. They can destroy a person' carrier in just one second by trolling him, digging his past, making more ominous scandals about him."

"I don't care. If it's yeobeena, than yes I am ready for everything. I am ready to give up my dreams for her as long as she is with me and she wants me and she is happy. She is my top priority everything cames later for me. This is the end of our discussion. Please don't talk to me regarding this matter neither you nor hyung."

He said in clear words now going back, he stopped for a moment.

"And please don't tell yeobeena about all of this. She has already so much on her head I don't want her to be worried about me too. She mustn't know about all the drama movies offers. "

After saying his words, he left not knowing that the person,who he wanted the least to learn about this whole conversation, was standing at the doorsill, completely numb and shocked not knowing that the other person was suffering as hard as her and all of this made her decide one thing.


"Biande joong ki, If you can't leave me for myself and my happiness than, she paused a tear escaping from her eye,"than let me  leave you for your dreams and your happiness." 

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